5 Dummy Proof Nootropic Stack Ideas for Beginners!

Article by: David Gracey
best beginner nootropic stack ideas for dummies

Quick Glance: Top 5 Beginner Nootropic Stack Ideas!

  1.  Caffeine + L-Theanine
  2.  Lion’s mane + Aniracetam + Fish Oil + Multivitamins
  3.  Piracetam 960mg + Alpha GPC 600mg + Fish Oil
  4.  Aniracetam 1500mg+ Oxiracetam 1500mg+ Alpha GC 600mg
    (Add Ginkgo Biloba + L-theanine)
  5.  5-HTP 100mg + Valerian Root 530mg + Melatonin 5mg

What Is A Nootropic Stack?

As briefly mentioned above, a stack is a combination of nootropics that are to be ingested in a single dose.

This puts the mechanism of synergy into action, thus causing a ‘surge’ of nootropic energy!

Generically, nootropics work by either upregulating or dampening the effect of a neurotransmitter by meddling with their binding or receptor sites.

For you to understand the principles of nootropics, I have specially dedicated an entire article to nootropic basics.

It’s a guide on nootropics for dummies, as I like to call it!


Preformulated Stack VS. Custom Formulated Stack

A preformulated stack has already been sealed into a capsule or tablet by the manufacturer.

It packs all the nootropics (precisely calibrated) into a single pill.

The greatest advantage here is that you don’t need to take more than one or two pills, and you don’t need to worry about the dosage either. It’s perfect for beginners!

The downside of taking preformulated stacks is that it sets a threshold or limit by offering a strict dosage regimen.

One cannot simply play around with the dosage irresponsibly, so there’s only so much you can experience.

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I wrote an entire Mind Lab Pro Review detailing the ins and outs of this nootropic supplement.

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The custom-formulated stack is a lot harder to figure out, especially because it requires an extensive (and somewhat obsessive) amount of research.

What makes it even more complicated is having to calibrate the dosage to perfection.

You might bundle up some great ingredients, but if they’re out of balance then consider your custom-made stack a total failure!

Moreover, lack of research and ignorance towards dosage regimens might even prove to be fatal!

However, with information and data so easily  accessible, I’d say just abouy anyone CAN produce a decent custom-made stack on their own.

Plus there are so many forums and references that can help you achieve a tailor-made stack.

The most exciting part about such stacks is the liberty and freedom of choice it comes with.

You get to choose your own ingredients that tally with the problems or weaknesses you struggle with.

So to say that it’s a thrilling journey won’t entirely be wrong.

A bit daunting, but thrilling for sure!

But First, The Base! (Racetam + Choline + Diet)

The base of a nootropic stack is very much similar to that of the base of a pyramid; the foundation that binds everything together whilst promoting balance.

The best way to begin is to create a medley between racetams, choline, and a few dietary supplements.

Racetams are hard to get a hold of if you’re in the US but make an excellent base for a stack.’

Racetams are a class of nootropics that boost cognition and add to the ‘supermind’ skill set.

There are several racetams in the family, each unique with regards to their properties.

I suggest you go through our detailed article on racetams, which has been simplified for everyone to understand easily.

Next up, is Choline!

Choline is a very important nutrient for the brain since it caters to the production of Acetylcholine, one of the most important neurotransmitters in the brain.

Acetylcholine upregulates memory reserves and fast-paces the cognitive cycle.

>> To find out more about Choline, click here!

Dietary supplements range anywhere from B-vitamins to Omega-3 rich fatty acids found in fish oil.

You need not administer supplements if you are already obtaining enough of these from your diet.

One should not underestimate the importance of dietary intake when it comes to nootropics!

The Top 5 Beginner Nootropics Stacks! (What You’re Here For!)

Before you review the stacks below, make sure to have a quick read on our article on Racetams and also those of the relevant ingredients (they will be linked below).

Unless you do not have a thorough understanding of these ingredients, you’d end up going wrong somewhere along your nootropic journey!

Beginner Stack 1: Caffeine + L-Theanine

The reason why I have listed this as my first stack is because it is absolutely perfect for beginners.

Not too complicated; neither too overwhelming!

What fuels your morning coffee is the caffeine in it; which almost instantly gives you a burst of wakefulness.

But little do people know that combining it with L-Theanine eliminates or dampens the jitters associated with the former!

This iconic duo provides the ultimate blend of energy, subtle cognitive boost, and relaxation!

L-Theanine also happens to generate alpha-waves, whose frequency is said to have doubled during hours when an individual is in a calm state.

>> Find out more about L-Theanine and its appealing benefits here!

We recommend taking this stack for long periods.

Beginner Stack 2: Lion’s mane + Aniracetam + Fish Oil + Multivitamins

The Lion’s Mane Mushroom is a very hyped nootropic.

It also happens to be a favorite in the nootropic industry, therefore manufacturers are keen to incorporate it into their synergistic blend.

The Lion’s Mane Mushroom provides depression relief, mental clarity, and boosted cognition on top of raising the BDNF and NGF levels!

>> To unveil this amazing nootropic known as Lion’s Mane Mushroom, click here!

What’s more interesting is its change of behavior when it blends with Aniracetam and Fish Oil!

Aniracetam exerts a strong memory enhancing effect whereas the omega 3 fatty acids in the fish oil aggresively tones down inflammation, thus making room for superior cognitive skills!

This stack is to be taken twice daily.

Beginner Stack 3: Piracetam 960mg + Alpha GPC 600mg + Fish Oil

Piracetam is another racetam that is great for beginners and it is heavily linked with creativity.

It was the very first racteam to be discovered and also opened the portal of nootropics upon its discovery!

Get to know Piracetam here!

Alpha GPC is a wonderful Acetycholine booster, thus promoting sharper memory and faster thinking!

All of this combined with the aggressive antioxidant activity of the fish oil makes this stack the best of both worlds.

This is a stack that you’ll need to cycle from time to time to avoid building tolerance.

The dosage is supposed to be divided in half. Take it in the morning and afternoon.

Stack 4 (A Bit More Advanced): Aniracetam 1500mg+ Oxiracetam 1500mg+ Alpha GC 600mg (Add Ginkgo Biloba + L-theanine)

Combining two racetams gives this stack an extra punch of power.

This is NOT exactly a beginner stack and I’d only recommend it for those who have already been sensitized with racetams.

Combining the two of these with Alpha GPC would give it memory aiding properties on top of cognition and mental clarity.

And to downsize stress levels, pop in L-Theanine and Gingko Biloba!

Gingko Biloba is an amazing herb that can increase blood circulation whilst improving cognition.

This stack is great for college students undergoing a series of exams or individuals that need their critical thinking skills amplified.

Where Can I Buy Aniracetam and Oxiracetam?

While Oxiracteam can be difficult to find online or at any supplement store, you can >> Buy Oxiracetam from our Trusted Online Source Here.

Aniracetam is also hard to find, but you can also
>> Buy Aniracetam from our Trusted Source Here

Beginner Stack 5: 5-HTP 100mg + Valerian Root 530mg + Melatonin 5mg

This is the perfect stack for those that suffer from insomnia or any other sleeping disorder; it should be administered before bed.

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by our bodies. It also happens to surge during the dark at night time.

What disrupts its harmony are those God-awful routines that we wrap ourselves into, thus necessitating the need for its supplementation.

The Valerian root on the other hand is a herb that offers almost the same benefits as that of Melatonin whereas 5-HTP releases Serotonin to cool off those anxiety spells.

The result? The beauty sleep you had been craving for since eons! LOL!

Want the inside scoop on some more sleep stacks and/or lucid dreaming supplements?

Click here to see the top 20 lucid dreaming supplements


Click here to see thye best nootropic stacks for sleep

Top 5 Beginner Nootropic Stack Ideas – Final Thoughts…

Here are just a few stacks that I think are worthy enough of a try.

But remember, the possibilities are endless – in the nootropics industry, the world is your oyster!

Be creative with stacks and go ahead constructing your own premium blend.


I recommend following strict dosage guidelines and authentic research papers to bypass any trouble.

If you want to learn more about possible nootropic ingredients that you can add to your own custom nootropic stacks, then check out our:

Ultimate List of 120+ Nootropics” Article!

What are your thoughts?

So, what are your thoughts on these 5 beginner nootropic stack ideas?  Have you used any of the ingredients or supplements listed in this article? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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