Can Nootropics Cause Brain Damage? Truth Revealed!

Article by: David Gracey
can nootropics cause brain damage?

Nootropic supplements have been gaining a lot of popularity recently, but can nootropics cause brain damage?

Well, with all of its recent fame, it’s true that not all of it is over on the good side!  that’s because many claims regarding its damage-inducing properties have surfaced on the web which put many new nootropics users between a rock and a hard place…

But are they all true?

Let’s debunk some myths about nootropics and whether or not they can cause brain damage!

The Difference Between Prescription VS. Natural Nootropics

The main difference between prescription and natural nootropics is that the former may cause brain damage along with some other adverse effects, whereas the latter plays almost the same role as would the food in your diet.

Some prescription drugs (that also happen to be nootropics) are Nuvigil, Provigil, Adderall, Ritalin, and Racetams.
These might relay some kick-ass short-term effects, but might take a toll on your health in the long run!

Natural nootropics on the other hand are completely different!

They may only pose a threat whence taken incorrectly!  A good example would be that of the cyanide in apple seeds!

Ever heard of cyanide poisoning?

Yes, ofcourse Cyanide isn’t considered a nootropic, but I’m sure you get the point!

So, Can Nootropics Cause Brain Damage?

If you want to know if nootropics can cause brain damage, the answer is SOME.  In fact, prescription drugs that are also considered nootropics (such as ADHD drugs) MAY cause brain damage.

The consequences can go from spasms, brain strokes, to heart problems.  Now, when it comes to natural nootropics (natural substances found in herbs and edible mushrooms), they are much safer and rarely cause any side effects at all.

It is important to point out that prescription nootropics are FDA-approved drugs, but they are “DRUGS”, nevertheless.  This means that they can be addictive and much more aggressive on your system.

That’s why it’s important to make an informed decision about what you’re going to take.  Prescription nootropics should only be taken with the guidance of a physician. 

You need to monitor the effects that it’s having on your body very cautiously!  So, Yes…  nootropics CAN cause brain damage, but it is usually only with prescription medication.

Are Brain Damage And Brain Injury The Same Thing?

Absolutely NOT!

They may be considered interchangeable terms, but do differ with regards to the way they develop.

Brain damage is a form of an ‘acquired’ injury – some people are just born with it due to the transmission of an un-lucky gene (or genes).

In some cases, it might be inflicted upon the body by itself!

A famous example would be that of Alzheimer’s disease or even stroke.

Brain injury, on the other hand, is simply considered as external damage.

Such as a car accident or falling off from a considerable height!

Nootropics are not effective in ‘treating’ either.

What they do offer is some protective role.

On the contrary, nootropics MAY induce brain damage – only when they are misused and administered carelessly.

Different Side Effects Of Nootropics

Neurological Side Effects

· Nausea
· Headaches
· Confusion
· Blurred Vision
· Strokes
· Dizziness

Physical Side Effects

· Racing heart
· Muscle spasms
· Dry mouth

Some Nootropics May Reverse The Adverse Effects And Damage

Some nootropics can reverse the symptoms caused by prescription nootropics – any guesses which ones?

The natural nootropics!

Many of them have healing properties that can help, at least, alleviate the symptoms.

They act as brain boosters and stimulants that can promote better health and neurogenesis – which is the birth and repair of brain cells.

A few of them are cited below:

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Find out some super interesting facts about Lion’s Mane here!


It synergizes with caffeine!  Find out all about l-theanine here!


What Nootropics Should I Avoid?

If you’re a beginner, you should avoid all prescription nootropics.

And stick to the natural ones!

They have fewer side effects and can even be used for longer without you having to sweat a beat!

Here is an article I wrote that will give you some good examples of nootropic stacks you can try:  The Top 5 Best Beginner Nootropic Stack Ideas.

Here are a few that you should be avoiding:

· Adderall
· Some Racetams
Find out some juicy details about racetams here!
· Anything that interacts with what you’re currently taking

Conclusion: Can Nootropics Cause Brain Damage? My Final Thoughts…

final thoughts question

You have to be smart enough to use these smart drugs!  Do not let them out-smart you!

I always recommend establishing rapport with your physician – he/she could guide you better on your journey of administering nootropics.

Nootropics are a great breakthrough in the psychotherapy and wellness industry!

Who knows what portals one can unlock when they are functioning at their best!

But ALWAYS follow guidelines for the usage of each one and stay safe within the limits.

You can find out about all the nootropics (along with their safety guidelines) on our blog.

Also, feel free to use our search bar in the footer of this website to fins articles on specific nootropic substances.

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