How Do Modafinil and Caffeine Interact When Taken Together?

Article by: David Gracey
how do caffeine and modafinil interact with each other?

Modafinil and Caffeine can both yield a great amount of ‘wake-up’ energy individually, and once combined, the effect is likely to become magnified greatly due to the synergy between them!

There are two schools of thought: one negates the combination of the two whereas the other encourages it.

To find out which is the right one – keep reading!


Since caffeine needs no introduction, I decided to familiarize my audience with Modafinil instead!

For those of you who like the kick that a morning coffee would give – the results imparted by Modafinil will leave you impressed!

Modafinil is MUCH more potent than caffeine – and I mean it!

But, don’t think it’s a stimulant like adderall or ritilin..  It’s much more mild than that. 

But, it instead promotes WAKEFULNESS!

Modafinil blocks the GABA receptors – these receptors relay inhibitory effects once they are bound, hence encourage relaxation and laziness.

A lot of hard-working academics, workaholics, and businessmen consider its uptake to impinge their routines with energy and productivity!

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How Is Modafinil Different From Caffeine?

  • Caffeine blocks adenosine – a chemical responsible for slowing down the cell machinery and promoting sleepiness
  • Modafinil alters the circadian rhythm/our biological clock – it bypasses the effects of Melatonin and Cortisol and boosts orexin levels instead
  • Caffeine may cause jitters or a flight and fight response via the upregulation of adrenaline receptors
  • Modafinil boosts Dopamine levels instead – this helps a man stay awake without the crash-effects

How Is Modafinil Similar To Caffeine?

  • They both act on the central nervous system
  • They both are stimulants

Is It Safe To Combine Modafinil With Caffeine?

It is safe to combine them.

However, you must follow a few guidelines first!

Guidelines For Mixing Modafinil And Caffeine

good benefits

Combine The Two When Adenosine Levels Rise

To make the most of this combo, one should consume it in the afternoon.

This is because adenosine starts building later in the day (which is why one would feel so tired after work) and caffeine would get a chance to target most of it!

Get The Dosage Right

Take less caffeine and more Modafinil.

And keep them both at decent ratios.

50 mg of caffeine with 150 mg of Modafinil would do the trick for beginners.

One could always level up later!


Learn To Tackle The Crash-Symptoms

Since this is a powerful combination, side effects are often inevitable.

Learn to deal with them smartly.

Anxiety is one of the aftermaths of this combination which can be dealt with breathing exercises.

Take one deep breath followed by 7-8 normal breaths.


Do NOT Use This Combination Daily

That’s when it starts becoming unsafe!

The metabolites and toxic byproducts need time to get excreted out of the body.

I suggest you use this combo thrice per week – with a 24-hour gap in between each intake.

Do NOT Use This Combination If You Suffer From:


  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Addison’s diseases
  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  • Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Anxiety

Consult Your Physician If You Are Diagnosed With A Condition/Disease. 

It’s also recommended you consult with your doctor even if you don;t have any underlying conditions just to be on the safe side.

(This goes with any new nootropic substance of supplement you wish to try)

What Are The Benefits Of Combining Modafinil With Caffeine?

  • Better Focus
  • Expanded Attention Span
  • Alertness
  • More Mental Energy
  • Faster Learning

What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Modafinil With Caffeine?

  • Anxiety
  • Heart Palpitation
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Insomnia
  • Disturbs the metabolism
  • Hard to detox out of the body

“How Do Caffeine And Modafinil Interact When Taken Together?’ My Final Thoughts…

The combination of modafinil and caffeine together will prove to be a power punch of wakefulness and synergy!

It is perfect for those people who no longer feel caffeine kicking in or individuals who need SERIOUS energy.

However, do not exploit it – too much of anything in the nootropic world develops tolerance (this applies to most nootropics).

In my personal experiences with this combo, it works best with no more than one cup of coffee, and 75mg of Modafinil (around 1/2 of a pill).


Everyone is different, and some people need 200mg modafinil, with more or less caffeine to get the full effects.

The only true way to know what works best for you, is to start out slow, do your research, and figure out what ratios are your personal “sweet spot”.

*NOTE: You can Purchase Modafinil Here, but please only follow the laws in your home country.

Have you taken Modafinil and caffeine together?

If so, please share your experiences with this nootropic stack in the comments below, as well as the dosage you took of each. 

It would really help the Super Mind Hacker community as a whole!

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