NitroAmp Review – A “Smart Caffeine” Alternative Energy Nootropic

Product Review by David Gracey

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NitroAMP Review

Having trouble staying MOTIVATED? – Keep reading…

“A relatively new release by Project NooYou!”

This nootropic supplement targets all those passionate bodybuilders, workout enthusiasts, AND even those lazy bums who crave to have their beach body ready super soon!  It’s not just for atheletes though!  

This is for anyone looking for a quality energy boost to power through their day!

But is this supplement competent enough?

Let us unravel all the nitty grittys in this detailed NitroAmp Review!

NitroAmp Testimonial Review
nitro amp

Nitro Amp Review: What Exactly Is NitroAmp?

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NitroAmp is a nootropic supplement that works to raise your energy levels so that you can perform your best!

An intense bolt of energy would be delivered for 6 hours, during which the world could be your oyster!

NITROamp Bottle Nootropic review

At the same time, it will relax and soothe you so that you can spend your entire day productively – without any anxiety or stress.

It would be fair to say that it also works to improve the mental state of mind.

Their goal is to provide you with‘ smart energy’.

By smart energy, they mean that once you’re done deriving the energy from your body with the help of this supplement – you will not experience an energy crash later on!

The next thing I will say might startle you – they use caffeine as their source of energy!

Caffeine – the king of all energy crashes, LOL!


Here’s the catch: they use smart caffeine which is jitter and crash-free!

Plus, they exercise an amazing stacking strategy which we will get to shortly.

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Is NitroAmp A Successor To NitroVit?

We have previously introduced you to NitroVit on our blog, the supplement which allows you to eliminate brain fog and deliver smart performance throughout the day.

For a detailed review on NitroVit, click here.

NitroAmp is not exactly a successor to NitroVit, but is rather considered as its conjunction!

Where NitroVit proximates around ‘Focus-Memory-Drive’, the NitroAmp supplement keeps up with ‘Confidence-Energy-Mood’.

Least to say, if both of them are combined they should technically transition humans into meta-humans! LOL!

This is however what Project NooYou recommends!

To stack the two for unparalleled results!

How Does NitroAmp Work? & What Is The Mechanism Of Action Of NitroAmp? (AKA: The Science!)

I would say that its main strategy is making use of the benefit of stacking Caffeine with L-Theanine.  This duo makes an excellent stack and I’ll tell you why.

Our morning tea or coffee serves us a decent amount of caffeine to ‘wake us up’ – the results are not long-lasting though, I know.  Another downside to caffeine is the energy crash that presents in the form of the aftermath.

These negative aspects can be nullified with the addition of Theanine.

Theanine not only cancels out the nasty after-effects but also soothes and calms the nerve for an amplified level of serenity.

Caffeine is also known to raise the heart rate and cause jitters in excess – and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that.

If you are somebody who wants to get rid of the side effects of caffeine or wishes to substitute your daily intake with a smarter option – then this is for you!


You start noticing the results in just 15 minutes!

You get to have a jam-packed boost of energy that lasts you 6 hours – and once you’ve gone past the energy slot, you get to experience calm and serenity!

There are other ingredients in the list as well, which contribute quality and efficiency to this smart stack.

We’ll get to that in the ingredient list below!

The Holy Grail – NitroAmp Ingredient List!

NitroAMP ingredients review

⦁ Guarana 300 mg

⦁ L-Theanine 100 mg

⦁ Bioperine Black Pepper Fruit Extract 5 mg

The ingredient list is really that simple!

Just three ingredients thriving because of the rational stacking strategy!

Guarana 300 mg

This is where we’re going to get our caffeine from.

Or shall we say, smart caffeine?

This Brazillian fruit has a very interesting appearance – once ripe, it starts resembling the human eye!

The Guarana plant has been in use since ancient times, its antioxidant properties lead it to be a powerful inclusion in Ayurvedic medicine.

It differs from the traditional coffee bean in terms of composition – and that is what makes this caffeine source crash-free!

Once ingested, Guarana works to sensitize the dopamine and serotonin receptors – both of which work simultaneously to uplift the mood whilst boosting confidence and focus!

However, Guarana alone is not as effective.

To unleash its full potential – it must be stacked to achieve synergy! 

L-Theanine 100 mg

And this is what Project NooYou stacks it with!

None other than the goodness of green tea.

Have you ever felt a calming or soothing effect after sipping your regular cup of green or black tea?

Its because this amino acid has anxiolytic properties.

And the best part is that it delivers excellent results without any sedation or drowsiness!

Once combined with caffeine, L-Theanine efficiently reduces the adverse effects of caffeine whilst only allowing its brighter effects to shine through!

BioPerine Black Pepper Fruit Extract 5 mg

This ingredient is neither part of the stacking strategy nor does is it exert relatively significant effects on its own.


This amazing element works to boost the bioavailability of the above two mentioned ingredients!

It absorbs better and faster – and stays in the bloodstream for longer!

This way you get to experience the power-packed effects of NitroAmp for a longer period of time!

Bioperine is naturally found in black peppers and has some antioxidant capacity of its own as well.

It works by meddling with the enzymes involved in the absorption of its co-administered ingredients.

Project NooYou terms this specific ingredient as their ‘secret weapon’ because they claim that this is what makes their caffeine smart and the stack itself very potent to compete with the other supplements out there!

What Benefits Can I Expect To Unlock After Taking The NitroAmp Nootropic Supplement?

NitroAmp benefits You Can Expect:

Instills A Cool And Calm State Of Mind

L-Theanine has remarkable relaxing properties!

NitroAmp Works by Uplifting The Mood To A Happier And Productive Level

The Guarana derived caffeine is an excellent source of Dopamine and Serotonin – both of which work together to enhance the mood.

Also Amps Up Motivational Levels

Perfect for strenuous work out sessions!

And this also means that all the lazy bums out there can make use of it to achieve their body goals!

Potentiates Focus And Concentration

This is accredited to the stack as a whole – the two elements synergize with one another to give maximum results!

NitroAmp Works to Give You More Power And Energy

That can easily last 6 hours.

So any demanding task you wish to do should be scheduled for this time slot.

Doubles Up Aerobic And Anaerobic Capacity

You need both of these capacities to achieve their higher limits if you are somebody who takes exercise very seriously!

Sharpens Reflex Responses And Senses

Thanks to the smart caffeine!

May Improve Your Sleep Quality

L-Theanine whilst promoting a relaxing effect can also promote better sleep with the potential for vivid dreams!

What Time Of The Day Should I Take NitroAmp?

This is a reminder that NitroAmp needs only 15 minutes to allow the effects to kick in!

So you should be taking this about half an hour before your workout or any other demanding task you wish to achieve.

I suggest taking it in the morning (since it is technically replacing your morning coffee), right before you are ready to run all your errands and activities for the day.

What Is The Dosage Of NitroAmp?

You should take 2 capsules daily.

I would suggest taking one in the morning and another one in the afternoon to keep the energy flow intact for a longer time.

Are There Any Side Effects Of NitroAmp?

If you’re referring to the side effects of caffeine – then no!

This is a smarter version of caffeine and is hence crash-free.


The thing with nootropics, in general, is that they may cause some gastrointestinal disturbances.

Like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and more.

This does not only apply to NitroAmp but all nootropics.

This is why we always suggest building your way through the dosage.

Start off with one capsule per day before topping up towards two!

Does NitroAmp Have Addictive Potential?

Not really.

Neither Guarana nor L-Theanine has addictive potential.

And we’ve already mentioned how Bioperine is only acting to increase the bioavailability of the two.

Is NitroAmp Safe?

It is literally a translation of coffee and green tea!

So yes, it is safe!

Apart from that, it also has a GMP certification to testify for its safety and quality measures. (Refer to our FAQ section for more information)

However, make sure you do not exceed the recommended upper limit.

Warnings/Interactions Of NitroAmp

If you have a pre-existing medical condition or diseaseALWAYS consult your physician before using any nootropic supplement at all.

Individuals under 18 years of age or pregnant/lactating females are advised to avoid its consumption.

Does NitroAmp Contain Caffeine?

It contains Guarana as a substitute for caffeine.

And unlike conventional coffee beans, Guarana derived caffeine is smarter and crash-free!

I would suggest you skip your morning coffee once you start administering this supplement.

How Much Does NitroAmp Cost? (Prices Subject to Change)

1 month supply – single bottle

⦁ Price per bottle: $17.97
⦁ Price per capsule: $0.29
Your cost per day (2 capsules daily): 0.29×2= $0.59

*Shipping starts from $6.97

NitroAmp bottle

3 month supply – three bottles

⦁ Price per bottle: $14.99
⦁ Price for three bottles: $44.97
⦁ Price per capsule: $0.24
Your cost per day (2 capsules daily): $0.49

*Shipping starts from $6.97 

nitroamp 3 bottles

6 month supply – six bottles


⦁ Price per bottle: $13.33
⦁ Price for six bottles: $79.97
⦁ Price per capsule: $0.22
Your cost per day (2 capsules daily): $0.44

*Shipping starts from $6.97 

NitroAmp 6 bottles review

NitroAmp is sold exclusively online.

I tried finding it on Amazon but turns out that they don’t retail their supplement there.

This isn’t a bad thing because purchasing an item from the producer always feels like the right thing to do – it adds more satisfaction and authenticity to the purchase!

You can purchase NitroAmp on their official website, which offers fast delivery and a 1-year money-back guarantee!

This shows that they have a lot of confidence in their product!

Who Is A Good Candidate For NitroAmp?

Individuals Who Crave To Become Confident And Expressive

If you are somebody who always shies away from social gatherings or faces anxiety on stage, then NitroAmp might help you with that!

Smart caffeine is supposed to fight anxiety and give you the energy to let your inner thoughts flow!

Next time you come up with a really good joke in your social circle, NitroAmp will make sure you crack it instead of keeping it in!

Individuals Who Want To Adopt An Exercise Regimen But Feel Lazy And Lethargic

Generating motivation and energy for exercise and workouts is a tedious task on its own, especially if lethargy gets the better of you!

NitroAmp can help you defeat that so that you can become energized and perked up for exercise, daily!

Old Aged Individuals Suffering From Lack Of Fine Motor Skills

Age is just a number and that’s how it should be!

Nothing should stop you from becoming a younger version of yourself, no matter what your age might be!

Hardworking Students And Academics


Is that trigonometry lecture leaving you mind-boggled and out of focus?

Smart caffeine can help you to concentrate and become significantly alert so that a lecture attend becomes a lecture learned!

Athletes And Workout Enthusiasts

For strenuous and HIIT workouts that leave you satisfied with your performance!

The Downside To NitroAmp

Despite NitroAmp being an amazing competitor in the nootropic industry, I feel like it could do some things a bit better.

The first concern is that of the shipping charges – regardless of how many bottles you purchase, you won’t be getting free shipping.   It would be great to get free shipping on multi-bottle purchases, especially if you plan to purchase NitroAmp frequently.

(which over 40% of their customers are repeat customers who re-order regularly)

I also feel like they could make way for a bit of Citicholine or Alpha GPC in this stack, but they make up for this by stacking with NitroVit which gives it a cognitive and memory boost.

Who Produces NitroAmp?

Project Nooyoo Nootropics review

Project NooYou.

A nutraceutical company that holds a GMP certification and adheres to all the rules set out by the FDA.

This supplement is produced in the US under strict quality measures with the help of experts in this industry.

I have been in contact with Mark (their CEO), and he’s a great guy that is passionate about his products because he first made them for his own ADHD and didn’t want to take dangerous pharmaceuticals, and instead worked  for years on creating his own custom formulas.

This actually makes me feel great about recommending his products to other brain hackers like myself.

What Are The Benefits Of Combining NitroAmp With NitroVit?

Even though NitroAmp on its own can give a stellar performance, if you wish to achieve a boost of memory sharpness and extreme energy – then feel free to stack the two together.

NitroVit contains Alpha GPC, which is an excellent source of Choline.

And also happens to stack very well with the contents of NitrAmp.

The ingredients of NitroAmp are very concise – so you need not have any safety concerns.

NitroVit is meant to be stacked with NitroAmp.

The Review Diary – Reviews From NitroAmp Users!

NitroAmp testimonial 1
NitroAmp testimonial
nitroamp reviews

The FAQ Section – NitroAmp Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nitrovit Ship Overseas?


Yes they do! Make sure to contact their customer service for shipping concerns.

Do they actually refund you the money if the supplement did not work for you?


The amount of confidence they have in their product allows you to claim a refund!

If it does not work for you, you can have your money back!


Is It Okay To Mix The Capsule Contents With Water If I Can’t Ingest It?

Yes but it tastes God awful though!


Does NitroAmp Actually Work?




What Is A GMP Certification?


GMP stands for ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’.

Any product with this certification is produced under highly regulated and strict quality standards.

This means that it is safe and hygienic for consumption.

When Do The Results Become Noticeable?


You will notice the results kicking in within 15 minutes!

That’s it!

Can I Take My Morning Coffee Along With NitroAmp?


Yes you can.

But your morning coffee might cause you to suffer from a energy crash.

Our personal recommendation is to skip coffee once you start taking this supplement.

NitroAmp Review – Final Thoughts…

NitroAmp is one of those supplements that demonstrates an excellent execution of synergistic blends.

Its ingredient list is by far one of the most concise and compact one that I have come across – when such is the case, you have to rely on stacking cleverly to deliver stellar results.

Actually, a good thing!

However, for people like myself, this is a good thing, because it allows me to be more flexible when constructing my nootropic stacks, which I tend to switchy up every few months.

I’d highly recommend giving this supplement a try if you wish to become more productive and active.

Sometimes its okay to accept that you need an aid to get yourself to work – we all have bad days!

NitroAmp is a great motivation aid!

Accepting our flaws and helping ourselves out will only make our lives easier!

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