Nutraherbals Ashwagandha Review – Is It The Best Ashwagandha Supplement?

Product Review by David Gracey

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Nutraherbals Ashwagandha Review

What Is The NutraHerbal’s Ashwagandha Supplement?

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Let’s talk a bit about the brand itself.

NutraHerbals was established in 2016 and comprises a team that is dedicated to producing Ayurvedic supplements.

As far as my research is concerned, they focus on Ashwagandha and a brain-boosting stack exclusively (as of yet).

Now, coming over to the supplement – they market it as an organically grown supplement.

This implies that they do not add any filler material to their product nor do they pack-in harmful ingredients that are being used in the market.

This also means that this is pretty much the closest we can get to finding an organic supplement in a bottle!

Ultimately, it is used for elevating the mood, alleviate fatigue, and enhance the functioning capacity of the body!

” I bought it to help with stress and anxiety, I entered the phase of perimenopause and my anxiety went to the roof, with horrible hot flashes, being irritable, crying constantly, very emotional and all this made me depressed.

I have been taking these capsules for three days and I already feel a difference. I just can’t believe it !! Too good to be true, right! I can only speak of my experience with it.

My hot flashes are less, I am not crying as much as I was a few days ago, my anxiety is not as intense, therefore I feel less depressed, and I am not at the point of having those horrible panic attacks like I said it has lessened my anxiety symptoms and my hot flashes, and I have only taken this for 3 days.

Been taking 4 capsules a day since I was in such a horrible place.

I thought it won’t hurt to double the dose, and it actually helped me, found a relief taking this supplement, and I will continue to take it and I am almost sure that it will continue to help me to cope and improve my well being. also taking it with L Theanine of the brand Nature’s Trove . 2 capsules of 200 mg.

This Ashwagandha is one of the best I have tried, others have less mg and you can’t really beat the new discounted price they are offering, so please take advantage of it. already ordered 2 more bottles, don’t want to run out of this product!

I did not experience any upset stomach, easy to swallow. Organic vegetarian capsules, which I am extremely happy with. I love this product !! Very happy customer ! … “”

Review by Ivy

Amazing product - like a miracle to me!

What Is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is an ancient Ayurvedic herb that offers a wide array of benefits and uses!

It is a potent stress reliever and also works to increase brain function along with overall health.

Ashwagandha may also help in raising the sexual drive and promoting peaceful sleep cycles!

We’ll talk more about its benefits below.

If you wish to unveil more information about this miraculous herb, click here!


best ashwagandha supplement

What Are The Benefits Of NutraHerbal’s Ashwagandha Supplement?

⦁ Dampens Stress Levels And Anxiety/Panic Attack Chances

The mechanism behind this is the reduction of cortisol (our body’s stress hormone) levels.

It also supports the adrenal glands.

⦁ For A Peaceful Sleep

This is mostly accredited to the relaxing properties of Ashwagandha.

It does not have anything to do with downregulating stimulatory hormones, but promoting a tranquilized mindset instead!

You sleep well when you’re not under any sort of stress, right?

The same principle applies here!

⦁ Boosts Stamina And Athletic Performance

It works by increasing the energy levels of the body and downsizing fatigued states!

⦁ Acts As A Neuroprotectant And Immuno booster

Thanks to its high antioxidant activity exerted by the active ‘withanolides’.


⦁ Increases Sexual Drive

Promotes female libido and reducing the chances of male infertility!

⦁ Acts As An Anti-inflammatory Agent

Hence used for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

⦁ MAY Increase Bone Density

Even though this effect is still being scrutinized by scientists, we know that Ashwagandha is rich in a lot of nutrients that are linked to increasing bone density.

Especially if you take it with milk before sleep!

It is also rich in iron which would raise the red blood cell count!

Nutraherbal’s Ashwagandha Review: The Ingredients List!” – What Is in Popular Ashwagandha Supplement that Makes it So Special?

Listed on Nutraherbal Ashwagandha’s label:

⦁ Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder (Withania Somnifera) – 1200 mg
⦁ Organic Black Pepper Extract (Piper Nigrum) – 5 mg

The Role Of Black Pepper In This Supplement:

This supplement contains two very simple and straight forward ingredients.

The sole purpose of including black pepper would be that it increases the absorption of Ashwagandha!

I came across reviews where users claimed that the black pepper in this supplement also helped increase the absorption of other supplements that they take along with this one!

This is also one reason why I consider it the BEST Ashwagandha supplement out there in the market!

When Should I Take Nutraherbal’s Ashwagandha Supplement? What Is The Dosage?

Nutraherbal recommends taking their ashwagandha supplement in the morning along with your regular meal.

You are to take 2 capsules daily for maximum results – I would suggest you start with 1 capsule to familiarize your body with this herb.

P.S: both of the capsules are to be taken together (whenever you choose to take them).

Whether to take it in the morning or during the night still stands as a controversial question!

Check out what others are saying about their own personal experiences / Reviews of Nutraherbals Ashwagandha here.

I’d say that you may take it whenever you deem it necessary to do so, however if you want to know the optimal time to take ashwagandha as a supplement, click here.

Since it does help with promoting a healthy sleep cycle, you may take it before going to bed.

On the other hand, it is also good to include this as your pre-workout pill in the morning!

Nutraherbals Ashwagandha Review: Are There Any Known Side Effects with this Supplement?

stress and anxiety side effects
⦁ Stomach upset
⦁ Nausea
⦁ Vomiting
⦁ Diarrhea
⦁ Liver disorders
⦁ Allergic reactions

Liver disorders may be associated with extended long-term use.  As always, you should consult with a physician before taking any new supplement (natural or not).

Is Nutraherbal’s Ashwagandha Supplement Safe?


It is absolutely safe if taken within the recommended dosage limits.

Also, it is suggested to cycle off of this supplement after every 3 months since long-term use may surface a few adverse effects.

Is Nutraherbals Ashwagandha Supplement Safe? – Warnings And Interactions!

Avoid the use of this supplement in the following condition(s):

⦁ Diabetes
⦁ High/low or fluctuating blood pressure
⦁ Pregnancy / Lactation
⦁ Stomach ulceration
⦁ You have or are about to undergo a surgical procedure/operation
⦁ Thyroid problems
⦁ Autoimmune disorders: MS, SLS, RA, etc

Avoid the use of this supplement if you are on the following medications:

⦁ Immunosuppressants
⦁ Sedatives (Benzodiazepines and Central Nervous System depressants)
⦁ Thyroid hormones

Children under 18 years of age are advised to avoid this supplement as well!

Is Nutraherbal’s Ashwagandha Supplement Addictive?

Not at all.

There are only two ingredients in this supplement, neither of which hold addictive potential.

Ashwagandha is a naturally occurring herb and has been used over the centuries way before it was considered as a potential nootropic!

So there’s nothing to worry about here!

Does Nutraherbal’s Ashwagandha Supplement Contain Caffeine?


So don’t worry about any ‘crash’ that would be associated with the inclusion of caffeine!

How Much Does Organic Ashwagandha from Nutraherbal’s Cost?

Cost per bottle (120 capsules per bottle):
Retail $44.69 (currently being sold at $21.99)

Cost per serving: $0.37

Cost per day (for 2 capsules per day): $0.74

My Two Cents On The Pricing

As compared to other supplements, this can be pricey when not on sale!  But it’s often on sale 90% of the time if you buy it here.

However, if I were ever to choose an Ashwagandha supplement?

It would be this one! (I actually did purchase it!  More than once!)

I’ll tell you more about why I chose this over other Ashwagandha supplements in the section below.

Where Can I Buy Nutraherbal’s Ashwagandha Supplement?

You can purchase it online on their website or from directly from Amazon!  Amazon is where I always find it the cheapest though! 

(Plus I love the free 2 day shipping if you’re a prime member.)

Unfortunately, it is not available in stores.

P.S: if you choose to purchase this supplement from my link, I will be highly grateful to you!

The Amazon affiliate program doesn’t pay very much at all, but every little bit helps keep Super Mind Hacker running.  A lot of hard work goes into picking out the finest nootropic supplements and scrutinizing them down to the last bit JUST for you guys and gals!

Please show some support for this small venture of mine! 😀

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Why I Chose Nutraherbal’s Ashwagandha Supplement Over Any Other Ashwagandha Supplement!

Here are a few bullet points that add substance to my decision:

⦁ Use of organically grown Ashwagandha

⦁ Inclusion of black pepper extract for superior absorption

⦁ Soy, Gluten, GMO-free

⦁ Good value (most supplements do not offer 120 capsules per bottle)

⦁ No filler or harmful ingredients

⦁ Can be used by vegans or vegetarians

⦁ They believe in a ‘go green’ concept to nullify the use of excessively processed supplements

⦁ They offer a money-back guarantee

Nutraherbals Ashwagandha Review: Actual User Reviews!

Great natural remedy for anxiety and its symptoms!

“It especially helped with anxiety by relaxing me and changing the way I think about certain things. I had a noticeable increase in energy, and sex drive/stamina.

The truth is you need to understand there are lots of reasons for depression, including hormone imbalances, unhealthy sleep habits, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, etc.

But if you find the source of your problem and you change it, this will definitely help with the symptoms of depression and anxiety. “

Review by LB

After a few days in, and I am floored! Works VERY WELL.

“As someeone who has had to deal with chronic anxiety/depression/panic issues/pain/illness, this stuff is a game changer.”

Review by Ciaran

Helps with fatigue and brain fog.

I ordered this brand because it was organic, was a good-sized dose (making it more cost-effective) and it contained black pepper. Within one week, the fatigue and brain fog were better.

Review by Jacqui Komschlies

Life changing!

Our lives went from chaotic, dramatic hell, to peaceful, enjoyable heaven. I mostly credit the Ashwaganda. “

Review by Michelle Barry

Nutraherbals Ashwagandha Really Works!

Has worked well for me so far! I was searching for something that would help with my severe anxiety and hopefully prevent panic attacks.

It’s not a pill that will instantly help with my breathing during a panic attack, and I do still need to occasionally take Xanax, but in general it’s really helped my daily anxiety. I’m not as reliant on prescription versions, and I will continue ordering.

I was honestly not expecting much, but was hopeful based on my research. I’m on my second bottle right now and I got my friend on them too.

My anxiety can be really severe, so I’m truly amazed at how well this worked for me! I will add that I’ve also tried decreasing my caffeine intake, but didn’t do that until more recently, after I had already been taking this.

I feel even better, and feel like this is a supplement that will stay in my regime for life.”

Review By Amazon Customer

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Organically Grown Ashwagandha by Nutraherbals


What Are Pullulan Capsules?

It is an edible polymer that is employed in the food and supplements industry as a capsule coating. It is derived from fungi and has a high oxygen barrier.

Does the Nutraherbal’s Ashwagandha supplement contain any harmful metals like mercury?


They are certified organic, checked, and regulated in the USA.

Is This Supplement 3rd Party Tested?


Did Nutraherbal’s Change Their Formulation Over The Years?

Not at all!

They have been selling the same formula since day 1. (Confirmed at the time of writing this… subject to change)

How Long Would One Bottle Last Me?

One month, if taken as directed.

Nutraherbals Organically Grown Ashwagandha Review: My Final Thoughts / Conclusion…

I won’t hesitate to say this: this really is one of the BEST Ashwagandha supplements out there in the market (in my opinion). 

ZenWell comes in a close second.. Read my Zenwell review here.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Perfect dosage paired with black pepper extract is exactly something I’d be looking for in a supplement.

Also, the fact that it is organically grown and holds a certification for it gives me more reasons to re-purchase this baby.

Despite being more costly than its counterparts, I’d suggest you grab this supplement over the rest.

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable Ashwagandha stack, do go for this one!

best ashwagandha supplement

Lastly, Do I Recommend any other Ashwagandha Supplements? YES, In Fact!

If you want to keep stress and anxiety at bay, then Zenwell is also a great choice!  You can learn more about this mood regulating nootropic ashwagandha supplement by reading our ZenWell Ashwagandha Review Here.

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