What is PEMF Therapy? 12 Ways Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Can Supercharge Your Health!

Article by: David Gracey
What is PEMF Therapy? PEMF mat?
PEMF is a revolutionary, non-invasive, and drug-free type of therapy that has shown exciting results in helping accelerate the body’s healing process.

Its name is a bit complicated, which makes it sound like it’s something too complex for the average Joe to understand, but it’s actually quite simple.

Once you understand how it works, you can see that’s a revolutionary treatment that can help many people.

Now, there are a lot of conditions that can benefit from PEMF treatment.  They’re usually involved with a slow healing process or a chronic condition.

The treatment is great for people that have autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, and complex issues in the cells and tissues.

What the treatment does is accelerate the healing process that the body can’t do it naturally.

So, this is exactly what you’re going to find in this article. All the benefits that PEMF can bring to you!

The mitochondria are like the cell’s own personal re-chargable battery pack.

This means that it’s what recharges the cells for it to have enough energy to regenerate and work at its optimal levels.

Now, just stop and think about it.

This treatment allows your cells to regenerate faster and efficiently.   This could mean a much faster healing process, which is what can stop the pain and alleviate the symptoms associated with injuries.  That’s part of what this PEMF treatment can potentially do.

PEMF MAT vs PEMF Therapy

A PEMF mat is a great alternative to PEMF therapy.

The main advantage is the reduced cost and the fact that you can do it in the comfort / privacy of your own home.

Now, when it comes to the therapy version, the biggest advantages are that you’re doing it with a licensed health professional.

This means that you can ensure that you’re doing it correctly and that you’re much more likely to see results.

Still, at the end of the day, it’s ideal that you do both.

If you can only do one, the PEMF mat is a great alternative for those that want to try this type of therapy  at home, as well as reduce the costs over time.

What Are the Benefits I Can Expect from PEMF Therapy?

There are many reasons that someone would want to try pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) for improved health.  There are a lot of benefits that PEMF Therapy can offer.

In fact, below we will go over 12 of the main benefits you can expect from this alternative healing treatment known as PEMF.

#1 Boost Immune System

Now, let’s talk about the benefits that both treatments (at-home mat therapy or at a licensed treatment provider) offer no matter what type you decide to go with.

Be it the PEMF mat or actual therapy, the first benefit is a boost to your immune system!

Since PEMF affects the mitochondria of the cell, (which you’re going to see talked about a lot in this article) this immensley helps to boost the body’s immune system.

It does this very simply because once your cells have more energy running through them, they regenerate faster.

Not only that, but the more energy your cells have, the stronger your immune system gets!

So, if you’re dealing with issues in your immune system, PEMF can be great option for you.

#2 Improved Quality of Sleep

The way that PEMF helps the brain is that the low frequency that it emits actually calms it. 

This can help aid the sleeping process, especially for people that have a long history of having trouble trying to fall asleep. 

And we all know how important sleep is!

The results are felt after just a few sessions, but the main difference happens over time.

Although PEMF isn’t recommended just for sleep disorders, it is surely a welcomed side effect!

One of the brain waves within your brain, and the one that dominates the sleeping brain is called theta.

This is precicely what PEMF therapy stimulates.

So basically, a surefire benefit of PEMF therapy is improved quality of sleep.  This is especially true if you have any sort of sleeping disorder.

As we all know as adults, a good nights sleep can make a huge impact on everything that goes on in your day to day life (both in the short-tem and long-term), so a proper night’s sleep is very important for overall health and wellness.

PEMF therapy can help with that.

#3 Enhanced Cellular Repair and Recovery

This is what makes PEMF so revolutionary – Enhanced cellular repair and recovery.

It’s important to point out that PEMF therapy has actually been around for several decades now.

It isn’t new like many people believe, which is great because you’re not risking your health with something new and untested.

We’re talking about a treatment that has more than 7 thousand studies done on it.

Now, enhanced cellular recovery and repair begin by understanding the importance of the mitochondria to the cell.  When it gets this energy boost, it has the power to recover and repair that it naturally doesn’t have.

This allows your body to heal faster and more efficiently. 

This is the basis for all of the other benefits that you can get (related to pain, healing, and the immune system).

#4 Immune System Balancing

People with autoimmune diseases have their own immune system attacking their body from within.

This causes all sorts of symptoms.  It all depends on the specific disease that they have. PEMF therapy can help with this immune system balancing.

Once a cell is stronger and newer, it can function better.  The waves that penetrated the cells cannot only heal the cells, but also optimize them for performance.  This is what promotes immune balancing.

So, another amazing benefit that PEMF can bring you is balancing your body’s immune system.

If you struggle with issues like this, you few PEMF therapy sessions or a PEMF mat would be a great place to start.

#5 Joint Cartilage Repair

Most of the problems that we can experience with our bodies are caused by a problem related to our cells.

They may not be regenerating fast enough or they’re not duplicating themselves properly / with errors.

A joint cartilage problem happens for that same reason.  The body couldn’t restore itself fast enough, or as fast as it was previously, so the pain shows up as a sign that something is wrong.

What PEMF therapy can do for you is boost your cellular energy.

This is like having the ability to heal your body as though you were younger than you are now.

In this case, your cartilage would repair itself faster and better than it normally would without the therapy.

The pain would either reduce significantly or be completely gone after treatment.

#6 Increase in Energy and Positive Mood!

PEMF therapy can have benefits that go beyond physical ones.  You can also get a noticeable increase in your overall energy as well as experience a more positive mood.

The reason for this, is that PEMF affects your brain waves directly.  It makes your brain release neurotransmitters that are connected to mood regulation.

Although it isn’t the main goal of PEMF, it can reduce symptoms of depression.

Especially depression caused by a hormonal imbalance.

The frequency of the electromagnetic pulses stimulates the brain to work at its optimal level, helping you to get motivated again and stay focused.

So, if you do notice a change in your energy and mood, know that these are benefits that you get from PEMF therapy.

dopamine serotonin boost

#7 Reduction of Pain Caused by Injury, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Conditions, etc.

All of the conditions mentioned above are related to a problem with your tissues.  For some reason, the body sometimes isn’t able to heal itself properly and regenerates tissues with slight defects.

What PEMF therapy can do for you, in this case, is to help the cells regenerate more quality tissue at a faster pace.

Your body then experiences less symptoms because it healing in a much more efficient way.

Many people that try PEMF with these types of pain related conditions experience a noticeable decrease in overall pain symptoms.

#8 Muscle Relaxation and Enhancement of Physical Performance

One of the reasons this is considered to be such a revolutionary treatment, is that it’s able to positively affect the cells, tissues, and organs while bypassing the skin protection.

This means it can deeply affect the way your body works.

Muscle relaxation and enhancement of physical performance depend on how fast your body can regenerate it’s cells after they were torn apart / damaged by physical stress (which is the activity that you performed).

Similar to how when bodybuilders lift weights, they are actually trying to tear down their muscle tissue, only to repair it later on with lots of rest and proper nutrition (Think protein powder and supplements).

This is exactly how PEMF works here.
It accelerates the healing process by relaxing the muscles and improving blood circulation through its frequency.

#9 Reduction of Swelling, Redness, and Inflammation

The reason your body swells, is that it’s trying to send more blood cells to the affected area, so that it can heal it faster.

Inflammation and redness follow the same principle.  They’re a natural response to the body’s healing process.

What PEMF does here, is help make the process faster and more efficient.

This way, the body can reduce the swelling faster because it’s healing faster.

So, you should take advantage of the frequencies of PEMF therapy in case you’re having a physical problem with inflammation or swelling.

#10 Improved Oxygenation in the Tissues

The cells are what form the tissues.  They need the energy to work faster and more efficiently.

This energy comes in the form of oxygenation.

And this is another thing that PEMF therapy can help you with!  It improves the oxygenation in the tissue, because the electromagnetic pulses not only give energy to the cells, but it allows them to transport the oxygen particles much more efficiently.

With the improved oxygenation in the tissues, you have a faster healing process.

This allows your organs to work at their peak optimal levels.

#11 Helps to Heal Skin Issues like Eczema

To efficiently treat eczema, you need a boost to your immune response, a faster healing process of your tissues, and something that can help with the inflammation it can cause to the different areas of your body.

This sounds like the benefits of PEMF therapy are just what the doctor ordered!

eczema skin rash
It’s a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t cause burn or eruptions on your skin as a side effect.

For those reasons alone, this is not just another benefit that you can get from PEMF therapy,  but more so an alternative treatment for this type of condition.

#12 Reduces Pain / Swelling after Plastic Surgery Procedures

PEMF Therapy is not just for diseases and medical conditions!  It is also widely used in the world of plastic surgery.

Something like the swelling and pain that’s associated with plastic surgery can receive a positive benefit from PEMF therapy.

This treatment has shown promising and measurable results for reducing both swelling and pain from plastic surgeries.

This means a faster recovery process and a reduction in side effects.

So, if you’re considering going under the knife for a cosmetic procedure of your own, or have already done so recently, you should talk to your plastic surgeon about incorporating this thearapy.

It’s a great option to accelerate the healing process.

PEMF Therapy: Final Thoughts

So, these are just 12 of the possible benefits of PEMF therapy that you can use to not only supercharge your health, but to also speed up any healing / recovery processes within your body.

You can choose both the actual therapy with a licensed professional, or the PEMF mat.  (Or even both!)

Either way, it’s clear that Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is here to stay.

Have you or someone you know tried this therapy, or used a PEMF mat before?  Have any questions?

Please leave a comment below!

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