Theanine And Caffeine – The “Perfect for Nootropics” Balanced Combo!

Article by: David Gracey
theanine and caffeine together

Imagine that you could drink as much coffee as you wanted, either without all of the negative side effects – OR with them minimized to a level that it wouldn’t bother you enough to even notice.

If this is possible, the most likely path would start with theanine and caffeine.

They’re considered the perfect combination for people wanting to get their feet wet in the world of nootropics due to the overwhelming data supporting their use together, along with minimum side effects. 

Now, don’t get me wrong.  There is not actually a “perfect pair” for any drugs or mind altering substances out there, and nothing is ever perfect (or without side effects).  That’s why there are a lot of questions on the subject, and likely what brought you here in the first place.

That brings me to this question…

Now, if you’re really new to nootropics and have no idea what theanine even is, don’t worry. 

Theanine is simply an amino acid found most commonly in green tea.  It’s relaxing and great for your health, so you don’t need to worry about any toxic or ill effects.  think of it like an antidote to caffeine’s side effects.

For instance, this relaxant promotes alpha brain waves, reduces blood pressure and heart rate, and provides balance to the brain. 

Theanine is like the perfect balance for caffeine.

The best part about this whole combination is what these two substances can do when used together.  That’s exactly what you’re going to see below.

So, be prepared to change your life.  The information below will give you an idea of what’s possible to accomplish when you combine theanine and caffeine together.

You’ll see how your brain can work on a better level than it currently is, especially if you’re new to nootropics!

Theanine & Caffeine Gives You Energy Like Nothing Else Does!

One of the main benefits of caffeine is increased energy and focus.  You’re awake and full of energy to tackle any obstacle that can get in your way.

Then, all of a sudden it all comes crashing down.

Once the caffeine wears off in your body, you feel the crashing effects like you were run over by a car.  The more caffeine you take, the worse it can get too!

Now, when you take caffeine with theanine, this usually doesn’t happen.

When done correctly, taking theanine and caffeine combined together will give you energy like nothing else quite can.  You’ll get all of the energy that you’ve come to expect from caffeine, but without the negative side effects normally associated with it.

Another great thing about this combination is that there have been many studies done on the effects that they have on the body when used together, so if you’re still skeptikal, just know that there is a TON of supporting evdidence out there to prove / support this point.

The main thing to know about taking theanine and caffeine as a one-two combo is that it not only works great, but it’s one of the easier base nootropic stacks for people that have never taken nootropics before, and want to give them a try.

As always, make sure that you get your caffeine and theanine supplements (Usually in pill form)  from trusted sources.

This way you know that you’re not only getting the real substance but the right amount as well.  Do this and try out, you’ll see how amazing it is.

Not All Sources of Caffeine are Created Equal…

One thing to consider is that not all sources of caffeine are equal.  You want to ideally use a “clean” source of caffeine VS some random keurig coffee pod for example.  Using a clean source of caffeine will help to intensify the effects of this stack.

We highly recommend Stim by Performance Lab which is around one dollar per serving.  It’s a lot cheaper than starbucks, but way healthier and effective!

It is considered a smarter and cleaner source of 100% natural caffeine (from coffea robusta seeds), and promises to deliver far fewer side effects and superior performance-tuned effects and stimulation.  It also has it’s own unique blend of ingredients that help to virtually eliminate any and all side effects associated with caffeine.

>> You can learn more about Stim here at their Official Website.

Not Only That, it Already Contains the Perfect Dosage of L-Theanine  As Well!

Yes, you heard me correctly!  For around $1 per day, you can get clean and effective natural caffeine, as well as the proper dose of theanine.  That’s why we highly recommend this product for anyone looking to try out theanine and caffeine as a nootropic stack.  Perfoemance Lab’s Stim is a well established company in the world of nootropics (They are also the creators of “Mind Lab Pro“, so they do know a thing or two!)

Side Note:  you can read our full review of Mind Lab Pro Here:  Mind Lab Pro Review

Here’s a quick look at the ingredients in Stim by Performance Lab:

Stim by Performance Lab Ingredients

Caffeine and Theanine Are The Perfect Combo For Focus And Energy

energy and focus

Caffeine and theanine is the perfect combination for focus and energy. The reason they work so well is that theanine has properties that reduce the side effects that caffeine produces without fighting it off completely. 

For instance, caffeine has side effects that affect heart ratio and blood pressure. 

Things like:

Caffeine Side Effects
Higher blood pressure.
What theanine (which is an amino acid found in green tea) does, is reduce these side effects.

For example, the reason caffeine raises your blood pressure is that it makes your blood vessels contract, which in turn makes your heart work harder to pump blood.

Combined with theanine, this doesn’t happen on the same level.

That’s why you’re able to enjoy the energy and focus without the above side effects.  This happens when you take the right amount of the two substances together (hence why we highly recommend Stim by Performance Lab)

Ideally, you take a 1:2 ratio of caffeine with double the amount of theanine.
So, if you’re dragging your day and can’t seem to find enough energy to focus on your important tasks, caffeine and theanine can change your life. They’re also perfect for people that are getting started with nootropics.

Get Started Slowly When Taking Caffeine With L-Theanine For the First Time

With such amazing benefits and little side effects, it’s easy to get carried away and think that you should use this combo as much as you can.

Still, it’s important to get started slowly.

When you have little to no experience with nootropics in general, you don’t know how to pay attention to your body correctly.

If you take too much, you may worsen the side effects and do more harm than good to your brain and body.  One of the worse side effects of caffeine is anxiety.  When taken incorrectly, this combo can worsen your anxiety and make your heart beat faster.

That’s why you need to be careful and start slowly.  

If you follow our recommendation above, you’ll be just fine.

If you decided to just go the coffee and theanine route, you can just take some theanine with your cup of coffee every day.

Where to buy Theanine Cheap (For Coffee Drinkers:)

Here is a super cheap yet effective theanine supplement you can take if you’re going the coffee route.

>> You Can Get it Here

When starting out, you can either take half a capsule (100 mg) by opening it up and mixing it with your coffee, or putting it on your tongue, and chasing it down with water.

I just receommend doing this for the first few days before taking the normal dose of 200 mg.

Simply increase to a full 200mg dose after a few days once you’ve established that you’re enjoying the benefits and your body is taking it well.

So, as long as you’re careful enough to listen to your body and get started slowly, you’re good to go.

What you should feel is way more energy, and focus should come easy to you.  The side effects have to be minimum or nonexistent.  (Unless you drink 2 pots of coffee!)

That’s how you know it’s working.

Watch Out For Side Effects (Caffeine + Theanine)

When you take any nootropic, you should always know the side effects before you start.

This is important to know how well or not so well your body is responding to it.

When the benefits versus the side effects equation is not positive, it’s time to stop using that specific nootropic or combination of nootropics.

Now, there are certain side effects that you should focus more on when it comes to caffeine + theanine.  They’re anxiety and heart rate.

If they’re higher than normal for you, it’s time to listen to your body and accept that it may not be the nootropic for you.

You could also be taking the wrong dosage.

Look out for things like:

Side Effects to Watch Out For:
Anxiety / Panic Attacks
Increased Heart Rate (If Uncomfortable)
High Blood Pressure
Jitters / Shaking in Hands

While these side effects are not all that common, it’s something to be aware of.

These are simply main symptoms that you should watch out for.  The good news is that this usually only happens when you’re taking more than you should.  if you follow dosing guidelines, you’ll be fine. 

So, pay attention to your body, and make sure that you don’t get the dosage wrong.

This all is usually avoided if you get started slowly.

Can I take Caffeine and Theanine Together Everyday?

this is one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to caffeine and theanine usage.  The answer is YES!

You can take them together everyday as a nootropic stack, and many people do.

One thing that makes theanine + caffeine great for nootropics is that you can take it every day.

The combo is great to be the basis of your stack, and it’s also great for beginners since it helps build the habit of taking nootropics.

Another important thing to highlight is that you can also take them long-term. Although caffeine has negative effects on the body, theanine can help reduce and even eliminate those same effects.

Now, when you take caffeine + theanine every day, your body will produce more BDNF, which acts as a fertilizer for the brain. It makes it produce more cells, keep the ones that you already have, and make them all last longer.

human brain nootrpoics 101

It also improves memory alongside energy and focus.

So, make sure that you do take it every day to experience those results.

Remember that long-term nootropics are supposed to give you benefits slowly and not immediately within hours. (No “buzz” as they say)

You Can Take Other Nootropics With Them

A lot of people wonder whether you can take other nootropics with caffeine and theanine.  The good news is that you sure can.  It’s not only safe, but recommended that you do so.

There isn’t one single nootropic that will give you all the benefits you need, although Qualia Mind Comes Close.

(Read Our Qualia Mind Review Here)

Usually to get the maximum benefit of nootropics, you need to combine them together, known as “nootropic stacking”.

Now, you have to be careful since this combo doesn’t go well with all nootropics.

For example, modafinil can create adrenal fatigue when combining with caffeine and theanine.

Still, you should use this combo as the basis of your stack.  This means that you should have one.  Although they’re great for energy and focus, you should have something for memory, learning, and other cognitive functions that you want to improve as well.

So, definitely set up your stack with caffeine and theanine as the basis of it, but make sure that you’re careful with which substances you choose to add on to your custom stack.

Or, Go With a Pre-Formulated Stack

Or, just go with a pre-formulated stack like Qualia Mind or Mind Lab Pro.  You can read our detailed product reviews of both of these nootropic formulas at the following links: (Opens in a new window)

>> Read Our Full Mind Lab Pro Review

>> Read Our Full Qualia Mind Review

The Science Behind The Caffeine and Theanine Combo

Almost done! 

Let’s talk about science for a second. The first thing that you need to understand is that caffeine is what’s making you more alert, focused, and energetic.  It does so by making the body produce dopamine and glutamine.  This gives you the mental boost that you’re looking for.

Now, what theanine (which is an amino acid that has relaxing effects on the body), does is reduce the side effects of caffeine.

We’re talking about irritability, anxiety, and insomnia.  This substance is capable of doing this because it has natural relaxing properties.

Studies also found that theanine makes your body produce more BDNF, which not only improves your memory by 25%, but it also boosts any nootropic for memory that you take with it.

Final Thoughts: Why Theanine and Caffeine is perfect for nootropics.

Adding theanine along with caffeine to your mornings are basically the perfect base nootropic stack for nootropics because they balance very well together. 

They not only reduce the negative side effects associated with caffeine by itself, but also boosting the benefits of eachother.  

They are also an easy entry point for beginners who want to get started with brain enhancement supplements (nootropics) , and make for a perfect starter stack.

So, have you taken theanine and caffeine together?  What effects did you notice? 

Please leave a comment below!

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