Country Life Omega 3-6-9 Complete Review – Best Fatty Acid Supplement?

Article by: David Gracey
country life omega 3-6-9 fish oil

Fats aren’t always bad. The Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids are the ultimate source of nourishment for the skin, hair, and brain!

In this Country life omega 3-6-9 review, I will show how this supplement provides you more nutrition for less money!


A quality product That’s for sure! This fish oil is for those who are not indifferent to their health. Firstly, a good dosage of fatty acids, and secondly, a quality manufacturer and GMP standard, which is a quality guarantee. I am 25 years old, I take courses on these capsules for beauty of skin and hair. After childbirth, this fish oil is simply salvation: the skin is elastic, nourished, and hair falls out less. I ordered my mother to maintain heart health, my mother is 56 years old, she also noted that she had more strength and the skin stopped flaking. I recommend the product with a clear conscience, the main thing is to drink according to the instructions 2 capsules 1-3 times a day with meals. The capsules are large but easy to swallow.

-Review by iHerb customer

What Is The Country Life Omega 3-6-9 Complete Supplement?

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This supplement follows the same model as that of multivitamin supplements.

It contains the finest collection of fatty acids and oils that cater to the body’s need for unsaturated fats.

These fatty acids are essential for brain, cardiovascular, and skin health.

They are also involved in boosting the immunity levels!

This supplement is the sort that everyone should incorporate into their regimen since omegas are hard to incorporate into diets.

Most of the time one would be found consuming the wrong (saturated/hydrogenated) fats and then come the fitness freaks, who have completely eliminated fats from their diet altogether!

Either way, man is bound to suffer from the deficiencies of these essential fatty acids.

And this supplement offers 1500 mg of omegas per serving!

The only reason why I used to avoid omega supplements was due to that horrible fishy odor!

But these have a zesty lemon scent and nowhere near as bad as the previous fish oil supplements that I had tried! 

Say good bye to gross fish burps after an hour or so (like I had with regular fish oil capsules… YUCK!). 

How Does The Country Life Omega 3-6-9 supplement work?

Omega fatty acids can not be produced by the body itself – thus necessitating its inclusion in the diet.

And since it has been declared ‘essential’, the body can not do without it.

A great way to obtain these is by eating fish – this would yield us two sorts of omega 3 fatty acids.

The EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA(Docosahexaenoic acid).

A form of omega 3 fatty acids derived from plants (or vegetable oil) is known as ALA(Alpha-linolenic acid).

These fatty acids form an integral part of our cell membranes to ensure smooth functioning.

Their role in the formation of hormones that regulate blood clotting and vascular contractions is also well appreciated.

The reason why they are important for the cardiovascular system is that they ensure normal and rhythmic contractions of the heart – thus reducing the chances of fibrillation or arrhythmias.

The omegas also bind to certain receptors that are involved in genetic regulation.

Ingredient List!

⦁ EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) & DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)

Both of these are Omega 3 fatty acids and have been tested combined.

They are responsible for reducing triglycerides in the blood and raising HDL (good) cholesterol levels instead.

Their anti-inflammatory nature also helps to attenuate the symptoms of many inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, gingivitis, and certain cardiovascular diseases.

Not only do they help lower the blood pressure but provide adequate support to the circulatory system as well!

The brain is mostly fat and taking these fatty acids during pregnancy (under the guidance of a physician) may aid in the development of a healthy brain!

Some studies have also rendered it a minor antidepressant that boosts mental health!

⦁ gamma-Linolenic Acid 152 mg

This member of the Omega 6 family is responsible for maintaining a healthy moisture barrier for the skin.

And also give it a supple and elastic touch!

Rough hair and nails that easily chip off also need the Omega 6 fatty acids.

gamma-Linolenic acid generates prostaglandins that boost the metabolism for promoting weight-loss!

It also plays a role in reducing inflammatory events that arise during premenstrual syndromes and menopause.

And could also help females that suffer from cramps and sores during the menstrual cycle.

⦁ Linolenic Acid 270 mg

Another great fatty acid for the skin and body.

We’ll be discussing its benefits under Alpha-Linolenic Acid.

⦁ Oleic Acid 109 mg

This one is a non-essential fatty acid, our bodies can thus produce this on their own.

This fatty acid effectively alters the cell membrane composition and prevents the in-flow of cholesterol.

It also reduces the production of the receptors that would encourage the entry of bad cholesterol.

Its role in decreasing inflammation is achieved by upregulating the production of neutrophils.

And its effects also extend to protein synthesis that would be incorporated into the manufacturing of healthy blood vessels!

All of this leads to a healthy cardiovascular system.

Oleic acid has also proven its capability to reduce blood glucose along with decreasing the risk of developing diabetes.

It can also impart great benefits to the skin, bones, joints, and even mental health!

⦁ Alpha-Linolenic Acid 424 mg

This plant-derived fatty acid is a great substitute for animal-derived fats.

Individuals struggling with obesity should consider adding this to their diet to help them lose weight.

Alpha-Linolenic Acid has demonstrated anti-cancer activity as well, especially in the prostate gland.

Its anti-inflammatory properties have been employed to reduce the symptoms of many heart and vascular diseases.

This is why it has been used by patients suffering from diabetic foot to promote wound healing once the inflammation has subsided.

Alpha-Linolenic Acid has undergone many trials for the treatment of multiple sclerosis as well!

Like all omegas, this one also contributes to healthy and hydrated skin!

⦁ Linoleic Acid 100 mg

Linoleic provides us with a supply of hormones that are needed for the proper functioning of the body.

Such hormones contribute to clotting factor formation, maintaining normal blood pressure, and boosting immunity!

Linoleic acid is also involved in maintaining bone health by keeping their density intact – this is especially beneficial to individuals struggling with bone and joint problems.

It also protects the brain against traumatic events such as stroke or ischemia.

When a brain is subjected to injury, it conjures a defense mechanism within a short time frame.

And Linoleic acid adds to the defense team!

Individuals suffering from hair loss and thinning may benefit from this formula because Linoleic acid leads to the production of a couple of hair growth factors!

And not to forget the effects it imparts for glowing skin!

Its close relation to prostaglandins also renders it good for promoting reproductive health!

What Are The Benefits Of The Country Life Omega 3-6-9 Complete Supplement?

⦁ Promotes Cardiovascular Health

By leading to strong blood vessel formation and keeping the heart beating at a rhythmic rate!

⦁ Offers Healing And Protection From Injury

This applies to brain strokes and the inflammatory outcomes of diabetes.

⦁ Gives You Glowing Skin & Strong Hair

By keeping them hydrated and nourished!

⦁ Acts As An Anti-inflammatory Agent

Hence reduces the symptoms of inflammation-mediated diseases.

⦁ May Promote Weight-Loss

If met with a balanced diet and exercise, of course!

⦁ Promotes Brain Health

By keeping the cell machinery working at its best and ensuring essential lipid balance within the membranes!

⦁ Leads to Good Cholesterol Formation

The high-density lipoproteins (HDL).

When Should I Take The Country Life Omega 3-6-9 Complete Supplement?

You can take this supplement with any meal you like – but you HAVE to take it with a meal!

I would suggest taking this with a wholesome breakfast if not lunch.

If you’re on the intermittent fasting regimen, just take it with any meal that you take throughout the day.

This is a fat-soluble supplement and will not make it to the digestive tract efficiently on its own (as would water-soluble vitamins).

The serving size is two soft gel capsules per day.

You could start with one soft gel capsule if you’d like!

Are There Any Side Effects Of The Country Life Omega 3-6-9 Complete Supplement?


From what I’ve noticed, the worst side effect is bad breath!

But you could always decrease the intensity of that by taking these capsules with a meal or even freezing them!

And since this one is lemon-scented, you don’t really have to worry much!

Common side effects:

⦁ Nausea
⦁ Loose motions
⦁ Belching
⦁ Rash
⦁ Heartburn

Is The Country Life Omega 3-6-9 Complete Supplement Addictive?

Not at all!

This is just another dietary supplement to help you replenish your nutrient needs!

Is The Country Life Omega 3-6-9 Complete Supplement Safe – Warnings & Interactions!

This supplement is absolutely safe.

However, consuming this supplement or even fish oil in large quantities can prove to be harmful.

Sticking to the advised dosage is important.

Even though pregnant women may be advised to take this supplement during pregnancy, it is mandatory to consult with your physician first!

Children below 18 years of age or individuals struggling with some diseases/disorders should also consult a physician before administering this supplement.


⦁ Warfarin
⦁ Blood thinners
⦁ Blood pressure medications
⦁ Blood coagulators

*these interactions are not lethal but may lead to nosebleeds or other adverse effects – always consult your physician if you’re on any drug regimen

 Does The Country Life Omega 3-6-9 Complete Supplement Contain Caffeine?

Nope!  It’s caffeine free!

How Much Does The Country Life Omega 3-6-9 Complete Supplement Cost?

(Prices subject to change!)

90 Soft Gels Bottle

Price per bottle: $21.89 – $24.50 (See current price here)
Price per soft gel: $ 0.24
Your cost per day (2x soft gels): $0.48

One bottle would last you 45 days

*Exclusive of shipping

180 Soft Gels Bottle

Price per bottle: $38.99 – $43.00  (See current price here)
Price per soft gel: $0.21
Your cost per day (2x soft gels): $0.43

One bottle would last you 90 days

*Exclusive of shipping

This is a very affordable supplement!

And also one of the best fish supplements out there.

Where Can I Buy The Country Life Omega 3-6-9 Complete Supplement?

This supplement is easily available at leading online stores like iherb.

However, if your store does not sell this supplement you could always order it from Amazon using my link (and show some support!). 

What Happens When You Lack Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids?

Not all of us would consume fish on a daily basis.

And with the use of high saturated fats in our diets, it has become really hard to meet up with nutritional needs of essential fatty acids.

Here’s what happens when you don’t have enough omegas:

⦁ Hair fall and dandruff
⦁ Dry scaly skin
⦁ Tiredness and fatigue
⦁ Trouble sleeping
⦁ Joint pain
⦁ Cramps
⦁ Allergies
⦁ Massive ear wax build-up
⦁ Compromised cardiovascular health
⦁ Prolonged, painful, and heavy menstrual cycles

I’m sure a lot of us are struggling with at least one of the above-mentioned problem!

Unfortunately, there’s no test to indicate a deficiency in omega fatty acids – so it’s best to watch out for symptoms and consider supplementation.

*Consult your physician first

This supplement is easily available at leading online stores like iherb.

However, if your store does not sell this supplement you could always order it from Amazon using my link (and show some support!). 

User Reviews!

No Smell!

These puppies are massive! If you have trouble swallowing a pill, I suggest you go elsewhere. Having said that, I’ve been so pleased with these gels. There is no smell unless you put one up to your nose and take a big sniff. If you do that then you get what you expect! They are easy to swallow if you start with a moist mouth. It’ll stick to the dry roof of your mouth like a kitten to a cashmere sweater.

Read full review by S. Sackinger here!

Very reasonably priced for its quantity and ingredients

I was looking for a new omega supplement and I found this at my local Vitamin Shoppe today. For the money, it was the best brand available based on its ingredients and amount of 90 pills. I checked out the other brands and for their pricing and ingredients, it didn’t make sense to buy another brand, and Country Life was the only brand that I found included Flax Seed Oil.

Read the full review by Musicman here!

Just take two a day thats all

I was told to take this for my joints and it help, but most of all it has help me with my cholesterol count has gone down.

Review by Esther


⦁ Can The Country Life Omega 3-6-9 Complete Supplement Elevate The Mood/Is Fish Oil A Mood Stabilizer?

It might!

Many types of research have been conducted upon its efficacy as a mood stabilizer.

⦁ Can Fish Oil Supplements Cause Acne?

It helps settle down acne instead!

However, fish oil can easily go rancid or oxidize, and that’s when it’ll start aggravating your acne!

⦁ When Is Fish Oil Bad For You?

Fish oil is only bad for you once you start consuming too much of it. In that case, it may lead to elevated blood pressure and even bleeding.

⦁ Is Fish Oil Good For BodyBuilding?

It may reduce muscular sores and pain. Its use may also add to their strength!

⦁ Are Fish Oil Supplements Safe For Dogs?


In fact, they can make your dog’s fur coat shiny and stronger. It also plays a role in boosting their immune system!

⦁ When Do Fish Oil Supplements Expire?

Fish oil supplements usually have a shelf-life of 24 months. This may vary depending on the brand though.

⦁ Why Do Fish Oil Supplements Make You Burp?

Fish oil supplements are rich in fats and may provoke the acid reflux mechanism – this is accompanied by heartburn.

⦁ How To Avoid Fish Oil Burps?

You can freeze your fish oil capsules, this will make them break down more slowly once ingested.

Alternatively, you could divide your doses or go for capsules with enteric coating to avoid smelly burps!

⦁ Can Fish Oil Supplements Make Your Skin Itchy?

They might, in this case, they are provoking an allergic reaction. It may present in the form of anaphylaxis or a simple rash.

Your doctor might advise you to change your fish oil brand or lower your dose in this case.

⦁ Are Fish Oil Supplements Good For Arthritis and Joint Pain?


The DHA and EPA work together to reduce inflammation! The former being more effective.


This is my number 1 fish oil supplement!

It addresses every ingredient transparently and gives a great price value for it.

This is something I can advise all my readers confidently!

A lot of us suffer from omega fatty acid deficiencies without even knowing it!

Make sure to tally the list that I have cited above with your symptoms before considering supplementation.

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