Does Elon Musk Take Nootropics? The Billion Dollar Question…

Article by: David Gracey
does Elon Musk take nootropics?

“Does Elon Musk take nootropics?”  that’s the billion dollar question!  The guy who gave birth to SpaceX and Tesla has now become “THE” hot topic of the tech industry.

Elon Musk has put forth revolutionary models that have influenced the masses and set a benchmark in the history of science.  But how is it possible for one to have such an unrealistically high productivity?

The truth is that Elon Musk might possibly be taking nootropics or supplements that have an impact on the brain!

Elon Musk – a man who needs no introduction, but in case you don’t know of him yet, or have been living in a fall out shelter the past 2 decades, here are a few fun facts that we know about him:

  • Elon Reeve Musk created PayPal in the year 2000 and since then revolutionized digital currency.
  • He Created Space X and Tesla

  • Musk has received backlash for citing his unorthodox opinions on the web, for which he even got sued once and henceforth limited Twitter usage.
  • He got accepted for a Ph.D. program at Stanford University but dropped out to pursue his role in business.
  • It is said that Musk used to read two books a day!
  • In a recent interview, he claimed that he worked for 120 hours per week! Damn!
  • Elon Musk recently purchased $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin (the #1 largest cryptocurrency) as a hedge against inflation for his company Tesla!  (Yes, that’s 1.5 billion with a B!)
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So, Does Elon Musk Take Nootropics?

It’s uncertain whether or not Elon Musk takes nootropics.

Hypothetically, he could be dosing on nootropics or recreational drugs, but he has never publicly claimed to do so nor did he condone their use entirely.

The social media talks about how Musk is a brain-hacking fanatic and his methods of unlocking superior brain portals happen to be quite unorthodox!

Conversations on Quora have shed light on something quite suspicious! Martin Waters claims that Elon Musk has even launched his own secret nootropic pill that he does not share with anyone!

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However, in an interview with New York Times, he did open up about one recreational drug that he used to consume: Ambien.

Ambien is a drug used for treating insomnia. When used in larger quantities, it instills a state of euphoria whilst providing gushes of energy!

But with prolonged use, it dulls life by robbing it of pleasure, zest, and drive!

In 2016, he tweeted how he regretted using Ambien for sleep.

It makes the perfect sense, right?

Elon Musk is a multi-billionaire and also a multi-functional CEO of the most esteemed companies in the world.

His daily routine is insanely hectic and his skills are exceptional. It is humanly impossible to do so much altogether.

That being said, the theory about his nootropic consumption still stands as a mystery.

How Do We Know Elon Musk Takes Nootropics? (At Least What Clues Do We Have…)

He Works 20 Hours A Day!

So how much time does that leave him for snoozing around?

Just 4 hours!

Even with 6 hours of sleep, one can not perform that well for an entire day, nonstop!

Humans generally need 8 hours of sleep at a minimum to exhibit good performance.

The question is, how is Musk marking an early debut onto history books with compromised sleep!

We do know he used to dose on Ambien for sleep, but he bid farewell to the drug long ago.

So what is his replacement?

A wise man would say… nootropics!

His IQ Level Is 155!

Let’s just ponder on something interesting.

There’s a separate scale for measuring IQ and another one for measuring intellectual giftedness!

Musk falls in the category of individuals whose intelligence is qualified to be measured on the intellectual giftedness scale instead of the regular one!

Below is an attachment of both the giftedness and regular scale.

Musk is more than a genius with an IQ of 155, or in other words, he is highly gifted.

Where I do believe that he was born with innate talent, it won’t be unfair to pose a theory that he must have considered nootropic use to meliorate his thinking skills.

Classification (Gifted Scale)

 IQ Range

Mildly gifted 115–129
Moderately gifted  130–144
Highly gifted 145–159
Exceptionally gifted 160–179
Profoundly gifted  180+


Normal IQ Ranges

 IQ  Classification

Above 140 “Near” genius or genius
120–140 Very superior intelligence
110–120 Superior intelligence
90–110 Normal, or average, intelligence
Source: Wikipedia


His Creativity Is Off The Charts

Well, that doesn’t really come off as a surprise now does it?

How many people do you know who sent off a sports car into space?

The Falcon Heavy made its debut into space in 2018!

And there was a LOT of science and physics involved in the process.

It was a project only someone as creative as Musk could pull off!

Read more about it here.

He Harbors The Ultimate Determination And Focus

Many smart people with IQs of geniuses have trouble achieving anything in life because they lack motivation.

If you haven’t yet read our article on brain hacking and our guide on nootropics, then please do!

You’ll find out there’s so much to our brain that has always laid in a shadow of oblivion.

It is also true that our brain can easily get sidetracked by recurring spells of brain fog.

If you’re an academic, you must know how hard it is to remain focused at all times, that too with esteemed and constant motivational levels.

Elon Musk divides his day into increments of 5 minutes and heads 8 companies!

And doesn’t fail to deliver his best each time.

He is the real Tony Stark of planet earth who must have taken help from nootropics to cash his abilities to the fullest.

He Keeps Anxiety At Bay


Elon Musk has found himself hashed into a pool of controversies every now and then but never seems to break so much as a sweat.

Or at least didn’t appear to seem anxious in front of cameras.

Musk is almost always actively engaged in his scientific and mammoth industrial models that are shaping the world slowly but surely.

Such responsibility comes with a lot of uncalled pressure and this ultimately makes room for spells of anxiety and stress.

And a man who has so much on his plate can not afford to become distracted so often.

Anti-depressants can stall the symptoms of stress but not without yielding heavy sedation.

The only pill that can nullify the effects of stress without making an individual sleepy would be none other than nootropics!

Well… Does Elon Musk Take Nootropics? – My Final Thoughts….

Everyone would like to know (if any) what brain pill billionaires are taking…   Elon Musk is the first person that typically comes to mind!

Elon Musk has his whole life on display all over the internet, and always happens to be the subject of intense and bizarre public scrutiny.

Yet there’s still not much about him that we can decipher 100%!

The Tony Stark of planet earth seems to be hiding a lot under his cloak.

The active use of nootropics may very well be one of those secrets!  At least I believe it plays at least a tiny part.

But, of course I could also be totally wrong.  Maybe he’s just built with a completely different type of DNA than the rest of us.

Whatever the case may be, there’s no denying that Elon Musk is one of, (if not the) greatest entrepreneurs and inventors of our time.

So, what are your thoughts?

Do you think Elon Musk takes nootropics?  Leave a comment below!

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