YIKES! The Truth About Mind Lab Pro Review

Product Review by David Gracey

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Mind Lab Pro Review

Welcome to the “Ultimate” Mind Lab Pro Review!

Is Mind Lab Pro A Hit Or Miss In The Nootropic Industry?

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Like most products that become wildly popular, the most reviewed nootropic on the web (Mind Lab Pro) is now under intense scrutiny.

Keep reading to reveal hidden facts about Opti Nutra’s most selling formula to date! –  We cover it all in this Mind Lab Pro review!

* This is the only review article you’ll need to make an educated decision before buying Mind Lab Pro!

I’ve been taking Mind Lab Pro for quite some time (around 6 months). I’ve tried other nootropic stacks and Mind Lab Pro is my favorite. I had no health issues, my productivity increased (I tested it with playing n-back-game) as well as my focus.

I definitely recommend trying Mind Lab Pro and you’ll see how it works on you.

  • Gregagostincar from Reddit

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(However, we do often recommend taking advantage of their current / seasonal specials – No Coupon Code Needed!)

*NOTE: Only order real Mind Lab Pro Products from their Official Website as some counterfeits have been circulating on sites like eBay and Amazon from some resellers!

The Nootropics ‘Selection Dilemma’ & Our Highly Detailed Mind Lab Pro Review

There are so many nootropic brands out there!

The best way to pick out a nootropic for yourself is by doing your own extensive  research.

These days, the most convenient way to find out ALL the relevant information about a certain Nootropic is by reading product reviews.

This Mind Lab Pro Review has EVERYTHING that you can possibly find on the internet about this well-known nootropic, and a LOT more!

So you won’t have to go through heaps or piles of reviews on the web.

Stick with us, because that’s what is about to be revealed in this detailed Mind Lab Pro review!

Who Is Opti-Nutra And Are They a Trustworthy Nootropics Company?

Opti-Nutra Limited is a British nootropic company that manufactures dietary supplements by seeking the help of a team of experts from a local university!

Dr. Ramon Velaquez, a Ph.D. scientist works at Optinutra to ensure the superiority of this nootropic stack over others! 

Despite being a British company, they manufacture all their supplements in the US.

They are known for their amazing vision and innovative ideas in the nootropic industry.

And they are totally trustworthy!

We’re not just saying that either, read this entire article and you’ll soon see why we say this!

What Is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is a very popular nootropic supplement that has been raved by many of its users. (Read the official reviews here)

This dietary supplement has a concise but potent ingredient list which acts synergistically to provide you with:

  • Enhanced cognition
  • Boosted Memory Power
  • Elevated mood states
  • Upscaled concentration and focusing abilities for superior learning experiences


Many Nootropics that we have come across contain a lot more ingredients than Mind Lab Pro.

Opti Nutra’s strategy is to cut down on any unnecessary ingredients and only to focus on those which are the most potent – (that’s also their claim on the website).

Mind Lab Pro is created in such a way to work in6 bio-pathways to optimize a wide array of cognitive functions’


So what are those 6 bio-pathways and how does Mind Lab Pro work?


Keep reading, as we are going in for a DEEP DIVE into a lot of juicy specifics for this hyped-up nootropic stack!  Is it hyped up for a good reason? 

We’re about to expose everything in just a moment.  But first, let’s talk ingredients…

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients: What Is in Mind Lab Pro’s Unique Ingredients Blend?

Like I previously mentioned, their ingredient list is one of the most tailored-down lists that I have come across (as far as pre-formulated nootropic stacks are concerned).

They have the most potent and talked-about ingredients on their list – and that’s just about it!

Nothing more, nothing less!

NutriGenesis" on the Mind Lab Pro Supplement Facts Label
Mind Lab Pro Ingredients List:
B6 – 2.5mg
B9 – 100mcg
B12 – 7.5mcg
Citicoline – 250mg
Bacopa Monnieri – 150mg
Lion’s Mane Mushroom – 500mg
Phosphatidylserine – 100mg
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – 175mg
L-Theanine – 100mg
Rhodiola Rosea – 50mg
Maritime Pine Bark – 75mg

Don’t worry!  I’m Not Going to Simply Just List Out a Bunch of Ingredients…

Rather than just list out a bunch of ingredients, and leave you in the dark wondering what each one is used for, let’s break down each individual ingredient that is found in the Mind Lab Pro custom formula.

Not only that, but more specifically “one by one” as it pertains to “nootroopic effects”!

Learn More about their custom formula at The Official Mind Lab Pro Website

>> Click here.

1) Vitamin-B Family

These Vitamins fall under the umbrella term of ‘Nutrigenesis’ – this means they mimic the natural versions of these vitamins VERY closely!

The ones that we consume in our normal diet.

Almost all the B-vitamins contribute to a better functioning brain.

Vitamin B antioxidant


The idea of incorporating only B6, B9, and B12 is because they act synergistically!

Which is pretty smart!

Since the point is to focus on their collective function rather than their individual ones – we’ll tell you how this comes as a huge advantage.

All of these vitamins amp up the homocysteine levels – which is often found diminished in people with poor cognition and depressed states.

The balancing of the homocysteine levels can significantly help in the prevention of brain degradation or aging!

It also balances the levels of S-Adenosyl Methionine – which is responsible for elevating the mood in depressed or agitated individuals!

So here’s what the B-family contributes to:
Brain protection - it builds the myelin sheath around the nerves
Paces up the metabolism of the brain to yield more energy - without exhausting it, of course
Brings the homocysteine levels to perfect ranges for an elevated mood state

2) Citicoline (Cognizen)

A commonly used ingredient in many nootropic stacks – all for good reason!

Note: Cognizen is just a patented version of Citicoline

Acetylcholine is the primary neurotransmitter of the brain – and what does Citocoline do?

It enhances the levels of Acetylcholine!

It also helps in the production of Phosphatidylcholine – a lipid that is crucial to make up for the wear and tear processes going on in our brains.

So Citicoline is also a brain-protector!

Citicoline is arguably one of the best ingredients out there.

Here’s how you can benefit from raised levels fo Acetylcholine:
Sharp memory formation
Enhanced alertness
Easier to focus and concentrate on challenging tasks
You’ll feel a significant positive change in your mood!

3) Bacopa Monneiri

According to Wikipedia:  Bacopa monnieri is a perennial, creeping herb native to the wetlands of southern and Eastern India, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and South America. It is known by the common names water hyssop, waterhyssop, brahmi, thyme-leafed gratiola, herb of grace, and Indian pennywort.

The main gain out of this full-spectrum extract is Bacosides.

Bacosides yield a buster-pack of potent antioxidants such as Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase.

Antioxidants are crucial for the health of our brains and when they act together in synergy, they clear out all that nasty brain fog to super-boost our memory skills instead!

GABA, Serotonin (the happy hormone), and our chief neurotransmitter Acetylcholine – are all enhanced with the help of Bacosides!

Here’s what you can expect from Bacopa Monneiri:
Excellent memory formation
Easily recall formed memories
Mood elevation

That being said – this seems like an excellent ingredient for people suffering from memory issues, especially older people!

Lion's Mane Mushroom

This has got to be the most talked-about fungus on the web these days.

Its name owes to its appearance!

It is also known as the bearded or monkey head mushroom!

This mushroom supplies the brain with Hericenones and Erinacines – which is why the alternative name for this mushroom is ‘Hericeum Erinaceus’.

They both contribute to the release of NGF (nerve growth factor) – which can impart significant neuroplasticity!

This means your brain can manufacture more and more neuronal networks for solid memory formation!

You will also notice a great improvement in your cognitive abilities.

The effects are backed up by scientific research conducted in 2010.

I personally stand by this pom-pom shaped mushroom, it is nature’s gift to us!

A Lion’s Mane Mushroom can:
Repair damaged nerves/neurons
Protect the existing nerves with the formation of a tough Myelin Sheath
Form super solid memories!
Enhance cognition
Play some role in elevating your mood

5) Phosphatidylserine

A unique phospholipid that has the amino acid ‘Serine’ attached to it.

Mind Lab Pro has extracted this from Sunflower Lecithin – which is a great source of this amazing phospholipid!

Our brain is mostly fat and the role of phosphatidylserine is extremely crucial.

Its scientific roles include those of apoptosis – which is also known as cellular suicide.  This allows the elimination of worn and old cells when phosphatidylserine moves out of the cell to allow your immune cells to sweep them away.

It does not have one but MANY roles!

And has earned a lot of credit for promoting synaptogenesis (creation of synapses) and nerve growth!  It can improve memory in elderly people and those suffering from dementia.

All of them contribute to a healthy functioning brain that can change your lifestyle forever.

Even is small amounts, this phospholipid has a lot to offer!

Here’s what Phosphatidylserine does:
Levels up Dopamine and Acetylcholine and Nerve Growth Factor
Prompts the brain to produce more energy within safe limits - thanks to disability to boost the glucose metabolism
Slows down the aging process
Forms more neuronal networks
Boosts cognition and memory

6) N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT)

Tyrosine is an amino acid and NALT simply has an Acetyl group attached to Tyrosine.

Tyrosine itself is a nootropic!

And using NALT means that Mind Lab Pro is employing a potent form of tyrosine to promote not just mental capabilities, but also the synthesis of essential catecholamines.

It often happens that under stressful situations we pose our neurons with unwarranted damage.  To make up for this attack, the brain needs to synthesize neurotransmitters and this is exactly what NALT does.

This means that you can multi-task even during stressful situations!

What NALT Does:
Provides the brain a coping mechanism for stress
Allows you to handle difficult situations with enhanced focus and concentration
The catecholamines help you fight sleep deprivation and dullness
It is the preferred nootropic for athletes and academics who work under tough conditions

7) L-Theanine

Found in green tea, this amino acid analog makes an excellent bond with caffeine!

Both of them act synergistically – the combination of a fresh green tea and coffee is what you can expect!  And don’t worry about the exhausting after-effects of caffeine because L-theanine nullifies those while promoting only the benefits!

neuroplasticity brain waves

Another interesting benefit of Theanine is that of the optimization of brainwaves!

What happens is that our cells from the thalamus have an integral property to emit waves in a certain frequency – in this case, we are only concerned with the alpha waves.

The alpha waves, once emitted, can increase the calmness and creativity within you!

They are mostly released when your eyelids are shut – so you can make the most use of them during sleep.

However, they are significantly dampened in sleep-deprived states and this is where L-theanine comes in!

Because it enhances the emission of Alpha brain waves!

Say goodbye to your worries now!

What L-Theanine Does:
Significantly relaxes your mental state by the alpha brain waves
Works synergistically with coffee to bring you the best of both worlds
After inducing a calming state, it also boosts your concentration

8) Rhodiola Rosea

A very commonly used ingredient in nootropic stacks.

Probably because of its ability to synergize with L-theanine and Ashwagandha!

Rhodiola Rosea

It can help you a lot with anxiety and stress because it dampens the effects of cortisol (the stress hormone).  It not only enhances the levels of essential neurotransmitters but also sustains them for prolonged effects!

What Mind Lab Pro has done is that it has calibrated Rhodiola Rosea down to 3% rosavin and 1% salidroside – which are its active derivatives.  This procedure makes this adaptogenic herb a lot more potent yet safe!

Here’s how Rhodiola Rosea can help you:
Ensures the transport of Dopamine, Epinephrine, and Norepinephrine across the blood-brain barrier
Promotes a relaxed and serene mental state whilst enhancing focusing abilities
Amps up the attention span

I have personally used this extract as an individual dietary supplement – it did not have any effects on me at all.

But later, I realized that this extract is supposed to be used in conjunction with other nootropics in the form of a stack.

This is the first nootropic stack I have come across that contains the Maritime Pine Bark Extract – and I’m impressed!

Because OptiNutra really did their homework on stacking!

maritime pine bark extract

It contains 95% proanthocyanidins, which belong to the polyphenol family.

They have a significant antioxidant capacity which can help sweep off those nasty free radicals in the brain after crossing the blood-brain barrier!

They also trigger the release of Nitrous Oxide which enhances the blood flow to the brain along with promoting its glucose metabolism for added energy.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract Can:
Eliminate brain fog
Help your brain to perform at its best
Rids your brain of nasty toxins
Aid in better learning and boosting skills

How Does Mind Lab Pro Work? (6 Bio-Pathways)

the million dollar question

The million-dollar question!

Undoubtedly, the most hyped nootropic stack and arguably, one of the best out there!

So how does Mind Lab Pro work exactly?

It works by utilizing a holistic nutrition approach to optimizing overall brain function.  We have covered this extensively in our article on holistic nutrition (Feel free to open it in another tab to read after this Mind Lab Pro review)

It will help you relate to the holistic effects that Mind Lab Pro can yield.

But, back to Mind Lab Pro and How it works…

Remember how we mentioned that Mind Lab Pro claims to act via all 6 bio-pathways?

Let us reveal them!

1) Brain Chemistry

Mind Lab Pro stabilizes the levels of homocysteine with the help of the Vitamin-B.

The levels of Acetylcholine, Dopamine, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, and Serotonin are also balanced by the help of Rhodiola Rosea, NALT, Citicoline, and Bacopa Monneiri. 

2) Brain Energy

Mind Lab Pro utilizes the metabolic activity of the brain by promoting the breakdown of glucose.

This is mainly done by Phosphatidylserine and the B-Vitamins.

3) Brain Regeneration

The NGF (nerve growth factor) is the key element here, and there are many ingredients that enhance its production- as mentioned above.

This results in more neurons, more synapses, more nerves, and of course a larger brain!

4) Brain Circulation

The release of Nitrous Oxide by the Maritime Pine Bark Extract does the job for this role!

5) Brain Protection

Phosphatidylserine and Lion’s Mane Mushroom give the brain a healthy amount of fats for it to synthesize the Myelin Sheath for physical protection.

As for chemical protection against the free radicals, the Maritime Pine Bark Extract and Bacopa Monneiri provide an excellent source of antioxidants!

6) Brain Waves

 The alpha waves are targetted by L-theanine!

True to its word, Mind Lab Pro’s ingredient list vouches for all 6 of these bio-pathways.

Focusing on ‘all 6 bio-pathways’ is also their proclaimed strategy to create the most competent nootropic stack in the market.

The question is whether or not other nootropic stacks target all 6 of the bio-pathways or not?

What Are The Benefits Of Mind Lab Pro?

Even though the comprehensive benefits of the ingredient list should have made the benefits obvious, I’ll still list them down for you to get a clearer image!

Complete List of Benefits to Expect from taking Mind Lab Pro:
Enhances brain fluidity - better creativity and excellent learning
Boosts focusing abilities
Enlarges the attention span
Anti-brain fog
Keeps you motivated, calm, and happy
Makes you alert and ‘awake’
Delays the aging process of the brain
Helps you remain in control under stressful situations
Perfect for demanding professions and struggling students

Mind Lab Pro Side Effects: Are There Any Side Effects That Should Concern Me?

The answer to this question is very opinionated or subjective.

Some people do not experience any adverse effects whereas others do.

However, none of them pose a great threat – unless you do not comply with the precautions and instructions!

Here are some possible side effects from taking Mind Lab Pro:
Gastrointestinal issues
Induced brain fog
Disturbed circadian rhythm
Mood swings or anxiety

Is Mind Lab Pro Addictive?


Mind Lab Pro is not addictive at all.  It does not contain any ingredient with addictive potential – not even caffeine!

What Is The Dosage Regime For Mind Lab Pro?

Luckily, Mind Lab Pro is a very simple dosing schedule as far as nootropic supplements are concerned!

You may take 2 capsules every morning when you wake up.

However, if the situation calls for the need for an extra dose (exam, business meeting or HIIT  work out session, etc) you may take up to 4 capsules.

Do not take more than 4 capsules per day!

Is Mind Lab Pro Safe?

Mind Lab Pro has one of the most non-ambiguous formulas out there.

After tonnes of research, I have not found any reason to call it unsafe or shady.

Prior to selling it on the web market, it is quality assured by a third party examiner.

It also has a clean label which means it is free from:
Toxins and allergens
Artificial coloring
And even Caffeine!

Is Mind Lab Pro FDA approved?

Yes!  It is FDA approved, and is manufatured in an FDA approved facility.

Are There Any Warnings Or Interactions? (Pregnant? etc…)

Mind Lab Pro, or any nootropic supplement in general, should be avoided by pregnant or nursing females.

Individuals of 18 years and above are deemed fit to consume this stack.

In case you are taking any medications, it is recommended that you seek the advice of your physician before consuming any nootropic.

Is Mind Lab Pro ‘ Vegan’, And What Are Nutricaps?

Yes, it is 100% vegan-friendly!

Unlike traditional synthetic-polymeric capsule coatings, Mind Lab Pro’s capsules are made from ‘pullulan’ – which is fermented tapioca.

Opti-Nutra claims that their Nutricaps are dissolved faster and absorbed more efficiently.

Can I Take Mind Lab Pro With Adderall?

Adderall is a prescription medicine for those struggling with ADHD.

Mind Lab Pro is safe to consume when taken with Adderall.

It is in fact quite beneficial to do so!

It's beneficial to Take Along With Adderall Because:
Mind Lab Pro acts synergistically with Adderall
It can nullify the nasty effects of Amphetamines in Adderall
NALT helps maintain the Dopamine levels - which Adderall diminishes
Adderall may induce anxiety, but taking it with Mind Lab Pro can help dampen those effects

Mind Lab Pro For Anxiety And Depression

Mind Lab Pro contains some really amazing ingredients that can soothe your anxious states!

Rhodiola Rosea and Bacopa Monneiri can help induce calm states whereas the Theanine can targe the alpha brain waves to indulge you into a serene state of mind!

And for those struggling with depression and stress, the mood-elevating effects can give you a kick of jam-packed motivation and zeal!

Almost all the ingredients have mood-elevating properties – whether directly or indirectly!

All of this contributes to productivity and a better lifestyle.

That being said – it is ALWAYS best to consult your physician first!

Does Mind Lab Pro Contain Caffeine?


Some may consider this as a disadvantage, but I personally like non-caffeinated versions of nootropic supplements.

Because you need not keep track of your caffeine intake – in the form of coffee or any other caffeinated beverage.

Plus, if you’re like me, I have to have a coffee in the morning, and when you take nootropics that already have caffeine in them, you usually have to skip the coffee altogether!  This leads me to the next question people ask all the time….

Can I Take Mind Lab Pro With Coffee?


It will give you a great start to your morning because the harmonious synergy between Theanine and Caffeine makes a great combination.

However, for those of you who do not drink coffee or any caffeinated beverages – this might come as a slight disadvantage.

For this reason – I feel like Mind Lab Pro should have had a caffeinated version of the stack!

How Much Does Mind Lab Pro Cost?


Mind Lab Pro is a relatively budget-friendly dietary supplement – if you’d ask me! 

It really does include some of the most essential nootropic ingredients for improved brain function, in an all-in-one solution.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules, and they offer discounts for multiple bottles in the same order as shown below:

One month supply:
$65 per bottle
$2.17 per serving
Two month supply:
$130 for two bottles
$2.17 per serving
Three month supply: (BEST VALUE!)
$195 for 3+1 bottles (1 bottle is complimentary!) - 4 Total!
$1.63 per serving
Free shipping

Is Mind Lab Pro Legal?

Yes! it is 100% legal.

It contains no ingredient that is objectionable for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

It is also legal worldwide! 

Where Can I Buy Mind Lab Pro?

You can ONLY purchase Mind Lab Pro from their official website linked below:

>> Official MindLabPro Website

Any other website claiming to sell Mind Lab Pro is FAKE!

Stay away from cheap eBay and Amazon “so-called” resellers!

Amazon, GMC, and no other store has permission to sell Mind Lab Pro! 

In my opinion, this keeps the whole process regulated and safe from the black market.

“Healthy and Holistic is the way to Go!”

As you probably know by now, healthy and holistic nutrition is a top priority for me, especially when it comes to supplements that affect the brain!  You need to be very careful what you put in your body nowadays, and be sure you only buy supplements from companies you trust.

So good going on that one, OptiNutra!

Things I Personally Like about Mind Lab Pro as a Nootropic Blend:

Clean and safe formulation
No shady proprietary formula business - which is a HUGE red flag!
Use of superior technology to create a formula that is very close to nature
Use of organic extracts - where possible
Superior quality assurance - the formula is screened to detect any flaw or contamination prior to encapsulation
Inclusive of the benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom and Maritime Pine Bark extract - relatively new ingredients in the nootropic industry
Impressive packaging
Good affordable pricing strategy

Constructive Criticism On Mind Lab Pro:


  • They could have incorporated more Lion’s Mane mushroom into their formula
  • A caffeinated version of this stack should have been made available in my opinion
  • A little more of the Rhodiola Rosea should have been added
  • A powdered form to use in smoothies would be helpful for those who have a hard time swallowing pills.

Mind Lab Pro Vs Qualia Mind!

The battle of the big brand pre-formulated nootropics!

Both of these nootropic supplements are very well-known in the market.

The ingredient list for Qualia Mind is HUGE!  It also contains Racetams, which can not be found in Mind Lab Pro.

Whereas Mind Lab Pro has a very concise and compact ingredient list with a decent dosage regimen.

But perhaps the most obvious difference is that of the price range –

Qualia Mind is way more expensive than Mind Lab Pro.

Both of these pre-formulated nootropics work great, and it really all boils down to how it works for YOU.

As I have said many times, each person’s body chemistry / physiology is completely unique to them, and what works for one person may not work as well for another.

If you haven’t taken these supplements before, you’re pretty much limited to feedback from those who have taken them.  

That’s why product reviews and feedback are so crucial when trying out a new nootropic supplement like Qualia Mind or Mind Lab pro. 

You can also read our full detailed review of Qualia Mind Here: LINK (Opens in a new window)

Mind Lab Pro Review Time! (Real Mind Lab Pro User Testimonials)

These are reviews shared on Mind Lab Pro’s review forum by verified users!

  • Hello team, Mindlabpro, Is fantastic I am Doing a bachelor of health science, which qualifies me to be a doctor in Chinese medicine as a practitioner. I find that when I’m starting long hours along with research it is an amazing product
-Jason Hartage

  • I chose the product after an internet search because it resembles the formula of Canibal DaVince, which unfortunately is no longer produced. I use MindLab Pro when I am writing texts and can’t keep the focus. The supplement works amazingly well for me, even though I had to increase the dosage to three capsules to get the full effect I want. About half an hour after taking it, my concentration is increased and the words flow better. A short story of four pages in its raw version is much easier to type. I can fade out Distractions like a cell phone or mails better with it.

    I only use the product for mental work, I can only guess how it affects fitness training. The price is quite high but justified. The purchase is only possible via the website. A simplification here would be nice. Overall I am very satisfied with Mind Labs Pro.

-Review by Thomas K. on 18 Sep 2020

  • I’m amazed… I only take one a day and it gives me just that improvement I was hoping for. A little bit sharper, a little bit more mental clarity, a little more focus… a perfect addition for my supplements-cabinet for a better overall well being and a nootropic that deserves this title.

-Alexander B.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Section

How Fast Can I Get Results with Mind Lab Pro?

The regular dosage regimen (comprising two capsules per day) can start showing results after two weeks.

Individuals that decide to take 4 capsules at once will see the results with 1-2 hours!

Mind Lab Pro suggests you try their stack for at least a month to see visible effects.

Is It True That Mind Lab Pro Recently Changed Their Formula?

Their formula used to contain 45% Bacosides from Bacopa Monneiri which is now downscaled to 24% Bacosides.

They claim that their stack performs better in this ratio – ‘less is more’ kind of a situation!

Should I Take A Break From Consuming Nootropics After Sometime?

This process is called cycling and is important for maintaining tolerance.

You can take a 1-week break after 4 weeks of consumption.


A 2-day break after 5 days of consumption.

Why Does Mind Lab Pro Not Contain Any Racetams?

It simply does not fit well with their formula.

Creating stacks is not about heaping ingredients upon ingredients over one another – regardless of their individual performance.

You need to synergize the formula!

Adding an un-fit ingredient to a stack can affect its overall performance!

Why does Mind Lab Pro Use Brand Versions Of Almost Every Ingredient?

Good question!

It all boils down to potency and quality!

You must have spotted brands and patented names such as Cognizen, Sharp PS, and Suntheanine.

These are all regulated and high-quality ingredients currently being produced by well-reputed brands.

Brand versions keep alive the quality of the product.

Can I Buy Mind Lab Pro Via PayPal Or Visa / Mastercard?


Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Apple-Pay are all options available on their website.

I Saw Mind Lab Pro On Amazon, Is It A Scam?

Please beware of scams!

There’s absolutely no way to verify whether or not someone is selling the original supplement made by Opti-nutra or a fake one filled with who knows what.

*We do not recommend purchasing ANY of OptiNutras products from a reseller!

OptiNutra only sells its products through its own website!  Anyone else is just a reseller, and there is no way to tell the legitimacy of the product.

>> You can Order Mind Lab Pro Directly from OptiNutra Here: www.MindLabPro.com

Mind Lab Pro Review – The Final Verdict!

final verdict

To begin with, I absolutely love the way they have sorted out their ingredients and traced them onto a framework of 6 bio-pathways.

It shows a lot about their scientific approach towards nootropics.

Their choice of ingredient list tells us a lot about their expertise – Opti Nutra’s stack is undoubtedly one of the finest stacks in the nootropic industry!

I would not say that it is the most economical nootropic stack on the web, but their pricing is definitely competitive!

Of course, it could improve a thing or two in its formulation – but so far I am convinced that Mind Lab Pro has really amped up its game.

I would highly recommend it for stressed students and those with an excessive workload.

A lot of people just give up to the anxiety posed by a situation, nootropics give you that lift to stand up against your challenges.

Everyone loves a sense of accomplishment!

And Mind Lab Pro can help you with that!

You can buy Mind Lab Pro only at their official Website!

Click Here to Buy Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro Review

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