Mood and Mindset – “9” Simple Brain Hacks To Free Yourself From Your Mind’s Shackles!

Article by: David Gracey
mood and mindset

Have you ever felt the walls closing in on you or a desperate need to be rescued from the dark eclipse of your mood and mindset?  Then let’s put an end to it! 

I will be sharing with you some amazing hacks to set yourself free from your mind’s shackles for good!

  1. Understanding The Science Of Depression, Anxiety & Stress
  2. Coping Mechanisms For Anxiety & Stress Relief
  3. Daily Affirmations To Self
  4. Aromatherapy With Essential Oils
  5. Tried & Tested Relaxation Techniques
  6. Targeted Motivation & Setting Realistic Goals
  7. Wonders Of A Positive Mindset
  8. Proximate Around The Law Of Attraction
  9. An Ancient Herb: Ashwagandha

By the end of this article, I am positive you will shut your laptop, tablet, or smart phone down with a sigh of relief.

There is ALWAYS a way out! 

But before tackling a problem, you need to fully understand the problem, right?  You need not purchase 50 Different  ebooks, or take extreme measures to cope up with what you’re dealing with. 

This article contains everything you need to know, and more! And all of these measures are very implementable.  So stay firm, because you’re on your way to unlocking an inner Dalai Lama!

inner dalai lama mindset

You NEED to know what you’re dealing with!

Anxiety, Depression, Stress & Social disorders are interchangeable terms because they may occur simultaneously and it is hard to tell them apart.

Note: This is not for self-diagnosis purposes, I am only emphasizing the scientific mechanism along with their associated signs & symptoms.

I’ll elaborate on each one compactly, so you can find the one you resonate with the most.


  • Deprivation of mental and physical energy
  • Associated with thoughts full of negativity and hopelessness
  • Less associated with worry and stress
  • Declining appetite and reduced willingness to change the present or future
  • Also associated with sleep disorders


  • Activation of a fight and flight response
  • Evokes stress and tension over what is yet to happen
  • You feel the need to escape or abandon anything and everything at that moment
  • Also associated with fast heart and breathing rate, gastrointestinal problems and sweating
  • Panic disorders are a variant of anxiety


  • This is an outcome of any disorder that causes you psychological pain
  • It can be positive OR negative; positive stress makes you more productive
  • Negative stress is more commonly associated with anxiety

2) Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety, Stress Relief & Depression

Anxiety and Depression are two completely different disorders.

Whereas stress may be an outcome of either.

Here are some coping strategies that may prove to be very helpful at times when you feel the world is raining on your blessings!

Coping With Depression:

coping with depression
  1. Socializing:It may seem daunting for someone with depression, but something as simple as a phone call to your loved one can do wonders.


  2. Venting Out:Crying does NOT prove internal weaknesses. Emotions are always better in than out. Take deep breaths and try to act oblivious towards the negative thoughts you receive. Watch out for our section on Daily Affirmations which will help you with that.


  3. Exercise:Do NOT underestimate the perks of exercising. They cause the release of certain chemicals that contribute towards the build-up of your hippocampus that might have shrunk due to depression!


  4. Cut Down On Carbs & Alcohol:There is no subtle way of saying that you are what you eat! Refer to our article on Holistic Nutrition to get yourself on the right track.


  5.  Wake Up Early & Shower Cold:That is also an achievement on its own! Small accomplishments cater to positive impacts that can last the entire day!


  6. Sleep On Time; Avoid Excessive Sleeping:Your circadian rhythm has a lot to do with the release of a stress hormone known as Cortisol. It has a specific release time (varies from person to person) and can be disrupted by a messy routine. Ruining your routine can also make you obese and lazy.


  7.  Meet A Counsellor/Life Coach/Motivational Speaker:
    There is no harm in talking it out and having your emotions dealt with a rational response. Do not feel stigmatized by society; it is NORMAL to see a counselor!



  8. Antidepressant Medication:

    This ONLY applies if your psychologist deems you fit for this therapy.

  9. Electroconvulsive therapy & Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation:This is one of the last resorts for extreme depression and related disorders. The former is subject to much controversy because of the use of currents under general anesthesia. This isn’t my recommendation unless your doctor deems it necessary for you. This is for people who find tasks such as tying shoelaces or brushing teeth draining and tough.

The first 6 steps for tackling depression also apply to dealing with anxiety and stress.

  • Identify And Analyze Your Trigger Points:  Anxiety (or stress) is often stimulated by the impingement of a trigger point. This can be anything; a fight between your parents or a person that is associated with a bad memory. Try to note what and when your anxiety hits peak value.
  • Preparing/Priming Yourself:  Once you’ve identified what triggers your anxiety, brainstorm ideas on how to deal with it. Breathing exercises (more on this below) and self-affirmations can do wonders. Writing down your trigger points on a piece of paper will make you more aware of them and they won’t come as a ‘surprise’ once you get acquainted with your mindset.
  • Combat Against The Darker Aspect: If your brain keeps showing you the gloomy side of everything, FIGHT BACK! Tell yourself that NOTHING can break you down.
  • Anti-Anxiety Medication:  These are the SSRIs and many of these are also used for depression. They tranquilize the mind. And these are ONLY to be taken upon your physician’s advice!
  • Herbal Teas:  Chamomile teas or Kava Kava have soothing and relaxing effects.
  • Download Calming Apps On Your Phone:  They offer either on the line therapists waiting for your response, or a set of cognitive activities and sounds to keep you distracted & calm!

3) Daily Affirmations To Self – Key Factor in Mood and Mindset Programming

Connect with yourself! 

You HAVE to stand firm on your grounds to win this battle against your mind.

Daily affirmations can shut your mind against negative thoughts and bring it towards a positive side; this is also known as priming your brain!  This is one of my favorite brain hacks that you can do.

And these aren’t just philosophical stances, all of this is backed up by scientific evidence!

It works by reminding yourself about the same thing over and over until your neurons form a specific network in your brain, which will now become stored as your memory!

So the next time your brain decides to provoke a negative thought, it will have a hurdle that contradicts itself!

Here are some strong affirmations that you need to tell yourself DAILY and FREQUENTLY for a greatly improved Mood and Mindset!

  • I am NEVER alone!
  • I deserve to be happy and I will fight till the end!
  • What doesn’t kill me makes me STRONGER!
  • I am the boss of me.
  • There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • This too shall pass.
  • Screw everything, I will get this done no matter what!
  • The universe has been calling out to me and I must say Hello.
Daily Affirmations Mindset

4) Aromatherapy With Essential Oils (Setting The Mood for Improved Mindset)


Essential oils are natural and pure plant extracts.

They work by enticing certain receptors in our nose that activate the limbic system, which in return causes the release of happy hormones like Serotonin.  Similar to how taking a holistic approach to your diet feeds your brain.

(You can read our article on holistic nutrition here

This is why aromatherapy is considered an excellent at-home or at-salon therapy for disturbed mental states.

However, essential oils need to be diluted with carrier oils.  You may also consider buying an oil diffuser that can disperse the scent in your entire room.

Here are some essential oils that have shown a proven effect in improving mood and mindset:

Lavender EO
  • Has shown proven results in elevating the mood of women undergoing postpartum depression.
  • Also helps regulate and induce balanced sleep cycles
Bergamot EO
  • Causes the release of a happy hormone called ‘Dopamine’ by sensitizing the limbic system
  • Reduces heart rate and breathing rate that is often spiked up during panic or anxiety attacks
Frankincense EO
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce stress
  • Also used in infections and the common cold
  • Causes the opening of a particular ion channel in the brain which contributes towards a well-proportioned emotional state
Ylang Ylang EO
  • Lowers Cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone
Rose EO
  • The pleasant aroma induces an aura of calm
  • Also helps relax the muscles
essential oils

Other essential oils that have shown to elevate the mood and alleviate stress:


Valerian/Jatamansi EO
Lemon EO
Vanilla EO
Chamomile EO
Fennel EO
Sage EO
Patchouli EO
Basil EO
Jasmine EO
Geranium EO

5) Tried & Tested Relaxation Techniques for a Better Mood and Mindset

  • It does not matter where you are or what position you are in
  • Take deep breaths (till you reach your maximum capacity without excessive force) and release the air via your mouth, slowly
  • Time your breath; keep inhaling air via your nose and count until you reach your limit
  • Release the air in continuous increments
  • Repeat this until you feel your heart rate is returning to normal
  • When you feel that a panic attack is on its way, get prepared to use all 5 of your senses to undermine it
  • Loosen down any tight clothing or apparel that you feel is suffocating you; also get rid of all your load
  • Try noticing the smell of the area you are placed in, touch and feel whatever texture it is that is around you
  • Look around you and notice different colors
  • Try naming things starting with your name initials
  • Alternatively, you can also take yourself in a day-dream trance by recalling a memory that imparts good vibes; whether it’s the beach or a day at your grandma’s 
  • Recall everything from that day; the laughter, voices of your favorite people, the smell and taste of apple pies, the softness of the fur of your childhood pet
  • While doing so, you may close your eyes and take deep breaths to help the process
  • This technique is known as Autogenic Relaxation
  • Muscles get tensed under stress; this technique makes use of this response
  • The concept is to analyze the relative differences of tension between the muscles
  • This is done by tensing your muscles from the bottom (your toes) all the way up to your head
  • You then release the muscles from stress as the process escalates upwards
  • This imparts a relaxing effect, that is drawn from the relief of muscular tension
  • The relaxing effect gives you a feeling of calm and also helps you perceive the difference between relaxation and stress
  • This is very easy to do and can be done anywhere!

Tai Chi, Meditation & Yoga – Exercises for Mood and Mindset

  • Tai Chi is a form of Chinese originated martial arts which involve the use of slow and dedicated cognitive movements
  • Tai Chi encompasses the Chinese concept of Yin & Yang; this art encompasses the benefits of boosted blood circulation and regulated heart rates
  • Refer to our article on Physical Exercise Here to crack the hidden benefits of meditation and yoga!
tai chi mood & mindset
  • This is the scientific and technological version of the visual alertness technique we just explained above
  • Biofeedback is an inherited trait of mankind and we implement this naturally on a daily basis
  • Science implores the use of electronic gadgets to induce biofeedback in humans to make us more aware and alert by amplifying our 5 main senses
  • This helps counteract the adverse effects of stress and anxiety by regulating muscle tone, breathing & heart rates and also skin conductance – resulting in an improved mood and mindset.
  • Water is a calming element that can help regulate blood circulation and heart rates if we tamper with its temperature
  • It is also known as water cure and is used to treats burns as well
  • Using hydrotherapy for stress relief is very simple
  • Something as plain as a hot bath-tub session can help you release all that pain 
  • Reading a book during hydrotherapy or listening to soft mild music and tantalize your nerves towards a calmer state


  • This revolves around the same idea of de-stressing your muscles to help you feel relaxed and soothed

6) Targeted Motivation & Setting Realistic Goals

set goals - motivation

Just fathom the fact that you can not do everything at once! 

What works us out is often the stress load we inflict upon ourselves; this in turn surfaces its ugly head in the form of anxiety.  Analyze your capability and caliber and only then shall you allow yourself to work towards a goal; a realistic goal.

Pen down whatever tasks or challenges you feel you need to address; then allot them a certain time frame.  This will allow you to accomplish all your goals one at a time without fuelling a fire within you.

Motivation is the key to success and there is no better motivator for you than yourself! 

Display your favorite motivational quotes on your phone wallpaper and your bedroom.

Recall the daily affirmations and motivate yourself towards your goal.

You can also speak to a life coach or listen to motivational podcasts!

7) Wonders Of A Positive Mood and Mindset

Do you know how some people say that sarcasm is the body’s natural defense against stupidity?

Well, the same goes for a positive mindset; it is our natural defense against depression and anxiety!  There will always be times when you inflict unnecessary pain upon yourself, just by over-thinking a situation that is not even worrisome.

A positive mind yields a healthy body; this duo is the key to eternal peace and tranquility.

Here is what staying positive in the worst situations will result in:

  • You will laugh, smile and become much healthier
  • You will slowly realize that after every storm comes a vibrant rainbow
  • You will achieve your goals earlier than anticipated, with half the hassle
  • You will start loving yourself
  • Everyone around you will feel at ease and comfort by your serene presence
  • You will get to experience the wonders of The Law Of Attraction! (more information down below)
  • And most importantly, you will beat anxiety in the face!

8) Proximate Around The Law Of Attraction

This is one of my personal favorites and I love how something that sounds almost supernatural is now backed up by science.

The Law Of Attraction thrives off of inner energies; both the positive and the negative.  Say, there’s something you’ve desperately been rooting and praying for and you want it more than anything. 

The universe will come up with a way of delivering it to you, by resonating with the energy that has been dwelling inside of you!

Conversely, expecting nothing but grief and sadness from life will get you nowhere near cloud 9.  You will only succumb further to pain and sorrow that is harnessed by the negative element within you.

And this is precisely why staying positive is the key to everything fruitful and transformative!

Evidence That The Law Of Attraction Is Real:

  • Greek Philosopher; Plato, was a huge advocate for this law.  Something that has dwelled within Ancient Rome made its way into our modernized era, and still stands validated under the umbrella of Quantum Physics!
  • There is a great deal of evidence in medical journals over how positive thinking attracts success
  • Neurologists have shown support for this law; they know the brain better than any of us!
  • Psychologists implement this law into many of their practices and advise their patients to do the same
  • ‘Great minds think alike’ stands close to ‘Positive minds attract the same kind’ – this theory is supported by Mirror Neurons
  • A protocol for negative thinking is often inherited
mice - law of attraction - fear

In an experiment conducted in Atlanta, it was shown that mice affiliated with the scent of cherry blossoms with the reception of an electric shock.

Mice who sensed the smell of cherry blossoms demonstrated fear because they thought that an electric shock would be the next event to occur.

Similarly, you can inherit a specific thinking cycle and it is not your fault you think that way.

But if you look on the brighter side, the universe will answer your call if you abandon your negative beliefs and shift over to positivity, resulting in a more positive mood, and improved mindset.

This is the remarkable phenomenon of the Law Of Attraction.

An Ancient Herb for Mood & Mindset: Ashwagandha

ashwagandha herb for mood

The herb known as ashwagandha is most commonly found in India and has been used for a considerably long time to address certain mental health states.

It is thought to increase cognitive performance whilst boosting concentration and energy thresholds.  This increase in cognitive performance classifies ashwagandha as a nootropic.

It caters to a large number of benefits which I will be listing down below:

  • Regulates glucose levels in diabetic patients
  • Suppresses the outburst of new cancer cells
  • Gives a boost of Testosterone which can help tackle with infertility problems in men
  • Balances body proportions such that it starts promoting more muscle mass
  • Counteracts the effects of cholesterol and promotes weight loss

But relevant to this article would be the effects of Ashwagandha on mood and mindset, which are tabulated below and backed up by scientific research.


Suppresses The Release Of Cortisol

A stress hormone that can make the body subjected to weight gain and lowered immunity

Act as an Anti-anxiety agent

Balances the chemicals involved in the interplay of stress and anxiety

Acts an Antidepressant adaptogen

Studies have shown that patients suffering from depression showed fewer symptoms after being treated with Ashwagandha

Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent

Has shown to increase the number of killer T-cells which are protectors of the immune system and help fight off infections.

A strong immune system contributes towards a healthy body and reduced stress levels


When is the best time to take Ashwagandha?

We have an entire blog post dedicated to just that!  You can read it here.

mood and mindset - brain hacks

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