Nitrovit Review – Extreme Focus Nootropic Supplement By Project NooYou

Product Review by David Gracey

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Nitrovit Review

Nitrovit Review – Nootropic By Project NooYou; Does This “Extreme Focus” Supplement Perform As Well As It Claims?

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This nootropic supplement proximates around the elements of ‘Focus-Memory-Drive’ and also claims to give you an‘ intense laser-like focus’.

But does it really work?

And what are the ingredients that ensure its ability to improve brain function, as compared to the most competitive brain supplement and nootropic stacks out there?

Let’s find out!

Nitrovit Testimonial
Nitrovit Review - Nootropic Supplement

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What Is Nitrovit?

nitrovit bottle image

Nitrovit is a nootropic supplement made by Project Nooyou that supports superior focusing abilities, enhanced cognitive function,  and eliminates brain fog for superior mental performance.

This would prove to be an amazing supplement for those struggling with attention deficit disorders (ADD / ADHD) or related issues.

In fact, that is the reason it was created in the first place!

There is a very interesting history behind the creation of Nitrovit (which we will get to soon).

If you are somebody who has reached the epitome of procrastination or you just can’t seem to concentrate during classes or work – this might just be your savior, as it provides lots of clear mental energy and brain power!

This brain supplement focuses on deriving energy by generating the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) – a molecule produced by the Mitochondria to dissipate energy for your brain to conduct its daily errands.

With Nitrovit – errands will run faster, better, and more efficiently!

Imagine getting 8 hours of laser-like focus along with a boost of cognition, motivation, and overall brain performance!

This dietary supplement is packed with some of the most high quality and raved about ingredients in the nootropic industry – designed to deliver the best results.  And ‘Make your best day – every day’!

In other words, its a really darn good pre-formulated stack that not only provides cognitive protecting qualities, but also promotes elevated mood and mental clarity (among even more brain health benefits which I will cover on this review).

I Tried NitroVit for Myself!

“This NitroVit review is based on my own personal experience, as well as the science behind it.  As someone who has spent years battling mental fatigue, and actively trying to improve my cognitive abilities, I’ll try my best to dive deep into this nootropic supplement so you can decide if it sounds like a good fit for YOUR next nootropic stack! “

– David Gracey,

How Did Nitrovit Come Into Being? – An Interesting Tale!

If you create something intended for your own use, it is bound to be amazing.

Because we all want the best for ourselves, right?

The creator of this nootropic supplement “Archie Marks” himself struggled with attention deficit disorder (Also known as ADD or ADHD) and unfortunately stuck to the prescription given to him by his doctor for a very long time.

That’s when he decided that he had to do something about it – he needed to ‘biohack’ his way through all of this madness.

He got tired of struggling with his ability to focus, as it also negatively affected his learning capacity.

Not, because he wasn’t a smart guy or anything either (In fact, he’s very intelligent).  He just couldn’t stay on track without getting distracted most of the time.

He was experiencing non-stop focus issues, while at the same time, having trouble with clear thinking, anxiety, and brain fog.

And That’s How Nitrovit Came into Being!

This powerful formula was actually created FOR Archie, BY Archie!

Archie Marks spent months testing out and trying different nootropic ingredients like bacopa leaf powder, n acetyl l tyrosine (or NALT), alpha lipoic acid (or ALA), ane velvet bean among other active ingredients, until he found a combination that worked.

Then he spent even longer dialing down the dosage amounts for each ingredient, along with tons of research as to which nootropic substances “jive” together.

The result of all this hard work paid off big time.

He experienced such awesome results and managed to relieve himself of those God awful prescription medicines once and for all.

He vowed to himself to create one of the most potent brain supplements to the nootropics industry, at a competitive price.

This way, people who are experiencing similar struggles with brain fog / clear thinking, focus, anxiety, and especially ADHD, could also benefit and enjoy the effects of his own custom nootropic formula (or stack).

This is what he has to say for his supplement:

Not only are you purchasing the very supplement I created for myself, but also the supplement I still rely on to this day.

When I built the Project Noo You company, I wanted to create the sort of business I’d personally love to be a customer of.

For that reason, I’ve done all I can to ensure that your order comes with everything you’ll need to start your own journey, on the path to creating a Noo You…” – Archie – Creator of Nitrovit

Who Produces Nitrovit?

Project NooYou.

It’s a nutraceutical company that holds a GMP certification and adheres to all the rules set out by the FDA.

This supplement is produced in the US under strict quality measures with the help of experts in this industry.

How Does Nitrovit Work?

This nootropic substance helps maintain and support healthy brain function by supplying vital brain nutrients to improve memory and focus while having little to no side effects.

Let’s enumerate its mechanism of action together!

1) Supplies Nutrients To The Brain That Contribute To Balanced Neurotransmitter Levels

It all comes down to our neurotransmitters to determine the functioning of our brain cells.

And their levels are what depict our mental health and performance.  Protecting existing neural cells, as while as keeping stress at bay to develop new ones is important to promote a healthy brain.

(Also See: Neurogenesis)

Nitrovit works by replenishing nutrients that we usually miss out on in our daily diet regimen.

This proprietary blend of nutrients and key ingredients contribute to balanced neurotransmitters and a well-nourished brain, all the while reducing stress and helping to regulate overall mood.

Just like in a healthy diet with omega-3 fats and B & D vitamins, this infusion of nutrients could also help slow brain shrinkage in aging adults.

2) Preventing And Reducing Oxidative Stress

It’s astonishing how oxidative stress can cause so much damage while we remain oblivious towards it!

Lipofuscin is a molecule that increases significantly due to oxidative stress – if left untackled, it can interfere with our learning process!

Nitrovit contains potent antioxidants to combat oxidative stress.

3) Amp Up ATP Levels

ATP is the molecule that gets things done.  Think of it as the fuel of a car – without which the car won’t function.

Nitrovit enhances this molecule by triggering the Mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) to produce and release more of it!

More energy – better performance!

Nitrovit Benefits & What Taking This Nootropic Supplement Feels Like!

1) Gives You 8-Hour Laser-Like Focus

The overall focus improvement is mostly accredited to the power of Noopept and the synergistic elements that pair with it.

With hightened NGF levels, the world is your oyster!

2) Boosts Motivational Levels

If you want to enhance motivation, it claims to double-up on positivity and trades your negative thoughts for a more optimistic version of you!  Imagine being much more eager to get projects done, and with more excitement and increased motivation, even while working for extended periods.

3) Amps Up Energy & Dampens Stress Levels

The ATP surge will allow you to bolt your way through the day whilst keeping stress at bay.  You should experience less of the “feeling defeated” negative mindset or the sense of overwhelm that is common with challenging projects, which can often lead to a panic attack. 

When you can lower stress, and increase energy simutaneously, you have a recipe for getting things done.

4) Better Sleep & Memory Recall

With the power of boosted Acetylcholine levels, you’ll sleep (and dream) better.  You’ll also wake up with a sharper faster mind.

This is because a lot of our memory formation takes place while we sleep!

5) Decreased Inflammation And High Antioxidant Activity

Since Nitrovit is also rich in antioxidants,  it will attack those nasty damage-inducing free radicals, giving you a much clearer mind, and overall more positive mindset.

6) Nutrient Replenishment For The Brain

The ingredients within Nitrovit offer nutrients that help fuel your brain cells, and provide increased blood flow to the brain, keeping it in a ready state. 

These nutrients are essential, and are often times missing from our regular everyday diets. 

As far as brain boosters go, this one offers more tangible brain performance results than many others.

7) Experience Higher Productivity Levels & Superior Learning

Since it helps improve memory recall, this brain supplement with naturally occurring ingredients will help you retain information easier, and compel you to take decisive action on any project that gets in your way.

8) Enhanced Physical Performance

Due to increased energy levels, you’ll notice a difference in your overall physical performance as well as your mental capabilities.  The human body also benefits as a whole.

9) Slow Down The Aging Process

While it is not the fountain of youth, by toning down oxidative and mental stress simultaneously, Nitrovit can naturally help slow the process of aging and maintain brain health.

Mental and oxidative stress (as well as pretty much all forms of stress) can speed up aging, which can negatively impact many cognitive functions.

Keeping stress at bay does just the opposite!

Nitrovit Ingredients List

Actual Supplement Label:

Nitrovits Ingredients Label

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI) 36 mg

Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) 900 mcg

Alpha GPC (Choline) 450 mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid 75 mg

BioPerine 9 mg

Guarana Powder (50%) 270 mg

Huperzine A  (Chinese Club Moss) 150 mcg

L-Taurine 150 mg

Mucuna Pruriens Extract (50% L-Dopa) 375 mg

Noopept 37.5 mg

Phosphatidylserine 120 mg

Shilajit Powder 187.5 mg

Uridine 5-Monophosphate 150 mg

So it contains some nootropics that most of us might be acquainted with (or at least heard of them) whereas the others are relatively ‘unheard’ or new!

Let’s dig deep into them!

Nitrovit Ingredients: A Closer Look…

Vitamin B6

B vitamins can easily be found in our daily diet.

Vitamin B6 is crucial for the regulation of metabolic processes, especially those of glucose fats.

They are involved in the synthesis of essential neurotransmitters and thus lead to boosted alertness levels!

Vitamin B12

Apart from Vitamin B12 serving as a nutritional element, its involvement in the production of Serotonin (the happy hormone) is what justifies its use in Nitrovit.

Vitamin B12 can elevate mood states and reduce stress.

Alpha GPC

An excellent source of choline!

Raised Acetylcholine levels enhance memory skills and recall along with boosting cognition.

It also alerts the mind to keep brain fluidity intact and hence contributes to the well-being of the neuronal machinery!

This is one of the more well-known brain supplements for improved cognitive function.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an amazing antioxidant for keeping inflammation at bay.

It significantly reduces toxicity that can impair cognitive processes and technical thinking skills.

It is also involved in the glucose metabolism chain and thus provides us with energy by its active utilization!


A relatively new but rather interesting nootropic!

Bioperine is an extract of black pepper fruits and has more to do with synergy than enhancing focus.

It works to increase the bioavailability of other ingredients in Nitrovit!  This means that the other ingredients get to last longer in the body to exercise their effects.

Bioperine acts on the intestinal lining and inhibits the active uptake of such ingredients so that we can enjoy their benefits for longer periods!

Not only does it increase the absorption of the other nootropics in this stack but also has some cognition-enhancing benefits of its own!

A rather smart choice of ingredient for a stack!

Good job on adding this one, Project Nooyou!

Guarana Powder

Another new nootropic for the eyes and the ears!

This comes from the seeds of the Guarana plant found mostly in the Amazon rain forest.

It is a top supplement choice for many athletes because of its capability to enhance stamina and physical strength.

“So this is where you get your energy from!”

It also results in more mental energy.  Its results can be compared to those of Caffeine – minus the exhausting after-effects!

Guarana Powder also has antioxidant activity.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is an excellent choice for boosting memory.

It works by increasing the Acetylcholine levels in the brain so that you can retain and recall memory promptly!

This is probably why it is used as an aid to treat Alzheimer’s Disease patients and age related mental decline, as it can help those struggling with poor memory function!

The increased levels of Acetylcholine also make way for enhanced cognitive function.  It is still unclear if it helps with long term memory however.

Mucuna Pruriens

It is standardized to 50% L-DOPA.

Mucuna Pruriens can lead to an increase in Dopamine levels, an important neurotransmitter to cognition, memory, and brain functioning.

However, the most renowned benefit of Mucuna Pruriens is its ability to elevate the mood and impart a calming effect.

Perfect for beating that anxiety!


In my opinion, this is the star of the ingredient list.

A nootropic that is 1000x more potent than the infamous racetam; Piracetam!

It not only raises Acetylcholine levels, but also those of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF).

The latter contribute to rejuvenation and enhancement of the neuronal machinery – which leads to superior cognitive function, mental alertness, and memory skills!

Since NGF is not sold as an individual supplement, Noopept is sought as a great alternative to derive it from!

Refer to our article on Noopept to explore its hidden benefits.

Phosphatidylserine (ps)

Phosphatidylserine (ps) is a very important lipid that keeps the consistency of our cells at optimum levels.

It contributes to fluidity in the membranes so that all the tasks going on inside our cells can be performed without any hindrance. 

It is also known for keeping intact our memory retention abilities.

Unfortunately, Phosphatidylserine decreases as you age, and supplementing it early on is a great idea to prevent cognitive decline!

For more information on this nootropic – refer to our article here!

Shilajit Powder

Another fairly new nootropic!

It is found in the Himalayan mountains and is a product of decomposition.

It is highly rich in minerals and an element called the ‘fulvic acid’.

Fulvic acid provides us with an outburst of antioxidants!

Shilajit powder is great for fighting pain and inflammation whilst enhancing stamina and strength.  It appears to be a very promising ingredient for long term brain health.

Uridine 5-Monophosphate

It is involved in the synthesis of DNA and RNA.

Uridine Monophosphate can significantly increase memory retention and recall, and in some cases help treat anxiety.

It also causes an increase in Dopamine levels CRASH-FREE!

This means you won’t go ‘all-out’ or depressed once this supplement has been eliminated from your body.

When Should I Take Nitrovit And What Is The Dosage?

1 bottle of Nitrovit is supposed to last you a month.

There are 60 capsules and you are supposed to take 3 per day – (even though the website says you MAY take 4). 

You are supposed to take them 5 days on and 2 days off, meaning take them everyday for 5 days, and then take a break for 2 days, and repeat.  This process should last 28 days total.  (Only 20 days in any given month are you actually taking them, since you need to cycle off every 5 days)

This process works perfect for those who have a steady 5 day work week.

Like I mentioned, you can take up to 4 per day, but that means you’ll have to have an extra bottle handy to go a full month at that dose.

But don’t exceed that limit.

These capsules are to be taken every morning, either 1 hour before your meal or an hour after it.

NOTE: You may also opt for an alternative regimen by taking 2 in the morning before your breakfast and 1 after lunch.

We always advise to ‘build’ your way through the doses, so it’s fine if you start off by taking 1 capsule per day and then top it up over the week.

(This goes for any new nootropic supplement you want to experiment with)

Now moving back to cycling… On the labels, it clearly says that you’re supposed to cycle it every 5 days, so please follow their guidelines.

Take it for 5 days and spend 2 days off.

Nitrovit Side Effects: Are There Any Negative Side Effects to be Aware Of?

Like all nootropic stacks, you may experience some gastrointestinal issues or slight dizziness, or minor headaches.

As far as my research goes, not many users reported its adverse effects, which doesn’t really fit the narrative of my normal product reviews. 

For the most part, feedback on this supplement has been very positive.

However, to avoid any possible side effect issues, you can always build your doses gradually if you deem it necessary to be on the safe side.

Is Nitrovit Addictive?

None of the ingredients in Nitrovit have addictive potential.

You may get addicted to your lifestyle, not the supplement itself LOL!

Is Nitrovit Safe? Are There Any Warnings Or Interactions For Its Use?

Nitrovit is an FDA compliant and cGMP certified product.

Project NooYoo uses high quality and harmless ingredients in their stacks.

So yes, it is safe!

However, if you have a pre-existing medical condition or disease – ALWAYS consult your physician before using any nootropic supplement at all.

Individuals under 18 years of age or pregnant/lactating females are advised to avoid its consumption.

Does Nitrovit Contain Caffeine?

Nope! Nitrovit does not contain caffeine.

And I feel that it is justified not to incorporate caffeine into this supplement since it is already packed with a lot of ingredients that can increase your alertness and energy.

Or wake you up, for that matter.


It does contain Guarana – which is highly sought after by many as a substitute for caffeine.

If you’re a hardcore stim junkie, you can always add caffeine, but remember, adding caffeine to this nootropic supplement may introduce the possibility of the mid-afternoon crash.

Remember, Nitrovit’s formula was created in such a way to give you the energy and focus WITHOUT crashing. 

So, that’s something to keep in mind before you add in any caffeinated drinks or supplements.

How Much Does Nitrovit Cost? (Nitrovit Pricing Explained)

(Prices are Subject to change)

A bottle of Nitrovit contains 60 capsules, forming 20 servings per bottle.

It should last you for 28 days (unless you take 4 capsules per day) with cycling.

1 month supply (Most Expensive) costs you:

1 month supply Nitrovit

⦁ $59.97 per bottle (Plus approx $6.97 shipping charges) = $66.94
⦁ $1.12 per serving/capsule
⦁ $1.12 x 3 = $3.36/day

Note: prices are with shipping charges factored in.

3 month supply costs you:

3 months supply Nitrovit

⦁ 43.33 per bottle x 3 (free shipping)
⦁ $0.72 per serving/capsule
⦁ $0.72×3 = $2.16/day

6 month supply (Best Deal!) costs you:

6 months Nitrovit Supply

⦁ $38.33 per bottle x 6 (free shipping)
⦁ $0.64 per serving/capsule
⦁ $0.64×3 = Only $1.90/day!

Where Can I Buy Nitrovit? And Risk Free 1 Year Guarantee

Nitrovit is sold exclusively online.

I tried finding it on Amazon but turns out that they don’t retail their supplement there.

This isn’t a bad thing because purchasing an item from directly from the source is almost always the best thing to do – it adds more satisfaction and authenticity to the purchase!

You can Purchase Nitrovit on their official website, which offers fast delivery and a 1-year money-back guarantee!

(That is a rare sight in the nootropic supplement world)

This shows that they have a lot of confidence in their product! 

If it doesn’t work for you (We are almost certain it will), then you get a full refund.

That means there’s no risk to the consumer. 

This is something we always look for before recommending any supplements to our readers, and Project NooYou comes through on this promise.

Who Can Use Nitrovit?

Everyone from old aged individuals to struggling academics!

If you have trouble concentrating in class or remembering what time you were supposed to take your medicine – this is for you!

Even for competent business executives or similar professions – Nitrovit can help you perform better.

The Bad Side To Nitrovit (Things We Don’t Particularly Like)

Even though this Nootropic has excelled in many ways, we feel like there is always room for improvement.

There should have been a version without Guarana Powder for those who aren’t big fans of the caffeine-like effect.

They could also include a bit of Lion’s Mane Mushroom to their formula since it would synergize very well with Alpha-GPC.

And lastly, everybody loves free shipping! At least on their first purchase! 

I feel it would have been great if they offered free shipping on single bottle orders since people may want to try it out before making a huge purchase in many cases.

But, I suppose the risk-free guarantee does balance this out since you can try it out with nothing to lose since you have a full one year money back guarantee.

Combining Nitrovit With NitroAmp; Good Idea Or Bad Decision?

Nitrovit aims to strive for ‘Focus-Memory-Drive’.

Nitroamp on the other hand puts attention to the elements of ‘Confidence-Energy-Mood’.

Combining the two of them together almost gives us the picture of a Meta-Human!

But is it safe to toss both of them together?

Project NooYoo’s recommendation is to use them simultaneously for a dynamically powerful result!

It is safe to use both of them together, and with it, you can experience the ultimate ‘NooYou’ experience FASTER!

Stellar Nitrovit Reviews By Actual Consumers!

The Official Nitrovit Website boasts dozens of real user testimonials from happy customers, and even lots of reddit users agree that Nitrovit is the real deal as far as pre-formulated nootropics are concerned! 

But, don’t take my word for it, check out some of the glowing Nitrovit reviews below from real customers:

project nooyou testimonials

FAQ – Nitrovit Frequently Asked Questions 

⦁ Does Nitrovit Ship Overseas?

Absolutely! They ship to over 150 countries!

⦁ Do they actually refund you the money if the supplement did not work for you?

Yup! They sure do!  All you have to do is address your concern here.

⦁ Is It Okay To Mix The Capsule Contents With Water If I Can’t Ingest It?

Yes, of course, but bearing the taste will be an effort on your end LOL.

⦁ Does Nitrovit Actually Work?

Its premium ingredients are of high quality and very promising.

A lot of users have reported positive reviews.  In any case, if it did not work for you, you can always refund the product.


⦁ When Do The Results Become Noticeable?

It takes around 12 weeks for you to start noticing the benefits of this product.

⦁ What Is The Difference Between Nitrovit And Nitroamp?

Both are nootropic supplements.

Nitrovit enhances focus whereas Nitroamp boosts energy levels.

⦁ What Is A GMP Certification?

 GMP stands for ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’.

Any product with this certification is produced under highly regulated and strict quality standards.

This means that it is safe and hygienic for consumption.

Nitrovit Review – A Few Words Of Wisdom

From the beginning of this review, I had hope in this product since the CEO of Nitrovit claims he actually intended to create this product just for himself.

And with me being in contact with him myself, his story seems to check out as far as I’m concerned.

Relying on Big Pharma for focus or drive carries more adverse effects than does the use of these nootropic supplements.

And Nitrovit has really hit the bar high.

Even though it has not gained as much recognition as its competitors, YET, I would say that it truly deserves to!

Better Than Alpha Brain?

Many people compare Nitrovit VS Alpha Brain, but I believe Nitrovit is more effective.

Note: I also have a full Alpha Brain Review if you’re interested.

(The two nootropic supplements have VERY similar profiles with natural ingredients etc…)

But, in my personal opinion, I believe Nitrovit has gone above and beyond offering more active ingredients.

I think many people would agree that is also has an overall better formula.

“The Formulation is Excellent, and the Idea Behind How it Works is Equally Amazing!”

Buy Nitrovit Risk Free Guarantee

If you are struggling with ADHD or other attention deficit disorders, do give this a try before relying on prescription drugs.

*Unless your physician deems it absolutely necessary for you to do so! Always follow your doctor’s advice first and foremost!

>> Click Here to Try NITROvit Risk Free!

(Remember they offer a Full 1 Year Guarantee, So There’s No
Risk to At Least Try…) *View Full Guarantee Details Here

nitrovit bottle image

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