Onnit Alpha Brain Review – Is This Attractive Nootropic Supplement Worth the Hype?

Product Review by David Gracey

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Onnit Alpha Brain Nootropic Review - Joe Rogan

‘3 bottles in!
Now a couple of bottles deep and really finding the benefits. I think I expected a limitless pill because of how much I believe in people like Aubrey and Joe and possibly set my expectations too high, but I stuck it out and now I can definitely feel the difference in clarity on days I don’t take it. I love it before work but I make sure I take it before recording my podcast (the VonDubCast) and that is where I really feel it when I forget! Other than meditation it has become the most important part of my pre-podcast ritual!’

Nick Von Wackerbarth

- Real Alpha Brain User, Learn More...

“Over a million bottles sold!”

What is it about this brain supplement and it’s cognitive benefits that gives it such a high consumption rate?

Let’s debunk the hype and find out what this supplement is really all about!

Onnit Alpha Brain Review: What Is Onnit Alpha Brain?

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alpha brain review by super mind hacker

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Alpha Brain is a popular dietary supplement launched in 2011 by Onnit (commonly referred to asjoe rogans alpha brain  joe rogans alpha brainJoe Rogan’s Alpha Brain)we’ll talk a bit about Onnit below!

This was one of the very first nootropic stacks that gained popularity in the nootropic industry quickly.

It is a multi-dimensional stack that is intended to spice-up and amplify your memory, cognition, and mood altogether.

Once your brain function starts working at a superior pace, you are also supposed to gain ‘brain fluidity’, which will allow you to proceed through your tasks or errands seamlessly.

Perhaps one of the most asked questions is whether or not taking Alpha Brain is worth it – and quite honestly I’m curious to unravel their secret too!

“Alpha Brain Instant” (Drink Mix Powder)

Due to popular demand, Onnit has created a super fun and easy way to take Alpha Brain, which is in the form of a tasty drink mix powder called Alpha Brain Instant.

It has the same exact benefits and ingredients as the original pill form of Alpha Brain, but it comes in a box of 30 individual pouches that you can mix in water.

They have 7 different flavors, plus a variety box option to choose from.


They are out of stock quite often, so you may not be able to choose from all available flavors.  I want to grab the variety pack for myself, but it always seems to be sold out due to being so popular.

>> Check which flavors are in stock here

These are perfect for people (myself included) who are already taking more than a dozen vitamins and other pills throughout the day, and may just want a break from swallowing more pills.

It also doesn’t hurt that Alpha Brain Instant tastes amazing with seven different flavors to cater to anyones taste buds.

(As long as they’re available of course!)

Just know that in this review, when I refer to “Alpha Brain”, I am referring to either product (the pills and/or the instant drink pouches), as they are the same exact formula, just in different forms.

It all comes down to personal preference!

Who / What Is “Onnit”?

Why don’t we just have a look at what they have to say about themselves!

‘We’re athletes, biohackers, professionals, retirees, parents, gamers, fighters, tradespeople, and forever students. We’re all human, trying to get a little better at what we love every day. 

The human body is our instrument that we play to achieve greatness, and optimizing it for peak performance requires the proper nutrition, fitness, and supplementation.

Onnit provides these foundations to support your human journey.’ – Official Onnit Website

Apparently, they are a set of motivated individuals who are striving to curate alternatives that will allow humans to push his/her limits.

Seems great.

The famous Joe Rogan – a podcast host is also an avid user of Alpha Brain (as well as spokesperson).

Several other popular celebrities have also shared their experience along with Joe Rogans Alpha Brain commentary.

Joe Rogan Alpha Brain by Onnit User

I have to say though, Onnit totally forgot to mention their marketing team which is doing a fabulous job at increasing their sales,


Jokes apart, their marketing team might just be one of the best in the nootropic industry – and perhaps…  their secret to success as well?

Let’s dig in some more shall we?…

How Does Alpha Brain Work?

alpha brain by onnit reviews

It does what most safe and popular nootropics do.

They modulate the neurotransmitter levels in the brain that cater to a well-nurtured environment for it to function efficiently.

Neurotransmitters play SUCH a crucial role in our daily lives without us having to know it.

Even depression results from an imbalance of neurotransmitter levels.

Creating a healthy brain environment does wonders for mental processing and cognitive abilities. But, when this isn’t the case, you can experience cognitive impairment and a decrease in optimal brain function.

If you feel tired, drowsy, de-focused, and dull most of the time, then you’re likely suffering from brain fog, and might want to consider altering your diet.

And perhaps include some foods that lead to the formation of essential cholines.

But isn’t that the problem in the first place?

We feel so helpless when it comes to altering our diet for the better – which is why we should consider supplementation.

On its website, Onnit claims that it helps it’s users to:

  • Remember names and places easier
  • Focus on complex tasks with relative ease
  • Think more clearly under stressful situations
  • Have a faster reaction time cognitively
  • Overall boost in mental processing power

Made to Combat the Signs of Aging and Mental Decline by Optimizing Neural Communication

The fact is, your brain is aging, and you can’t stop it. The more you learn, the more you realize that your brain is actually changing and deteriorating.

You’re getting slower, you can’t think as fast, and you feel like you’re forgetting things more often.

Not only was it designed for those looking for that “edge” to reach peak cognitive performance, but this supplement was also created to help you reverse the signs of aging and cognitive decline. 

Alpha Brain is a pre-formulated nootropic stack that uses a number of ingredients to help brain health and increase your memory and focus.

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The next mechanism that this nootropic supplement imposes, is that of promoting alpha brain waves.

Hence the ‘Alpha’ in its name!  (well that, along with being more “Alpha” or on top of your game! – dual meaning for sure!)

A lot of people are unaware of these brain waves, and also of their significance.

Which brings us to our next section!

What Are Alpha Brain Waves?

Electricity is not only limited to the switches and circuits at our houses.

Our brain generates a sort of electricity of its own in the form of waves.

Namely the Delta, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Gamma waves.

Alpha waves are produced when you are in a relaxed state.

Let’s say you’re just sitting on your favorite chair, doing nothing in particular.

Nothing demanding, at least.

When you’re performing meditating exercises, that’s when these brain waves find their way through!

These brain waves enhance creativity and also relieve you of anxiety!

What Are The Health Benefits Of Using Alpha Brain?

1) Boosts Memory

Thanks to the Onnit’s Focus Blend that aims to increase Acetylcholine levels which helps with mental speed and brain performance related to improved memory.

2) Improves Cognitive Functioning

This too has a lot to do with the Acetylcholine levels.  You should notice a change in cognitive processing speed from utilizing more alpha waves.  A quicker brain reaction time is what it’s all about!

3) Gives You Energy

Helps your body synthesize protein via leucine which makes for a great pre-workout supplement as well. 

Mental performance is just as important in the gym as it is for tasks that require high cognitive demands.

3) Elevates The Mood And Promotes Creativity

It is intended to produce more alpha waves.  The amino acids l-tyrosine, phosphatidylserine, and oat straw extract stimulate serotonin and dopamine releases in the brain resulting in alpha wave enducing relaxation.

The Downside To Onnit’s Alpha Brain…

1) It Is A Proprietary Blend

I understand that it came out in the early 2000’s – when the nootropic industry has only just commenced.

Is it a deal breaker? 

No, not at all.  There are lots of great supplements out there that have proprietary blends, and honestly…

I really like the ingredients they use in their formula a lot.


In my personal opinion, Onnit should consider upgrading their ingredient list for full disclosure of the dosage of each ingredient, or at least be a bit more specific.

I understand they are trying to protect their formula from competition which is completely understandable, but as an avid brain hacker myself, it really helps to know how much of each ingredient goes into each dosage.

This helps with tracking your results, and fine-tuning any future nootropic stacks you may try out.

Randomized Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial

Onnit’s popular brain enhancing dietary supplement is also backed by clinical research and randomized clinical trials.

These double blind placebo controlled trials showed actual improvements in delayed verbal recall as well as executive functioning when compared to the placebo controlled group.

To me, this proves with certainty this product’s effectiveness in improving cognitive abilities (or general intelligence) and cognitive functions (like attention, improved memory, language, and executive functions).

Basically, this efficacy study is real evidence showing that these brain pills improve brain functions and provide a cognitive boost.

(NOTE: I will share more details about this clinical study towards the end of this review)

2) Should Cater To Modern And New Ingredients

Their formula could do well with synergized elements.

The inclusion of nootropics like the Lion’s Mane Mushroom or Ashwagandha could perk up the ingredient list.

However, these are ingredients that you can easily purchase separately yourself, so not a deal breaker either.

Side Note: I personally like This Certified Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder Supplement quite a bit!  In fact, I think it would compliment Alpha Brain very well if taken together!

Alpha Brain by Onnit – Full Ingredients List

Actual Supplement Label:

Onnit Alpha Brain Ingredients List

B6 – 10mg
Onnit Flow Blend – 650mg
⦁ L-Tyrosine
⦁ L-Theanine
⦁ Oat straw extract
⦁ Phosphatidylserine
⦁ Cat’s claw extract – 350mg
Onnit Focus Blend – 240mg
⦁ Alpha-GPC
⦁ Bacopa monnieri extract
⦁ Huperzia serrata extract
Onnit Fuel Blend – 65mg
⦁ L-Leucine
⦁ Pterostilbene

While Onnit’s best selling supplement does contain quite a few nootropics that most people have likely heard of before, (like l theanine and l tyrosine, which are both essential amino acids.) 

But, it also contains some that are relatively ‘unheard of’ , or new to others!

Either way, let’s dig deeper into them!

Alpha Brain by Onnit Ingredients: A Closer Look…

closer look magnifying glass

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 (Also known as Pyridoxine), is one of those vitamins that your body definitely needs!

It contributes towards the manufacture of nerves and skin!

Going low on this bad boy could turn you anemic!

This formula is also equipped with cat’s claw.

(not a literal one, that would be disgusting, LOL).

This One!

It protects the body against harmful viruses and diseases – it also possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Cat’s claw also modulates tryptophan levels to de-stress the body and dampens hyperstimulatory events in the brain.

Onnit Flow Blend – 650 mg

The Flow Blend is designed to provide you with a bolt of productivity and sharp responses by promoting Alpha-wave production.

⦁ L-Tyrosine –

Tyrosine is the amino acid found in protein-rich foods.

And contributes to the production of many essential neurotransmitters such as Dopamine, Adrenaline, and Serotonin.

The cumulative effects of L-Tyrosine include superior performance even in stressful situations, which has been studied as far as it’s effects on clinical and healthy populationsclinical and healthy populationsclinical and healthy populations under stress and cognitive demands.

⦁ L-Theanine

This amino acid is abundantly found in green, white, and black teas.

It contributes to Alpha-wave production by exerting its soothing and calming properties.

⦁ OatStraw Extract

Its inclusion is said to synergize well with L-Theanine.

Together they promote anti-stress effects and enhance Alpha brain waves.

⦁ Phosphatidylserine (PS)

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid compound that maintains integrity as well as the fluidity of cell membranes – so that reactions and activities inside of it can be conducted without hindrance.

Onnit Focus Blend – 240 mg

The focus blend targets neurotransmitters – and significantly enhances Acetylcholine levels for heightened cognitive function and supreme focus.

⦁ Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is an amazing choline booster – do consider finding out more about this nootropic by clicking here!

It triggers the formation of Acetylcholine and also acts as is direct precursor!

The result is a buzz of cognition!

⦁ Huperzia Serrata

Huperzia Serrata yields us Huperzine A, a natural nootropic.

Huperzine A works to halt the deterioration of Acetylcholine molecules, thus making its availability in the brain abundant.

To find out more about Huperzine A – click here!

⦁ Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri has long been used as an Ayurvedic medicine that has memory-boosting properties.

It too enhances Acetylcholine levels whilst promoting a serene state of mind.

Bacopa has been credited for its ability to induce neurogenesis.

Onnit Fuel Blend – 65 mg

The fuel blend enables a superior functioning central nervous system that allows you to give your best for 6-8 hours.

And as the name suggests, it provides you with fuel for the day.

⦁ Pterostilbine

Pterostilbine is related to Resveratrol.

It has very high antioxidant content and also makes itself bioavailable for a longer period of time.

It has antioxidant properties and neuroprotective capabilities!  According to Onnit, it may help protect brain and nerve cells. 

⦁ L-Leucine

Leucine is the amino acid that contributes towards protein synthesis.

So it provides you with a kick of energy whilst promoting muscle mass!


Leucine is not really considered a nootropic – whoops!

It could be a filler ingredient and Alpha Brain could have done well without it in my opinion.   Not really a big deal either way though.

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When Should I Take Onnit Alpha Brain And What Is The Dosage?

taking pills dose nootropics

Taking Alpha Brain should be done in the morning with a light meal.

2 capsules per day is the recommended dosage.

The formula itself isn’t jam-packed (like Qualia Mind) so it shouldn’t prove to cause a lot of symptoms.

But in case you have a sensitive stomach or are trying nootropics for the first time, you can always start with a single capsule and then build your way through the dosage.

This is common with nearly all supplements in the health and wellness industry.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Alpha Brain?

There are a few possible adverse side effects of Alpha Brain – but not everybody is subject to experience them.

⦁ Nausea
⦁ Vomitting
⦁ Gastrointestinal disorders
⦁ Lucid dreams (but that might be cool, LOL!)
⦁ Anxiety
⦁ Insomnia

Is Alpha Brain Addictive?

Not at all.

None of the ingredients in this stack possesses addictive potential.

Falling in love with the results and then getting addicted to it is another thing, LOL!

Is Alpha Brain Safe? Are There Any Warnings Or Interactions For Its Use?

A main part of this  Alpha Brain Review was to show others that Onnit’s Alpha Brain is totally safe to use in healthy adults, as long as you don’t go over board with the dosage.

There’s a legitimate scientific research paper on Alpha Brain as well – I will share that below in a moment…

But for safety reasons, we always ask of you to exercise caution at all times.

Cited below are a set of general warnings we recommend to users before using any individual nootropic or stack.

General Warnings:
⦁ Always consult a medical doctor prior to consumption of ANY nootropic, especially if you are on medication or have been diagnosed with a certain diseases/disorder
⦁ Pregnant or lactating females should avoid the use of Alpha Brain
⦁ Individuals below 18 years of age should also avoid the use of Alpha Brain OR consult a physician before administering this supplement
⦁ Keep an eye out for potential allergens in the ingredient list - you might be allergic to something without even knowing it

Does Alpha Brain Contain Caffeine?


I believe they could have produced a caffeinated version for those whose morning ritual does not contain any form of caffeine.

It does contain L-Theanine though, for crash-free refreshment! 

As I have mentioned numerous times before, caffeine pairs perfectly with L-Theanine, so Alpha Brain + Morning Coffee = Perfect Combo!

That’s one of the main reasons I love Alpha Brain.

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How Much Does Alpha Brain by Onnit Cost? – Pricing Explained

(Prices are Subject to change)

A bottle of Alpha Brain contains between 30 and 90 capsules, forming 15 to 45 servings per bottle.

A 30 capsule bottle should last you for 14 days, and a 90 count bottle for 45 days.

Alpha Brain 30 Capsules (Most Expensive) costs you:

⦁ $34.95 per bottle
⦁ $1.16 per serving/capsule
⦁ Price per Day (for 2 capsules)  = $2.32/day

Alpha Brain 90 Capsules Bottle costs you:

⦁ $79.95 per bottle
⦁ $0.88 per serving/capsule
⦁ Price per Day (for 2 capsules)  = $1.70/day

*If you get a monthly subscription package, then you will be getting a 15% discount on every order!

Alpha Brain is a relatively pricey supplement, but other competing pre-formulated nootropics are also in a similar price range.

So, if you want a done-for-you nootropic stack (not having to piece all ingredients together by yourself), expect to pay a bit more for the convenience.

Where Can I Buy Alpha Brain?

alpha brain review by super mind hacker

Favorite of Joe Rogan’s Alpha Brain is sold on Onnit’s official website where they sell multiple wellness supplements for ultimate human optimization, including boosting brain performance.

NOTE:  But I personally recommend just opting for their free 2 week trial (Just pay shipping).  This way you can test it out for yourself!

This is the best option because each individual person responds differently to particular nootropic supplements.

Rather than buying a 2 or 3 month supply, why not test it out first?

You can get get their FREE TRIAL by Clicking Here…

Should I Consider “Cycling” Alpha Brain?

We 100% DO recommend cycling on and off Alpha Brain – this could bypass the slightest possibility of developing tolerance towards this product.

Cycling nootropics in general helps with overall mental clarity and maintaining cellular integrity of the brain.

You can take it from Monday to Friday and relax over the weekend!

There Is A Research Paper Published On Alpha Brain!

This was definitely what made me want to write this review of Alpha Brain in the first place.

Not many nootropic supplements get to make their way onto a research paper!

63 individuals participated in a randomized controlled trial – which segregated the users into a placebo and non-placebo parallel group.

A placebo drug was given to all 63 individuals for 2 weeks before they were given the actual or active product.

This must have been done to knock out bias and discrepancies.

After 6 weeks, the group which was given Alpha Brain demonstrated better memory performance and superior cognitive function in a set of neuropsychological tasks.

The improvement was specifically noted in ‘delayed verbal recall’.

More Alpha Brain Reviews: By Actual Onnit Alpha Brain Users!

Onnit’s official website lists multiple positive reviews from happy – repeat customers, which you can see here.

Official Amazon Listings of Onnit Alpha Brain also boasts THOUSANDS of real user testimonials from actual customers.  Most are good, and some are not so good, but I feel like Amazon is a great place to research before spending money on a new supplement.

But, before you decide to buy Alpha Brain, consider getting the FREE 2 Week Trial Here first.

“I actually enjoy Alpha Brain” – (Reddit User)

alpha brain testimonials

Review by HuskyInfantry on Reddit

Alpha Brain Works “Excellent Product!”

alpha brain nootropic testimonial

Review by Kendell – Onnit Website

“My Experience with Long Term Use of Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs”

onnit alpha brain user reviews

Review by Neuropharma on Reddit

FAQ – Alpha Brain by Onnit Frequently Asked Questions

⦁ Can I Take Alpha Brain With Adderall?

There’s no specific interaction reported but its best to consult your physician first.

Is Alpha Brain Legit?

Short answer YES, Alpha Brain by Onnit is a legit nootropic, as I have tried it myself, and I also am a fan of the ingredients used in their formula.

⦁ Can I Take Alpha Brain At Night?

I wouldn’t advise you to do that – it won’t let you sleep!

Remember, it is not a sleep supplement!

⦁ What Do Alpha Brain Waves Indicate?

That your mind is in a relaxed state.  This supplement helps to enduce more alpha brain wave production.

⦁ Is Alpha Brain FDA Approved?

FDA does not exactly regulate such supplements.

So the answer is no!

⦁ Does Joe Rogan Own Alpha Brain?

No, he is a spokesperson and avid user of Onnit Brand products.

⦁ Who Is The CEO Of Onnit?

Aubrey Marcus.

⦁ How Fast Does Alpha Brain take to Work?

You should start notice it’s benefits right away, but it is subtle.  Remember, it isn’t an actual “drug” or something loaded with harsh stimulants, but rather a dietary supplement that includes natural ingredients that targets your brain and nerve cells.

I would recommend starting your supplementation of this nootropic alongside an upcoming mentally demanding project or task that you need to complete. 

This is so you can actually see how quickly your brain processes information compared to your previous performance without it.

If you’re reading this review right now, chances are that you’re seeking something that can provide a cognitive boost to help you work smarter and faster anyways!

(This is also why I recommend starting with their
FREE 2-Week Trial Offer

My Two Cents on Alpha Brain by Onnit …

Alpha Brain has sold over a million bottles, that alone is a stand out!

I have gone through some reviewers complaining that its an outdated proprietary blend, but surprisingly, it has left so many of its consumers satisfied.

They really do get the results that were promised to them, and experience enhanced cognition that is tangible.

Onnit’s marketing strategy is undoubtedly one of their secret weapons to success, but they’ve been on since 2011!

I don’t remember seeing nootropic supplements out there about a decade ago.

They do deserve credit for being one of the pioneers in the nootropic industry.

I took a bottle of Alpha Brain for 2 weeks, and I can say that it did seem to work pretty similar to other nootropic stacks I’ve taken, which makes sense, because I often use many of the same ingredients they use in their custom formula.

However,  I think I’d need to take it for a longer period of time to form a final opinion, (and I plan to do that soon, and update this review in the future when I switch up my nootropic stack.)

As you know, its always a good idea to rotate  and switch up your nootropic stacks every few months so that you get the most effects from the ingredients!

Overall, based on their formula, it looks like a solid winner as far as brain boosting supplements are concerned.

Plus, I like the fact that they offer a drink powder version that contains the same nootropic formula, known as Alpha Brain Instant.

But could they do better?

Definitely!  There is always room for improvement.

Its been over a decade now and we’d love to see an upgrade by Onnit!

alpha brain review by super mind hacker
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