What is Brain Hacking? 5 Powerful Mind Hacks to Become Superhuman and Limitless!

Article by: David Gracey
what is brain hacking?

Have you ever heard of the term brain hacking? What exactly is brain hacking, and how can it make you become “limitless” or “superhuman”?

Well, that is precisely what I plan to uncover in this detailed article. I have been asking myself this question for years now, and I believe I have many of the answers you’re looking for!

So, What is Brain Hacking Exactly?

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Brain hacking is where an individual intentionally seeks to enhance their cognitive abilities and / or improve their overall level of brain function, through the use of specific techniques, processes, or utilization of brain wave technologies.

This can include (but not limited to) memory enhancement training (think neuroplasticity), holistic nutrition (feeding the mind), physical exercise (mind body connection), and my favorite; the purposeful betterment of the inner brain works through the use of nootropics supplementation!

But, before we dive in too deep into the world or brain hacking…  I want you to think about something.

Is Brain Hacking Really Possible to Achieve?

While It might seem a bit irrelevant to talk about this, have you ever considered why The Great Pyramids are one of the most peculiar wonders of the world?

The pyramids remain a mystery, an unsolved mystery. How is it possible to build a structure that enormous, without any heavy machinery and technology?

There is no entrance to the pyramids, but imaging and sensors have shown the existence of rooms inside!

Who were the Egyptians? Were they superhumans?

Or did they actually manage to hack their brain?

Was their thinking ability more refined and superior than the modern man of today?

Guess we’ll just have to find out!

pyramids - superhuman brain hacking

5 Broad Aspects to Sharpen your Mind through Brain Hacking!

In this article, we will cover 5 broad aspects for you to sharpen your mind.  For you to compete with the accelerating demand for intelligence and also to make your life much more interesting!


Our memory is what shapes us into who we are. The lessons we learned in the past shape our future.  But we underestimate the power of memory.

We can trigger it to perform better!

Stay tuned, because we’re about to tell you some mind-boggling tricks that will unveil the more charismatic and smarter version of YOU!

Let the memory games begin!

Become Your Own Counsellor

We often refrain from talking to ourselves, out of the fear that somebody might label us crazy.

All these stereotypical beliefs are no more than a heap of utter disgrace.  I mean, who knows you better than YOU? Talking to yourself in technical terms is termed ‘brain priming’.

If you don’t understand, allow us to give a very simple example;


Let’s assume you visited a supermarket and you automatically inclined towards this specific brand of cereal.

Why did you do that?

Probability states that you saw a quirky and engaging advertisement/commercial – but you can’t recall it very vividly.

However, it did make an impact because your brain stored it as an important piece of information!

Many studies have proven this point, including ones from big tech companies who thrive off of selling our data.


Now let’s discuss a more practical example.

You have an exam coming up, but you can’t seem to retain anything.

Next, you decide to prime your brain while studying, so one specific word can remind you of the next. You select a set of words and associate them with your desired information.

For example, the word ‘heart disease’ should remind you of ‘aneurysm’.

And then ‘aneurysm’ should remind you of the next piece of related information. A wordy cascade!

Using acronyms to do this will enhance the experience of brain hacking via priming!

A better way to do this would be to associate the words with visuals and graphics!

All in all, you are providing your brain waves with a stimulus to initiate a cycle of memory events, in which one piece of information leads you to the next!

How cool is that?

Address Your Emotions

Have you ever caught yourself crying while watching a sorrowful movie?


You’re officially a human being!

Jokes apart, this is a legitimate technique!

The Meisner Technique revolves around the idea of allowing humans to break all internal shackles by adhering to a character.

This involves drama and theatre, so you might want to sign up for one!

Anyways, practicing this brain hacking technique enables you to reconnect with un-implored emotions and also seasons you to apprehend those of your opposing actor.

Meisner originally created this technique to develop more accomplished actors, but slowly he realized that this was a psychological technique that allowed actors to release all their deepest emotions, almost like a new form of science!

Emotions can make you feel vulnerable, but they are always better out than in.

Abandon Your Comfort Zone

I know, it sounds better as a quote and not as a practical implementation goal, but if you’re truly after brain hacking that gets real results…

Growing out of your comfort zone is one of the most relevant ultimate brain hacks there is!

That’s simply because the majority of people are unaware of the miracles they can create / achieve once they step outside of their comfort zone and challenge their brain waves through this process.

Many talented people are rendered as failures, just because they were put into a field that never resonated with their persona.

If there is something you fear or despise, try addressing it.  It is all about addressing your personal beliefs, and challenging yourself.

Just once!

Because fear entices feelings and emotions, that make the mind more alert and enhanced through various brain signals.

It might not be the best experience, but it will surely help you advance, and make you realize that you were capable of something you never thought you could do!

And that feeling alone is a wonderful vibe!

Dear Diary! Put a Focus on Your Daily Activities…

writing in journal or diary

I won’t ask you to log in and write a whole blog.

Just a random line that appealed the most to you during your day, or a one-liner about what upset you the most.

It may seem useless, but writing down something plays an important role to aid your day to day memory.

Something you might have written a couple of weeks back might reveal a missing piece or “ring a bell” as they say during a particular incident.

And it will surely give you a new and refined perspective!

Trial & Error

We all make mistakes because we’re human, even if some tech companies would have you believe otherwise.

And that is completely fine, making mistakes are one of the fundamental things that make us human, and it’s just how the brain works.

And you’ve probably heard the saying ‘practice makes perfect’.

It is 100% true!

Practice allows you to identify your mistakes at each attempt, so you can redeem yourself in the next one.   You can continue to practice until you achieve exceptionally refined skills.

For example, if it’s algebra that bothers you, then keep it close.

Always keep your enemy close.

The one thing you should do, is keep practicing, even if you hate it, and do NOT give up.

One day, it might even become your friend!

And that will become your brain hacking success story, albeit a minor one but a glorious one nonetheless!

What Are Meta-Skills? (Meta-Humans or Meta-Skills?)

What are meta-skills?

Any skills ranked above the ordinary skill set that most humans possess!

Now meta-skills encompass a large radius of possible talents and some of them need to be tailored according to the calibre of the individual.

They can range from learning, feeling, or simply dreaming!

But what makes them different is that they are a more refined product of the skill set you already possess.

We all dream, but astral projection (crazy, I know) would count as a meta-skill.

To convert your skills into meta-skills, you need to fully master your baseline skills to the fullest.

Memory Palaces

A literal mind hack, that dates back to the good old Roman times!

This technique picks its roots from the Method Of Loci. The idea proximates around a very interesting concept.  Put yourself in a situation where you can not seem to memorize a set of instructions or codes, so you decide to use this technique.

Once you do that, you have associated those codes or instructions with a set of visuals that help you correlate the information.

Imagine having a library inside of your mind, which you can regularly visit whenever you need it.   It is a literal journey that leads you to the deepest corners of your mind!

Reminds me of inception!

The Forgetting Curve By Hermann Ebbinghaus

Alzheimer’s and Dementia are mostly associated with old age.

And The Forgetting Curve proves the above mentioned statement by depicting on a graph how our memory retaining abilities decline with time.  UNLESS- you make efforts to recover the memory, the memory that you usually don’t pay heed to!

This is why the above-mentioned tips and tricks are so important, so you can make your forgetting curve not so forgetful!

Hebbian Theory Of Neuroplasticity

For some, this might be difficult to understand or comprehend, but we’ll try and make it as easy as possible.
In our previous article, we discussed the brain machinery; the neurons.

Now neurons are composed of synapses, you can think of it as a vending point of a neuron at which it discharges neurotransmitters.

There are pre-synapses and post-synapses; the neurotransmitter is discharged from the former and received by the latter.

Now, Donald Hebb found out (Hebbian Theory) that you can manage to amp up the performance or efficiency of a neuron if you repeatedly stimulate the pre-synapse, which in turn stimulates the post-synapse.

And it makes a lot of sense!

The more you stimulate the cell, the better it performs – in layman terms.

This gives rise to the phenomenon of Hebbian learning, a unique way to learn and grasp things in an errorless manner!

Hebbian learning is synonymous with Associative Learning.

Memory In HD: The Hippocampus

Hippocampus is Latin for seahorse, not a hippopotamus!

It is an integral part of our brain that preserves an enormous role in memory planning – both episodic and autobiographical.

So let’s imagine, you went to Greece.

And you absolutely loved the vibe and everything there.

Your hippocampus will record this ‘new’ event and will also coordinate with the amygdala to record your perceptions and feelings associated with your trip!

And for the less fortunate; those with dementia or Alzheimers, much of the function of the hippocampus is found lost.

Brain Hacking Tip:  A great way to keep your hippocampus (and overall brain)  healthy and intact is by the smart use of smart drugs: Nootropics!

Read Our Detailed Nootropics Guide: Nootropics 101

Brain Fog – Memory’s Worst Enemy?

Have you ever felt like you just can not seem to understand or comprehend what the other is saying?  And your brain signals are just not quite communicating properly?

Or how about when you wake up to a sudden jolt of terror… Your mind does take a few seconds (or minutes) to get your brain waves back on track, right?

This is called brain fog or the clouding of consciousness.

Be sure to check out our article where we take a deep dive into how to beat brain fog, as you’ll be amazed how this phenomenon affects all of us!

Tutorials Or Pictorials?

Understanding and storing the information on complex subjects, like the Theory Of Relativity can be quite a task!

But not if you use visuals or pictures to understand it and then eventually store it in your memory!

Try using pictures and graphics as your medium for learning.

It is always a good idea to associate pictures with bits of information that you usually find hard to recall.

Speed Reading – An Amazing Brain Hack Anyone Can Learn

Book reading is a habit that is fading slowly, but surely. (Yes, even in high paced environments like Silicon Valley)

Nobody prefers to pick up a book when there’s a whole documentary or movie to explain it all.

It is a rather unfortunate scenario because reading enhances our brains’ abilities.

And if you read faster, you can retain more information!

But you have to train your mind to do so.

A few ways to train your mind to read faster / retain more information are:
  1. Memorize the list of contents of any given data/script first
  2. Ask yourself questions while you read each chapter, especially the technical ones – and then once you’re done with the chapter, work out the answers
  3. Put yourself in the authors’ shoes; try to relate to him/her
  4. Read silently, vocalizing texts takes more energy and is harder to retain – unless you’re working to improve your reading skills
  5. Switch off any device that distracts you!



This brings us to our second section of mind hacking.

Let’s start with the basics!

What Is The REM / NREM Sleep Cycle?

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement.

Now, we undergo both of these sleep cycles and it all starts with the Non-REM sleep.

The Non-REM sleep is divided into three phases and each phase slowly pushes you into a deeper sleep – until you finally reach the REM stage.

While the Non-REM sleep makes your brain relatively inactive (because your blood pressure and temperature drop), the REM sleep makes your brain a whole lot active!

The REM sleep is achieved in about 90 minutes after you fall asleep and is associated with high functioning systems of the brain which are responsible for inducing dreams!

Why Is REM Sleep Cycle So Important For Our Brain?

On average, an individual is to encounter a set of 4-5 REM sleep cycles.

Now here’s the catch, if you’re an insomniac, your REM sleep cycles are sure to get disturbed.

Even if you have a messed up sleeping routine, your REM sleep cycle will undoubtedly suffer.

And since these cycles have so much to do with the functioning of the brain, your mind will generate a rather weak and impaired version of cognition and comprehension.

This is why one thing you should always do, is encourage people to have a good night’s sleep before an exam!

It surely makes an impact on your thinking abilities, especially the critical ones!

Sleeping Aids! Brain Hack Your Mind While You Sleep?

We all know about Melatonin!

Well at least most of us already do!  In fact, it is used by millions of Americans each and every month.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2012 an estimated 3.065 million adults reporting that they had taken melatonin during the past 30 days.


Melatonin is a natural hormone that is released by the pineal gland of our brain, which helps in the regulation of sleep cycles!

Insomnia is real, so the use of Melatonin in dietary supplements was always inevitable.

Lavender essential oils or sprays are another common and natural alternative for sleep induction – it is the aroma that causes us to fall asleep!

You could spray it all over your pillow or just use it for aromatherapy!

Other commonly used sleeping aids are:


  • Valerian Root
  • Glycine
  • Passion Flower Tea
  • Gingko
  • L-Theanine
  • Magnesium

Productive Bedtime Routines:  Positive Habit Forming Brain Hacking!

Your bedtime routine matters more than you can anticipate!

Developing a habit of reading a book just for 10-15 minutes can impart a positive impact, getting you one step closer to becoming more limitless.

Instead of reaching out for your phone and scrolling through social media apps, you should probably do something productive.

If you’re not someone who reads books, try some of these productive and fun bedtime routine rituals:


  • Meditation/Yoga
  • A bit of mild exercise
  • Expressing gratitude for what you have
  • Getting a nice massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Log into your daily journal
  • Take deep breaths in fresh air


IQ Tests

We all know about IQ tests and are often afraid to take them!

Over the fear that we might be tagged as dumb or stupid.

But they are a great step at assessing your thinking capabilities and one should never shy away from taking them.

Not only are they mind-boggling, but somewhat fun too!

Taking IQ Tests repeatedly will sharpen your brain and boost your thinking skills.

Decalcifying The Pineal Gland (Also known As: The Third Eye)

We’ve already discussed the function of the pineal gland.

The crux of it all is that it can get calcified!

Ever heard of Fluoride? The stuff found in tubes of toothpaste for preventing cavities and strengthening teeth?

Well, it is also found in water supplies, and too much of it can cause the calcification of the Pineal gland.

And, that’s awful!

Because not only will it derange your circadian rhythm, but also meddle with the production of precious Melatonin.

You might as well say goodbye to sweet dreams!

Calcification can be detected by a CT scan.

Here are a few ways that can help you detox that gland of your pineal gland:

  1. Get rid of the excess calcification by cutting down on Fluoride – you can do this by ensuring your water supply has a filter installed and going for a toothpaste with moderate amounts of calcium (complete elimination of Fluoride is bad for your teeth)
  2. Take foods that nourish the brain; these include Turmeric, Tamarind, Apple Cider Vinegar, Green veggies, Chaga mushrooms, Raw Cacao and Iodine-rich supplements
  3. Avoid non-stick pans! Yes, that stuff is bad!
  4. Try going for organic products as much as possible
  5. Minimize exposure to blue light
  6. Exercise and meditate daily


5 AM Productivity: The Secret Mindset Hack of Millionaires and Billionaires!

What do most millionaires and billionaires have in common? (Besides a hardcore work ethic, of course!)

The way they live their lives of course!  They wake up super early with no problem, and manage their time to the best of their abilities!

Waking up early can do wonders!

You end up with more time to unwind and plan ahead.

It is always a nice idea to take a breather in the fresh air this early while helping yourself to a wholesome and healthy breakfast – do not skip breakfast!

Breakfast is the starting meal of the day, it gets you equipped for your busy schedule so you don’t have to worry about hypoglycemic episodes or impaired cognition!

Once you wake up early, you could always tend to the stuff that you intended to do late at night.

Circadian rhythm is super important, the human body is designed to comply with it.

Sleeping late at night will only do you harm while choosing to wake up early will prove to be nourishing for the brain – and the soul!

If you’re dead serious about neuroscience and hacking your brain, you may want to re-think how you sleep!

Cold Showers:  YIKES! (It’s not nearly as bad as you may think…)

I agree it’s one of the absolute hardest things to do once you get out of your nice comfy bed.

BUT – it gives you the ultimate jolt to wake you up!

Try it once! You’ll find yourself twice as mentally alert and focused in contrast to the days you don’t choose to shower cold.

This is the ultimate stimulus for your brain to gear up for a hectic routine ahead.  Basically a free limitless pill that anyone with access to a cold shower (or pool) can do.

Brain hacking Legend and Mega Guru Tony Robbins submerges himself in icy cold water every single morning in his own plunge pool!


because it works!

And in humid weather, this is no less than a blessing.

Note: During cold seasons, don’t shower with water that’s too cold – lukewarm water could serve the same purpose!

Meditate & Relax

A little yoga and time to enlighten yourself with some spiritual thoughts is an excellent start to a morning routine.

You get time to connect with yourself, and imagine and focus on life’s possibilities while the rest of the world is still asleep.

Calming silence will soothe your senses and prepare you for the day.

Not only does meditation help get rid of anxiety, but also helps you prevent it from recurring. 

If you suffer from any form of social anxiety disorder, meditation is a great option!

So try making this a habit.

Meditation comes in various forms, for some people it is as simple as reading a book they love!

Find out what relaxes YOU!


What you seek is already seeking you’

A vision board is an excellent way to keep your goals right in front of your eyes, literally!

Whether it’s that medicine degree or those 6 pack abs – display it!

Grab a board or any item that you can hang onto your wall, stud it with every wish or goal that you want to find yourself surrounded within the next 5 or 10 years.

You’ll be amazed at how this simple form of brain hacking works!

It repeatedly reminds you of the reason for your struggle and gives you that extra motivation at times when everything goes asunder.

vision board

It Resonates with the Law of Attraction!

This law constantly reminds you to stay positive, no matter what!

Because you attract what you feel will be your destiny; the universe is always on high alert and has very powerful ways to answer your calls for success.  (Especially with regards to brain hacking)

And this law isn’t mere philosophy, it is supported by quantum physics.

Side Note: If this concept sounds foreign to you right now, I totally get it,  I highly recommend you buy the book “Breaking the Habit of Being yourself” By Dr. Joe Dispenza

So never underestimate the value of what you seek!

What is Brain Hacking?

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