Jacked Factory Green Surge Greens Superfood Powder Supplement Review!

Product Review by David Gracey

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Welcome to my Review of Jacked Factory’s Green Surge Greens Superfood Powder!

Worried about your toxic dietary habits that involve NO greens? Are you looking for the ultimate nourishment for your body without compromising on taste?

Jump onto the bandwagon, I believe this is the perfect alternative!  (Yes, I am hooked on this super greens powder!)

“It does a Body Good!!!!”

I was afraid of the taste until it came. I opened the jar and tasted a bit of the powder. AMAZING!!! The drink is even better!!!

I feel better and I swear it gives me more clarity, more energy, and I seem to be sleeping better, too.

Also, I’ve been making better food choices and my cravings have stopped. I was really disappointed in the amount, though.

The container is only half full of powder, but then a scoop is all I really need per 16 ounces.

I am definitely going to purchase this again, as a matter of fact, I’m going to make it an automatic subscription.

I love the superfoods and beneficial bacteria.

Review by Liane - Amazon Customer

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What Is The Green Surge Greens Superfood Supplement?

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This is a powdered supplement that is designed to replenish the stuff that one would lack the MOST in their diet: GREENS!

I know most of us are aware of the importance of green vegetables and fruits as nutritional elements.

I’m also sure that we all struggle with their intake – I mean, the last green I had was the lettuce in my greasy diner cheese burger!

This supplement is rich in probiotics, enzymes that promote digestion, and essential micronutrients.

Probiotics are live bacteria! And they mean A LOT to our gastrointestinal tract.

They maintain our gut health and support an active digestive tract.

The reason why one would take Oral Rehydration Salts after an episode of diarrhea is because of the loss of these probiotics.

Green Surge is packed with a large plethora of organic ingredients that would help boost immunity and recharge the antioxidant system.

And mind you, it is VERY delicious to drink!

An Introduction Of The Manufacturers: The Jacked Factory!

Jacked Factory is located in the heart of Santa Monica and was founded in 2006. The facility itself is cGMP certified thus follows the highest standards of quality.

This brand (as the name suggests) is focused on manufacturing well-being supplements and caters to a lot of bodybuilders.

However, their focus isn’t just on those looking top bulk up with more muscle..  In fact, their best selling formula to date is the Green Surge Green Superfood Powder!

Jacked Factory Green Surge Review: The Ingredients List!” – What Is in Green Surge Supplement that Makes it So Unique?

According to the Jacked Factory website:

“Green Surge is Packed with essential organic greens, micronutrients, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to optimize your nutrition. 

GREEN SURGE powdered greens (keto-friendly) are made with organic plant super-foods that are rich in essential micronutrients, as well as probiotics, and digestive enzymes to nourish your gastrointestinal system with healthy bacteria.

Even better, it mixes easily in water and comes in a delicious sour apple flavor.

Multiple servings of superfoods, vegetables, and whole fruit powder in just one scoop to support overall health and help regulate oxidative stress.

GREEN SURGE serves to support the immune system by providing a fruit and vegetable blend with unrivaled antioxidant capacity.”


Here’s a clear outline of the ingredients included in their supergreens powder:

 ⦁ Probiotic and Inulin Blend (535.26 mg) – Inulin, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus

⦁ Digestive Enzyme Blend (150 mg) – Tapioca Maltodextrin, Amylase, Bromelain, Cellulase, Lipase, Papain, Protease


  • Organic Spirulina Powder (500 mg),
  • Organic Spinach Leaf Powder (500 mg),
  • Organic Collards Leaf Powder (500 mg),
  • Organic Wheatgrass Powder (500 mg),
  • Apple Fruit Powder (500 mg),
  • Organic Barley Grass Powder (250 mg),
  • Organic Parsley Leaf Powder (250 mg),
  • Organic Broccoli (250 mg) Head/Plant Powder,
  • Organic Carrot Root Powder (250 mg),
  • Pineapple Fruit Powder (250 mg),
  • Raspberry Fruit Powder (250 mg),
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (150 mg),
  • Stevia Leaf Extract (135 mg),
  • Grape Seed Extract (100 mg)

Don’t worry!  I’m Not Going to Simply Just List Out a Bunch of Ingredients…

Instead, let’s break down each individual ingredient in Green Surge one by one so you can get a better understanding as to how this supplement really works!

thumbs up medical lab tests guy

1)   Probiotic And Inulin Blend

These friendly microbes work for the best benefit of your body by executing a symbiotic synergy with it.

In this blend, Jacked Factory has converged a set of probiotics that will help ensure smooth digestion and prevent diarrhea.

Probiotics are also involved in the absorption of medications after breaking them down.

Inulin is a derivative of starch that is commonly found in fruits and vegetables.

It has a fiber-like consistency that would prevent constipation by providing bulk to excretory metabolites and also promote weight loss!

2)   The Organic Veggies

⦁ Spirulina Powder 500 mg

This is a blue/green algae that is loaded with micronutrients and antioxidants. Not only does it prove antioxidant support but also yields a fair amount of iron to prevent anemia!

Spirulina also lowers bad cholesterol while preventing good cholesterol from oxidization!

⦁ Spinach Leaf Powder 500 mg

We all know why Popeye loved Spinach!

It is rich in iron, magnesium, vitamins A, C, and especially K!

Vitamin K leads to healthy bone formation and maintenance.

⦁ Collards Lead Powder 500 mg

Another green that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Especially iron!

⦁ Wheatgrass Powder 500 mg

This is considered the star of the superfood family!

Its primary role is to remove nasty toxins from your body and raise the immunity bars!

Wheatgrass is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps to fight off a lot of infections.

⦁ Barley Grass Powder 250 mg

Barley is very nutritious and helps promote weight loss!

It provides us with essential amino acids for building protein and repairing damaged muscles and blood vessels.

It is particularly rich in vitamin C.

⦁ Parsley Leaf Powder 250 mg

Interestingly, Parsley plays an important role in protecting your eyes!

It is very rich in iron, antioxidants, and Vitamin K!

⦁ Broccoli 250 mg

This superfood needs no introduction.

The amount of Vitamin C found in Broccoli is thrice as much in an orange!

It also supplies us with a fair amount of B vitamins that are needed to keep the cell functioning afloat.

⦁ Carrot Root Powder 250 mg

Not exactly a green veggie but most certainly one of the best sources of carotene and fiber.

Carrots also promote skin health due to their rich lycopene and lutein content!

Lycopene is an antioxidant compound/red carotenoid whereas Lutein is considered a vitamin carotenoid.

3)  The Fruits!

⦁ Apple Fruit Powder 500 mg

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?

This isn’t just an idiom and holds great wisdom!

Apples can prevent anemia due to their rich iron content.

They are also jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and fibers that ultimately support gut health!

⦁ Pineapple Fruit Powder 250 mg

There’s more to this delicious fruit than just the flavor!

It is rich in enzymes that aid digestion and also caters to our antioxidant needs.

The high vitamin C levels would support healthy hair, skin, and bones!

⦁ Raspberry Fruit Powder 250 mg

This fruit is loved by many due to its low-calorie content and amazing flavor!

Berries are loaded with antioxidants and fiber – the latter playing a role in preventing constipation and healthy bowel movements.

Their role in attenuating cancers is also under observation!

4)  The Digestive Enzyme Blend 150 mg

⦁ Tapioca Maltodextrin

Tapioca is a form of starch – whence undergone hydrolysis via enzymes is known as Tapioca Maltodextrin.

This ingredient is used to prolong shelf-life and in this case also aid in rapid digestion.

Fitness trainers also use it as a carbohydrate supplement.

However, I would not deem it the best of additives due to its high glycemic index (it may raise sugar levels above the bar once consumed in excess).

⦁ Amylase

This enzyme is abundantly found in saliva and catabolizes carbohydrates efficiently – which would make the absorptive process much less labor-intensive.

The reason why humans are advised to chew their food thoroughly is to allow this enzyme to execute its action.

⦁ Bromelain

This enzyme is extracted from the pineapple fruit and is employed for the digestion of proteins.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it has a history of use in folk medicine to reduce swelling, promote healing, and attenuate the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

⦁ Cellulase

As the name suggests, it breaks down cellulose to glucose which is then used by the human body.

It is added to foods to raise their nutritional value.

Humans do NOT produce this enzyme, hence it is advised to supplement this enzyme to make full use of cellulose!

⦁ Lipase

This enzyme breaks down lipids or fats.

⦁ Papain

Papain not only improves digestion but also fights off parasitic infections.

It can also help recover from diarrhea and allergies rapidly!

⦁ Protease

This enzyme breaks down proteins.

It also aids digestion and helps lower inflammatory levels.

5)  Green Tea Leaf Extract 150 mg

Green tea leaves are rich in the amino acid L-Theanine.

L-Theanine promotes weight-loss by promoting metabolism, enhances alpha brain waves for relaxing the mind, and gives the body a boost of antioxidants.

It is also known as a natural anxiolytic agent.

6)  Stevia Leaf Extract 135 mg

Stevia is a superior alternative to sugar since it does not have an inflammatory effect.

It also has a considerably lower calorie content and remains a popular choice for individuals trying to lose weight.

7)  Grape Seed Extract 100 mg

The grape seed extract is great for enhancing blood flow!

And it is also rich in stress-fighting antioxidants!

Benefits of Green Surge Green Superfood Supplement!

⦁ Replenishes The Body’s Daily Nutrient Needs

This supplement contains every element that should be present in a healthy diet!

⦁ Perfect For A Daily Dose Of Clean Energy

Great to start off your day with a jam-packed drink!

⦁ Supports Gut Health

Thanks to the prebiotic and inulin blend!

⦁ Rich In Antioxidants – Boosts Immunity

It contains some amazing superfoods to fight off oxidative stress!

⦁ Fights Off Inflammation And Prevents Diarrhea Or Constipation

The fibers play an important role in this supplement.

⦁ Great Taste – Multiple Flavors!

You’ll love gutting this delicious drink down your throat!

When Should I Take Jacked Factory Green Surge Green Superfood Supplement? & What Is The Dosage?

Green Surge jar comes with a scooper.

One or two scoops mixed with 8-12 oz of water are to be taken every morning.  Jacked labs green surge mixed berry is wonderful in the morning!

One jar would last you 30 days IF you stick to one scoop per day.

I would recommend you to start off with 1 scoop per day and stick to it.

2 scoops are for those individuals who do not consume any form of greens in their diet and have poor dietary habits.

Green Surge Review: Are There Any Side Effects Of This Superfood Greens Powder by Jacked Factory?

stress and anxiety side effects

This supplement is packed with nutritious elements that should not cause any side effects.

However, it is not alarming to face a few side effects.

Such as:

⦁ Stomach Upset
⦁ Nausea

Is Green Surge Greens Superfood Supplement Addictive?

I don’t know anyone addicted to greens LOL.


(You’ve seen the bottles! LOL!! )

Jokes apart, none of the ingredients in this supplement possess addictive potential.

But the taste though, it’s super yummy, and it makes you feel healthy and amazing!  (My personal experience)

Is Green Surge Greens Superfood Supplement Safe –  Warnings And Interactions!

This supplement is absolutely safe.


You should be following the set of precautions listed below.

Here’s what I advise to all nootropic users out there:

  • Always consult your doctor before consumption of ANY nootropic, especially if you are on medication or have been diagnosed with a certain diseases/disorder
  • Pregnant or lactating females should avoid the use of Green Surge Greens Superfood Supplement.  It even says so on the container!

⦁ Individuals below 18 years of age should also avoid the use of Green Surge Greens Superfood Supplement OR consult a physician before administering this nutritive stackI

Does Green Surge Super Greens Powder / Superfood Supplement Contain Any Caffeine?

This superfood greens powder does not contain caffeine.

It only provides you with clean crash-free energy.

How Much Does Jacked Factory’s Green Surge Greens Powder Cost?

* NOTE: Prices are subject to change.  In fact, they change their pricing quite often.  I always buy multiple containers when it is on sale.

I also use Amazon’s “subscribe and save” option to save even more, since I am a repeat customer, and have been for over 2 years now!

Pricing generally fluxuates from around $21.99 to $26.99, and sometimes they run a sale for around $20 flat!  (this is when I stock up!)

But, usually pricing is as follows:

Price per jar: $23.99
Price per scoop (one scoop per day): $0.79
Your cost per day: $0.79

Compared to other green supplements, this supplement is significantly cheaper and offers a great value for those high-quality ingredients!

If you couldn’t tell already, Jacked Facory’s Green Surge is my go-to supplement of choice as far as greens powders are concerned!

Check Current Pricing on Amazon…

Where Can I Buy Green Surge Green Superfood Supplement?

This supplement is not sold in stores.

But you can purchase it from Amazon using my link and show some support!

I’ll make small commission if you do, and it keeps the lights on per se here at Super Mind Hacker.  Plus, I greatly appreciate it!

Alternatively, you may also purchase it from their official website. (Although it usually costs more, and you can’t use Amazon Prime for free 2 day shipping)

What I Love About Green Surge!

⦁ No proprietary blends

A clear and transparent in-sight of the ingredient list is given – highly commendable!

⦁ Good Price Point

Affordable and pocket friendly!

⦁ Great Flavors

You won’t feel like you’re drinking a glass of hay and fiber shavings! LOL!  I must say that the green apple is my #1 choice, and Jacked labs green surge mixed berry is my 2nd choice.

But, I must say… I definitely do NOT like their lemon-lime flavor at all! 

I ordered it once, and never will again!  But, that’s just my personal taste buds making that decision of course! 🙂

⦁ Calibrated Quantities

The manufacturers have kept into consideration the daily dietary habits of the population.

None of the ingredients in this supplement are laid out in excessive amounts.

⦁ Great Results

I use this supergreens powder myself every single day!

I would recommend this to all my readers who suffer from imbalanced diets!

⦁ Good Reputation

Jacked Factory is a trusted manufacturer of health and wellness supplements.

Jacked Factory Green Surge Review: (Actual User Reviews!)

Great taste–great product–great ingredients

“I thought the GREEN SURGE SOUR APPLE product was fantastic! I was concerned that perhaps the taste would be too strong, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The flavor was great and the product is wonderful. I’ve been taking it for a week and already noticed a big positive difference with digestion and overall well-being.”

Read the full review by Bob here.

Both Green Surge flavors are great!

“I was not quite sure how the flavor “sour apple” would taste. I thought the flavor would be too sour or possibly have a very strong apple taste.

This would make it hard to drink more than a few times. I love Green Surge in the mixed berry flavor so I decided to give sour apple a try. I was surprised to find green apple has a somewhat pleasant sweet and mild apple flavor.

I will continue to buy both flavors and alternate the two on a daily basis. Green Surge is one of my favorite Jacked Factory supplements.”

Review by John

Would recommend!

I work out really early in the morning so as much as i try to wake up naturally, it just doesn’t work. I mix it with water 20 minutes before i workout.

And i can feel the boost. Much more alert and I’m ready to workout. Would recommend. Kinda tastes like green tea

Review by Scuba

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Jacked Factory Green Surge Supergreens Powder


Does the green surge green superfood supplement come in capsule form?

Yes! But I wouldn’t recommend it since it misses out on a few antioxidants.

Besides, why skip such a great flavored drink, and it’s less pills to have to swallow!

How many flavors does the green surge supplement have?

Green/Sour Apple, Mixed Berry, and Lemon Lime!

The apple and berry flavor is great but as I already mentioned above, I wouldn’t recommend lemon-lime.

They also have an unflavored version, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Is Green Surge supergreens powder a vegan friendly supplement?

Their product does not have a certification for this. 

How many carbohydrates does this supplement have?

4.5 grams.

But only 22 calories and no sugar!

Is the green surge green superfood supplement keto-friendly?

A lot of people claim it is.

However, it contains Maltodextrin, which renders it unfit for a keto diet.

Does Green Surge have any ingredients that cause hair loss?

It is very unlikely that any of the healthy natural ingredients in this supplement greens powder have any effect whatsoever on hair loss.  You can read article on nootopics and hair loss if you want to know more on the subject. 

Can Green Surge be used as a pre-workout?

This isn’t what this supplement was designed for – it is powered to meet nutritional needs.

However, many users have used it as a pre-workout, but it won’t give you that extra oomph of energy.

Does this supplement contain any metals?


Will this greens powder supplement guarantee weight loss?

I wouldn’t bet on it.

It does harbor ingredients that may promote weight-loss but guaranteeing it is quite an unrealistic claim.

What is the best flavor of Green Surge by Jacked Factory?

Sour apple all the way! But, mixed berry is in a not too distant second.  I would stick with either of those flavors.  Me personally, I always order green apple because it’s actually very delicious!

Green Surge Review: A Critical Analysis!…

I love everything about this supplement.


For the addition of maltodextrin.

Had it not been for this ingredient, this supplement could have been declared 100% keto-friendly.

And maltodextrin isn’t the best of additives, especially due to its ability to raise sugar levels!

I still wouldn’t call its use unwarranted – maybe its quantity is very minute.

But, overall, it is a wonderful supplement for anyone looking to get healthy and stay healthy!  Just not a great fit if you’re trying to stay in ketosis with a ket based diet.

Jacked Factory Green Surge Review: My Final Thoughts / Conclusion…

It is so hard to find an economical and well-reputed greens superfood supplement in the market these days.

A lot of us struggle with bad dietary habits and this supplement could really help us achieve our goals.

However, this is NOT to be substituted for your regular diet!

But as a supplement, it kicks butt!

But, don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself!

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