Can you take Nootropics Everyday? Pros vs Cons of Daily Smart Drug Use

Article by: David Gracey
can I take nootropics everyday?

Nootropics can have such a huge impact on your life that you’ll wish that you could take them every single day.  They can improve your mental performance in ways that very few supplements truly can.

That’s why people wonder if can you take nootropics every day, even though there are pros and cons to everything.  The main concern that people have is safety. After all, nootropics affects your brain directly.

Yes, you can take nootropics every day, but you shouldn’t take the same types of nootropics every day. The best strategy is to cycle your stack on and off.  This way you get maximum benefits while decreasing potential side effects.  The secret lies in determining which ones are the long-term nootropics vs the short-term ones.

Now, the good news is that there’s a way to take nootropics everyday without much risk.  This is how all of the experts do it, and you can actually take them with fewer side effects while increasing their effectiveness.  It’s a simple strategy that can truly change your life.

All you need to do is to read everything until the end of this article.

In the last section, you’re going to find out how you can take nootropics every day responsibly.  It’s the secret sauce that’ll improve your whole experience with them.

So, it’s time to find out the pros and cons of the different strategies that you have available. 

Remember that this requires discipline and a lot of tracking things on your part.  If you do everything right, you’ll reap the rewards, so pay attention!

You Can Take Nootropics Everyday, But You Should Cycle Through Them

The main problem with taking nootropics every day is that certain side effects are really not worth it when it comes to long-term use.  Not only that, but long-term use may affect the effectiveness of the nootropic you’re using.  To fix that, the best strategy is to cycle through your smart drug stack.

If you’re new to this, your stack is basically the group of nootropics that you’re currently taking as a combination.  The best strategy is to change things up often, so that you can maximize all of the benefits of each nootropic supplement.

Just remember that there are both long-term and short-term nootropics.  The short-term ones are the nootropics that you want to cycle through.

Your strategy will vary depending on the specific nootropic you’re using (like modafinil or oxiracetam).  You could for example, take each of these every day for a month and then stop, or take them on alternate days, which is usually the best strategy.

What you need to focus on is figuring out the right cycle plan for the nootropics you’re taking.  The most used strategy is to cycle them by alternating days.  This prevents most of the side effects, and actually  increases the benefits exponentially!  How awesome is that?!

How To Cycle Nootropics Stacks On And Off

This is the perfect question to ask if you want to get one million answers in return! (LOL!).   Seriously though, everyone you ask this question to will most likely have a different opinion and strategy for this, but your best option is to determine this based on the specific nootropics you’re taking, rather than being general about it.

As you probably know, there are dozens, if not hundreds of nootropic substances out there to experiment with.  In fact we have created our own list of nootropics with over 120+ different substances which you can see here.

If you’re taking modafinil or CDP Choline, you should cycle through them.  It’s the best strategy to avoid any possible long-term side effects.

Also, if you do this, you can better take advantage of the benefits.  Now, when you’re taking long-term nootropics such as lion’s mane mushroom, you don’t need to cycle its use.  You can pretty much continue taking it consistently while you go on and off of the other nootropics.

The main point is that you need to be able to differentiate the nootropics you’re taking by which ones are the long-term ones, and which ones are the short-term ones.   Then, you can start to create your customized cycling strategy.

So, you’ve got to learn about long-term and short-term nootropics. You must know what’s the right frequency to take them, how to minimize risks, and how to maximize rewards.

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Long-term Nootropics VS. Short-term Nootropics Differences

The core of the answer to whether or not can you take nootropics every day is in finding out whether they’re short-term or long-term supplements.

Long-term nootropics are great for your health and offer minimum side effects.  The greatest benefit they offer is only seen after several weeks.  They’re highly recommended for beginners since they offer minimal side effects and help create the habit of taking nootropics.

The only downside of taking long-term nootropics is that it takes time to see any noticeable results.  This doesn’t however mean that you can’t see short-term effects on long-term nootropics.  The secret to sticking to this, is thinking long-term and not wanting or seeking immediate / instant gratification.

Now, when it comes to short-term nootropics, it’s easy to get excited.  The human mind is conditioned to want instant gratification.

So, when you find out that you can notice changes in your brain function within minutes, you want the thing that gives you that.   Kinda like Pavlov and the salivating dogs experiment.

(For all you psychology nerds like me out there)

The downside of the short-term nootropics is that even though they get you amazing results, you need to know how to administer them so you can go on and off on your stack.  The tip is to start with long-term nootropics (like lion’s mane mushroom) and slowly experiment with and add short-term ones into the mix.

How To Minimize Risks Of Taking Nootropics Every Day

It’s important to make it as clear as possible that nootropics are non-addictive.   Otherwise, they aren’t truly nootropics.  Still, there can be side effects, which is why you shouldn’t take certain nootropics every day.

The only way to minimize risks is to learn how to do it.  The best strategy is to have more than one stack at your disposal so that you can alternate between them.  This will a bit of extra require research on your part to figure out which nootropics work well when taken together.

Plus, since everyones physiology is different, a nootropic stack that works for one individual, may not work very well for you, and vice versa. 

This is why doing extensive research, and trying out different combinations for yourself is crucial to your success in finding that perfect stack combination.


So, What does this All Mean Exactly?

The main point is that if you want to take short-term nootropics, you’ll need to learn how to cycle through them.  It’s the only way to do this successfully and with minimal side effects.

So, if you want to minimize the risks of taking nootropics every day, you have to cycle through them.  Period.

What I would do if I was in your shoes (And, I definitely was at one point!), is to make a list of all the nootropics you’re interested in, the benefits that each one offers, and all the conflicting characteristics between them all.

Then, create two or three different groups, so you can have different stacks at your disposal.  Remember to research as much as you can, especially with mixing 2 or more nootropic supplements together.

A great place to research, and even ask questions is on reddit’s nootropics board found here.

Risks VS. Rewards: Decide When It’s Right For You

As you know by now, there are risks of taking short-term nootropics everyday for a long period of time, especially if you’re not cycling them on and off.    These risks are the side effects that can get to a point where they actually can affect your daily life.  This could be a huge unwanted headache that doesn’t go away so easily, and can cause difficulty performing certain tasks.

The only way to avoid those risks is to cycle through your nootropics. It’s going to sound repetitive, but it’s the only way to do it.  You have to figure out when to stop, in order to minimize the side effects and maximize the rewards.

Now, when it comes to the rewards, you should notice when they start to reach a plateau or when the rewards to risks ration isn’t positive anymore.

The only better way to figure this out without experimenting on yourself is to talk to people who’ve taken the specific nootropic you’re interested in. 

So, to decide when it’s right for you, you have to find a balance between risks and rewards.  This is hard to give advice on because it’s greatly influenced by your health and body conditions.

Can Nootropics Be Addictive? Short Answer: No

According to the founder of nootropics, the answer is no.  Dr. Giurgea says that if it’s addictive, then it’s not a nootropic.

Although some people have been using nicotine as a nootropic substance, and it is highly addictive.  But as a general rule of thumb, nootropics are not addictive.

You may have thought this is a possibility due to a lot of misinformation that you can find online.

Corneliu E. Giurgea

The truth is that nootropics only offer minor side effects and addiction is definitely not one of them.

If you’re still worried, remember that the pain-killer that you took for the last headache that you had is way more addictive than any nootropic you’ll ever take.

Worrying about addictive qualities that a nootropic can have is a waste of time since they simply don’t have this effect on the brain.

Again, the only things that you have to pay attention to are the side effects and the benefits of each nootropic you’re taking.  This is how you’re going to know if they work and for how long it’s worth taking it for you.

Blood Testing To Check Liver Enzymes: Ultimate Nootropics Safety Check

Supplements can cause harm to the liver. The best way to check this is through a blood test to check for liver enzymes.

Now, it’s important to point out that the supplements that caused this problem in the liver was bodybuilding supplements and weight-loss ones.  They contain green tea extract and steroids that were responsible for the harm to the liver.

It’s also important to highlight that this is nothing compared to what alcohol does to your liver.

Now, you must be wondering what about nootropics?

Well, nootropics are safe to use as long as you cycle through them and stop taking them when you have any serious side effects. For the most part, they’re safe to take unless proven otherwise.

As with anything in life, you’ll notice that it’s all about listening to your body to make sure that you’re getting the benefits and not the downsides.

Taking Nootropics Everyday: Final Thoughts

YES!, you can definitely take nootropics every day.  All you need to do is to make sure that you cycle through them, know the difference between long-term and short-term nootropics, and balance the risk vs. reward equation for your personal physiology.

What nootropics have you used everyday? (Stacks or otherwise…) Leave a comment below!

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