Performance Lab Energy Review – Does This Clean Energy Nootropic Really Work?

Product Review by David Gracey

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performance lab energy review

Welcome to our Ultimate Performance Lab Energy Review!

The makers of the infamous nootropic supplement ‘Mind Lab Pro’ now bring to you a target-focused range of supplements. 

One of the most notable ones is their stim-free energy supplement they call “Energy”!

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Is Performance Lab Energy Any Good?

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Let’s find out in this detailed Performance Lab Mind Review!

Performance Lab Energy

“I have been taking this supplement every day!”

“I have been taking this supplement every day first thing in the morning and it appears to be contributing to having well balanced energy levels throughout the day. “

Review by Jerry T.

October 13, 2020

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The Multi-dimensional Series By Performance Lab

You know how there is a different kind of solution to every problem?

Well, this is exactly what Performance Labs’ series is about.

You’ve got sleep issues? Their ‘sleep’ supplement has you covered.

Suffering from weak eyesight? Go for their ‘vision’ supplement.

Performance Lab offers what they call a “Core Range” of Supplements – which consists of 9 different supplements for 9 different targets which you can see here.

They also have a multi-vitamin supplement range for men and women, which addresses nutritional needs and a broader range of issues!

Today, we’ll be reviewing their ‘Energy’ nootropic supplement from their core range – so you have a solution for all your hectic routines and weary productivity levels!

What Is Performance Lab ‘Energy’?

Performance Lab Energy is a nootropic supplement that is designed to raise your energy levels for you to perform your best without harsh stimulants for clean sustainable energy.

Whether it’s a high-intensity workout or a hectic routine that you need to ace your way through, this supplement has you backed up!

On the internet, it is being raved as one of the best supplements to derive maximum mitochondrial energy!

As we age, our mitochondrial machinery tends to wear out – as do our energy levels, unfortunately.

This supplement is designed to renew and revive those energy levels by once again helping the mitochondria perform their best!

Performance Lab Energy claims to generate clean energy, and as far as the mechanism of action of this supplement is concerned – we are convinced!


It is clean because it does not involve the stimulation of your central nervous system via substances such as caffeine – deriving energy via such substances almost always leads to an ‘energy crash’.

And your body feels tired and exhausted.

Definitely not with this supplement!

Instead of targeting the central nervous system, it targets your mitochondrial machinery.

Let us dig deeper into its mechanism of action!

How Does Performance Lab Energy Work? – The Science & Mechanism of Action!

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation!

This is probably the most important mechanism of this supplement.

It works by targeting old and worn-out mitochondria in the cells that need the most energy and aids in repairing them.

Thus ‘re-awakening’ the machinery!

It also works to increase the number of mitochondria in the brain, muscles, and heart.

Therefore making way for the body to receive maximum power and pure energy – crash-free!

We will find out more about its mechanism of action by discussing the functions of the jam-packed powerful ingredients!

Performance Lab Energy Vs Coffee / Tea – Who’s The Winner?

The game here is all about clean energy and of course, the duration of action.

Coffee is great, who doesn’t love coffee?

But let’s admit it, despite the love we all share for its succulent aroma and refreshing taste – the crashing experience is what some of us dread the most!

Coffee can definitely help you get through your work schedule, but there will be a time where you’ll start feeling tired and worn out.

That’s because the effects of coffee or caffeine are short term!

Coffee stimulates the ENTIRE central nervous system!

That’s not exactly a good thing – targeting certain areas of the central nervous system is a better approach.

That’s what inspired Performance Lab to create their “Energy” supplement and provide us all with crash-free access to pure energy!

Not only does it last longer, but its effects are found to be more potent and effective.

Best part? It is crash-free!

What Are The Benefits / Pros Of Performance Lab Energy?

Provides ‘clean’/crash-free energy

Due to the activation of the mitochondrial machinery, you get to have stim-free energy all day!

Great for workout regimens/athletic professionals or energy-deprived individuals

It claims to derive energy from fat instead of exhausting your muscles!

This also means that it is involved in fat metabolism and may help you lose weight (if you workout).

Full-on disclosure about the ingredient list

Always say no to proprietary blends!

You should know what you are ingesting and exactly how much of it!

Made by the nootropic pioneers that gave us the infamous Mind Lab Pro!  Optinutra has a very good reputation as a brand in the nootropic industry.

It has so many consumers who are satisfied with the performance of their products!

(Check out our review on Mind Lab Pro by clicking here)


Gives you a boost of antioxidants

So that you can enable your body to fight off those nasty free radicals!

Optinutra will provide you money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support

Because trust is always obtained via good service and excellent products!

Vegan-friendly, GMP certified, and GMO-free

Perfect for all our vegan friends!

Free from extra additives and fillers

Because you deserve nothing less than pure and high-quality ingredients!

A plant-based and eco-friendly product!

Comes in biodegradable packaging.

Play your part in society and always opt for environmental-friendly products!

Reasonable price tag

Compared to its ‘peers’ in the nootropic industry, this is a competitively priced product!

Performance Lab Energy Review: The Ingredients List!

performance lab energy ingredients list
Performance Lab Energy Ingredients:
⦁ Acetyl L-Carnitine (from Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL) 750 mg
⦁ Microencapsulated Bio-Enhanced® R-Lipoic Acid 150 mg
⦁ MicroActive® Q10 (Coenzyme Q10) 100 mg
⦁ BioPQQ® (Pyrroloquinoline quinone [PQQ]) 10 mg
⦁ BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract (Piper nigrum) (fruit) (95% Piperine) 2.5 mg

Now, Let’s Break Down Each Ingredient in Performance Lab Energy One at a Time…

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR)

ALCAR is one of those ingredients that exercises its nootropic effects by acting on fat (or fatty acids).

It carries this fat all the way to the inner membrane of the mitochondria so that it can be metabolized to release energy or Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

It reactivates the mitochondria by providing it with essential nutrients and is also involved in the process of making way for the exit of toxins and byproducts.

It is great for giving you an ‘oomph’ of energy since it has a lot to do with storing energy in your muscles!

Microencapsulated Bio-Enhanced R-Lipoic Acid

Not only is R-Lipoic acid a fatty acid that is utilized as a source of energy but also serves as a super antioxidant in the body!

It significantly reduces the oxidative stress and toxins in our body to make way for generating pure clean energy via the mitochondria!

R-Lipoic Acid can also recycle antioxidants that particularly protect the mitochondria!

MicroActive Q10 (Coenzyme Q10)

By now, you might have noticed that every ingredient has more or less to do with the mitochondria.

The same goes for this one!

Coenzyme Q10 can be compared to a vitamin that has the ability to boost the performance of the mitochondria.

It can help the mitochondria generate more ATP and also serves its defender and protector!

The reason why Optinutra has made its Coenzyme Q10 ‘MicroActive’ is that the regular form has a hard time getting absorbed and making its way into the intestinal lining.

MicroActive Q10 is supposedly said to be absorbed faster and released slower!

BioPQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone [PQQ])

This compound possesses top-notch antioxidant properties and works to increase the mitochondria in our body.

All of which are concentrated towards mitochondrial health.

Its performance is many-fold amplified than that of Vitamin C!

BioPerine Black Pepper Extract

Our last ingredient has more to do with bioavailability than the mitochondria.

This means that the entire ingredient list mentioned above gets to long laster than it normally would!

So far, I have seen this ingredient in only one more nootropic stack – you can check out the review for Nitrovit here, which also contains Bioperine.

Bioperine is essentially a pepper that increases energy levels and increases metabolism.

When Should I Take Performance Lab Energy And What Is The Dosage?

It is best to take this supplement in the morning along with your breakfast.

However, you may also take it 45-60 minutes before your workout session for an amazing boost of motivation and energy!

Now let’s move on to the dosage.

Performance Lab advises you to take 1-2 capsules on a daily basis as mentioned above.


Ingesting 1-2 capsules above that (maximum 4 capsules per day) is ok too!

Those extra capsules are for that EXTRA zeal & zest!

Are There Any Side Effects Of Performance Lab Energy?

As is with all nootropic supplements, you might face some gastrointestinal issues along with mild sleep disturbances.

But these are safe and friendly dietary supplements, so you need not worry! The side effects from Performance Lab Energy are practically nonexistent!

Is Performance Lab Energy Addictive?

This supplement only contains 5 elements in total and none of them have any addictive potential.

Addiction towards that awesome pack of energy is another thing though! LOL!

Is Performance Lab Energy Safe?

Performance Lab Energy is GMP certified.

GMP stands for ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’, and all products with this certification are made under strict quality control measures.

Other than that, this plant-based dietary supplement is free from a lot of ‘shady’ and low-quality additives that can become a matter of concern.

However, if you are already on some prescription medication, it is best to consult your doctor for advice.

Does Performance Lab Energy Contain Caffeine?

The whole concept behind this supplement is to derive clean energy.

In other words, an energy that has nothing to do with caffeine or its crashing mechanism!

So no, it does not contain caffeine at all.

All the energy is derived solely from the mitochondria!

How Much Does Performance Lab Energy Cost? (Prices are Subject to Change)

1 Month Supply (One Box):

1 bottle = $49
Per serving = $1.63

*Fast Shipping but charges apply!

performance lab energy 1 bottle

2 Month Supply:

2 bottles = $98
(each bottle = $49)

Per serving = $1.63

*Fast Shipping but charges apply!

performance lab mnd 2 months supply

3 Months Supply: (+ 1 Bottle Free!)

“Most Popular!”

4 Boxes (3+1 free) = $147

Only $36.75 per Box!

Per serving = $1.23

*Fast and FREE Shipping!

Some say this is a bit expensive…  My thoughts…

While some reviewers have tagged this supplement as an expensive one, I believe that for the quality and ingredients that it offers, it actually does follow competitive pricing rates!

Especially if you take advantage of their 3 plus 1 bonus offer (4 months total supply), as it makes it only $1.23 per serving! 

>> Click here to See Their Current Specials & Pricing

Where Can I Buy Performance Lab Energy?

Performance Lab Products are sold SOLELY online and are exclusive to their official website only!

>> Visit the Official Website Here…

It is not sold in stores or at Amazon – if you are purchasing from a reseller then the probability of you getting scammed is high!

Even though many see this exclusive availability as a disadvantage, I think it keeps the whole purchasing process authentic and safe!  With 3rd party resellers, you don;t know for sure if you’re getting the legitimate product.  

That’s why at Performance Lab, they only sell their product from their official website  directly to consumers!

Performance Lab Energy Reviews From Consumers!

Performance Lab Mind FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions!

Who makes Performance Lab Energy?

Opti Nutra!

The same nootropic brand that gave you the infamous Mind Lab Pro!

Who is a candidate for Performance Lab Energy?

The foremost candidate has to be athletic professionals and individuals that have a high-intensity workout routine.

But anybody who feels energy-deprived, regardless of their profession is also a very good candidate for Performance Lab Energy.

Is Performance Lab Energy safe to use?


It is GMP certified and focuses on deriving energy from the body’s own power machinery!

Do I need to cycle Performance Lab Energy?


You need not cycle it because it is supposed to be taken on days you need to feel the most energetic!

Regular use, however, is recommended for those who need this amount of energy daily!

Can I stack Performance Lab Energy with other supplements from their core range?


According to Performance Lab, their Energy supplement stacks very well with their Performance Lab Sport, Stim, Mind, and Multivitamin supplements! 

Does Performance Lab Energy actually work?

It most certainly does work!

However, patience is key.

You need to give this supplement time to show the effects that you desire.

How are these pills ‘easier’ to swallow?

This is particularly great news for those who can’t simply swallow a pill due to their hyperactive gag reflex!

Their small size is what makes them easier to swallow!

These capsules are also plant-based and fused with probiotics to bypass all those nasty effects induced by regular chemical-infused capsules.

My Performance Lab Energy Review Final Thoughts…

Usually, nootropic supplements derive their energy from the stimulation of the central nervous system.

Similar to what caffeine does – such mechanisms are often met with an after-math of this phenomenon known as ‘crashing’.

What Performance Lab Energy does is that it only makes use of the existing power machinery in our bodies – the mitochondria.

Which is great!

It provides you clean and crash-free energy.

However, with such supplements, you need to be really patient to allow their effects to become prominent.

If you are an athlete or a workout junkie – this is going to have you stoked!

But for hardworking academics, entrepreneurs, and business executives whose work does not allow them to skimp out on energy levels – this might just be your holy grail nootropic supplement!

Finally, as is with every supplement, I always advise my readers to never ‘substitute’ these pills with your diet.

Remember, these are micronutrients and they can never make up for the nutrient-rich natural diet that we take for granted! 

Overall, we give Performance Lab’s “Energy” a big fat THUMBS UP!

If “clean” natural energy without jitters or crashes sounds good to you, then give “Energy” by Performance Lab a Try!

performance lab energy 1 bottle
Performance Lab Energy Supplement Review

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