What Can I Use to Quantify Or Track Nootropic Effects?

Article by: David Gracey
What Can I Use to Quantify Or Track Nootropic Effects?

In order to quantify or track nootropic effects, you’ll need to first make it a priority, and use a mix of the following tools and tactics.

If done properly, you’ll be able to determine with much more accuracy just how well each nootropic stack or specific ingredient works for YOU.

As I have said dozens of times on this blog, each person is completely different in terms of how their body handles specific substances due to a wide variety of physical characteristics and physiologies!

Simply put…

What works for one person may not work for another.  That’s precisecly why tracking or quantifying nootropic effects is so crucial!

Ways to Track or Quantify Nootropic Effects:
Make A Pre-Assessment Journal
Use The Nootropic tracking App; The Nootracker
Understand The Placebo Effect
Use Quantified Mind Tool
Use Cambridge Brain Assessment
Use Dual n Back Cognition Assessment Tool
Keep A Log Book To Tally Your Goals And Achievements

As you can see, tracking nootropic effects can be a challenge for anyone that wants to make progress with their nootropic stacks.  It’s important to have something to rely on other than your “feelings” that things are improving!  You need REAL data to track your actual progress!

Now, let’s dig into each of the ways to track or quantify the effects of nootropics one by one.

Make A Pre-Assessment Journal

For this one, you only need to jot down a few points of your daily struggles and the hindrances that stop you from achieving your goals. 

I recommend buying a motivation journal for this process.

Before hopping onto the journey of nootropic consumption, make a chart to address the following: 

  1. Feelings: Happy/Sad
  2. Motivation: Motivated/Demotivated
  3. Did I achieve my goals today? Yes/No
  4. Do I feel like my tasks got easier Yes/No
  5. Do I feel more active and focused than yesterday? Yes/No
  6. Do I feel productive today? Yes/No

Add as many quantifiable variables or questions as you like.

Keep the journaling active until you’ve spent at least 3 months on nootropics.

And compare the results!

Understand The Placebo Effect

The placebo effect often targets human nature.

A person taking multivitamins would start feeling better after a month, only to find out that the doctor had given him a dummy preparation!

In essence, it was a hollow pill! And that’s how our mind plays with us!

Do not rely on perception!

The reason is simple. You need to be as objective as possible.

Trust the numbers more than your feelings. This is how you avoid placebos and subjective results.

If you want to be 100% sure that you’re getting results and that your cognition is enhanced, then you need to rely on something more logical and impartial such as data.

Use Nootropics Tracking App; The Nootracker!

You can read more about this app here!

At current, this is only available to track the effects of two nootropics:


It scores key areas of energy, focus, clarity, memory, and mood!

Use Quantified Mind Tool

This is a tool that you can use for free upon registration.

It allows you to test your cognitive functions such as memory, so you can compare to your previous days’ results. In other words, it’s a verifiable way to be certain that you’ve improved your memory, concentration, and other cognitive functions.

These are fun games and quizzes that test your brain to its extremes.  It also allows you to create your own experiments!

Use Cambridge Brain Science

This is also free and uses interactive tests to make its assessment of your skills.

The downside is that it doesn’t have as many tests as Quantified Mind and doesn’t allow you to create your own tests, but it’s still worth giving it a try!

Its tests are all science-based, and they can offer reliable data on your skills – especially the ones that involve memory, reasoning, and planning.

Use Dual n-Back

This is not a website like the two previous tools, but a type of test that it’s widely used to measure working memory.

Dual n-Back tests your ability to recall information by having you memorize the location of a certain item after you’ve seen the grid where it was several turns ago.

This means that you have to remember the location of the item from 2, 3, or even 7 turns after you’ve seen it for the first time.

The downside of Dual n-Back is that it only tests your memory, the short-term memory, to be precise.

Therefore, I wouldn’t suggest you completely rely on it for nootropic assessment, however it is a really aweome too for  sharpening your mind.

Keep A Log Book To Tally Your Goals And Achievements

Finally, it’s time to draw conclusions from the data you’ve gathered.

Evaluating the final data can be stressful, but it’s important to the process.

The first thing that you need is the date of when you got started. You should compare it to the final tests, but also with every other test that you’ve taken in-between.

You can also notice if when you’ve increased the dosage, you got any improvements in your cognition.

This can let you know what’s the best dosage for you and whether or not the nootropic took any effect on your body.

Compare each skill to the nootropic you were taking and the dosage.

How to Quantify or Track Nootropic Effects – My Final Thoughts…

final thoughts question

These are some great ways to know if nootropics are actually working for you!

However, I expect to see further improvements with regards to the tech-aspect of the nootropic industry.

** Please do let me know which method works best for you and comment below if you have new ones in mind!

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