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Product Review by David Gracey

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Imagine a device that could track all of your meditation sessions.  A device that could tell you exactly how relaxed and mindful you were during each of these sessions, (including while wide awake and alert).

This could empower you to make real tangible progress with your meditation, rather than just depending on using your own guesswork.   Something like this could completely change your life for the better.

Well, this is exactly what Muse 2 Headband – EEG (electroencephalography) sensory device is trying to accomplish through biofeedback meditations.

A simple, yet efficient device that can take your meditation practice to another level.

It can give you precise data on your results.

It is like having your own personal science equipment to track the brainwaves you’re producing at the moment.

It sure sound like a lot of exciting promises, but the main question remains…

Just How Effective is the Muse 2 Headband Device, and is it Worth the Money?

The idea behind the product itself is amazing, but it has to actually work to be worth the price that InteraXon (the company behind Muse 2) is asking for it.

Now, this is exactly what this Muse 2 review article is going to help you with.  To help you decide for yourself whether or not Muse 2 headband is for you.

You’re going to find out everything you need to know in order to make an educated decision before you buy a Muse 2 (or even Muse S model) headband.

From what the Muse 2 headband device is, to all the pros and cons, to how the technology works, we hope to fill in the gaps for you to allow you to make the best choice for your personal needs.

One thing is certain though, Muse 2 is an incredible device that can help many people take their meditation and mindfulness practice to the next level.

So, without further ado, it’s time to focus on what this amazing EEG technology headband can do for you and how it works.   The key is to understand what it promises and if it actually delivers on those promises.

After all, no one is interested in pseudoscience.  Like myself, I’m sure you’re only interested in real tangible results.

So, let’s dig in to this Muse 2 Headband review!

What Is the Muse 2 Headband?

When you first look at the Muse 2 headband, it looks like a prop right out of a science fiction movie. 

This is a thin, simple headband that it’s tucked behind your ears and placed across your forehead.  The goal of using it, is to track your brain’s electrical activity and stimulate your mind to achieve certain conscious states.

It’s not a discrete device (in case you were wondering).  If you don’t want people to notice it while in public, you may want to just wear it in the comfort of your own home.

It charges easily like most modern devices via Micro USB and connects via Bluetooth.  It has five flashing LEDs that let you know when it’s fully charged, as well as when the Bluetooth is paired between the headband and your smart phone.

Another thing that you must know about is the IOS and Android app.

The functionality is easy to use and rarely crashes. The UX is one of the best in the category. 

So, the Muse 2 headband is a small device that you wear across your forehead that helps you track your brain waves.  The app has different scoreboards to track, letting you keep an eye on how well you’re doing, especially when it comes to concentration.

How Does the Muse 2 Headband Work?

The Muse 2 works by using EEG sensors.  There are five in total throughout the headband.  Three on your scalp and two behind the ears.  It uses advanced signal processing that interprets the activity within your brain to guide your actions.  

When your mind is in a relaxed state, you’ll hear calming sounds like peaceful weather.  If you start to get off course, you’ll hear the opposite!

Neuroscience researchers all over the globe use this same exact technology. 

Click the link below to see exactly how it works:

EEG sensors are used in hospitals and for different treatments for Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.  The letters stand for electroencephalography.  This is a method for detecting the amounts of electrical activity in people’s brains.

The whole point of wearing the Muse 2 headband is to train your brain, so you can keep the desired brain activity for as long as you can.

For this reason, you will need a certain level of discipline to not only wear the headband but also maintain the electrical brain activity that you want.  The headband will use sounds and visual cues to help you maintain it.

So basically, the Muse 2 headband works with EEG sensors that track your brain’s electrical activity, and helps you to maintain a certain state of mind.

It’s quite similar to what meditation can do for you, but in this case, you’re using technology to expand upon your results.

You can wear the headband for a long time period during the day, which is not something achievable to most people with standard meditation practices.

How Much Does The Muse headband Device Cost?

Muse 2 and Muse S headbands

The Muse headband comes in a couple different options, ranging from $249 USD for the Muse 2 headband (as seen HERE), to around $349 USD for their Muse S model (as seen HERE).

The Muse S model is their more advanced version, and goes a bit beyond just meditation, and adds in a sleep module for real time biofeedback, as well as soothing voice guidance for guided restful sleep.

While the Muse headband isn’t completely out of reach for most people price wise, it would be a good idea to also add a carrying case just to be safe.  The device itself is well made, but it is also fairly thin, so buying a carrying case is a good investment.   The Muse case will set you back an extra $39.99 but is worth getting. 

Who Is The Muse 2 Headband For?

The Muse 2 headband is for tech-savvy people that want to take their mediation, productivity, and efficiency to the next level.

What this technologically advanced headband can do for you, is help you reduce your levels of anxiety and stress while achieving a more relaxed mental state.  This can have an impact on your life overall, but even more on your work.

technology business man

If you feel like you can have the discipline required to keep using it every day, and you like the idea of following your progress with the app and experimenting with the features that it provides, it can be the perfect choice for you.

If you’re someone who has a hard time being consistent and sticking to new processes, you may want to really contemplate whether or not you’re going to stick to using the device long enough to attain the promised results.  Not everyone is the same, especially when it comes to new technology.

In the end, it all comes down to how much you truly want to achieve a more relaxed state of mind and reduce the current level of stress in your life.

So, if you feel like this is you, the Muse 2 headband is definitely for you. 

You can use it when you get home from work or even during the commute if you’re willing to wear it in public.

What Are The Main Effects to Expect from Using the Muse 2 Headband?

The main effects that Muse 2 will have on your routine, are for you to be able to keep and lock-on to a certain state of mind or brain wave, (or whatever you prefer to call it) for as long as you can.

The headband will track every brain electrical activity alteration, helping you go back to the desired state.

This is why you need to have a lot of discipline to wear it efficiently.  (And why I said to take a step back and take this into account before you buy one for yourself)

Now, if you are indeed disciplined enough, you likely already notice most of the effects that meditation has on your day,  but with the potential to achieve even more.

Most people that use Muse want to compartmentalize their days, and they also want to achieve a mental state which is called meditative alertness.

meditative alertness - focus

When you’re in this state, you’re calm and relaxed, but still very much aware of your thoughts and surroundings.  You reach an even greater level of concentration and creativity.

So, this is in a nutshell the main effect of  the Muse 2 Headband device. 

You can track your brain’s electrical activity and improve your life by maintaining a level of cerebral electric activity that can boost your performance.

That’s the company’s promise of what Muse 2 can do for you.

Muse 2 Headband Main Benefits…

Everyone that recommends the Muse 2 headband loves the fact that it boosts your meditation abilities.

It can also improve your focus and concentration levels.  This leads to noticeable reductions in stress and anxiety levels while also increasing the time that you can meditate in your daily routine. 

The benefits you receive are worth the discipline that it takes to use the device every day.

Most Notable Benefits of Muse 2:
Reduced Anxiety
Reduced Stress
More Focused Mind
More Relaxation
Boost in Performance at Work related Activities

These are the main benefits that the Muse headband will give you.

For many people, only meditation is more than enough, but if you are a gadget lover and want to have data on the progress that you’re making with your mental states, this is also a great device. 

If you want to give your productivity a boost and control your anxiety and daily stress, this is the device for you.  The EEG sensors are not 100% accurate all the time, but they do indeed get the job done, especially if you stick to being consistent (which I mentioned before – is key!)

Muse 2 Can Improve Your Meditation Sessions!

Muse can boost your meditation sessions in two ways.

The first one is the most obvious way.  You use the headband to detect your electrical activity during your meditation sessions.

This helps you be aware of the mental states that you’re achieving and how long you’re holding them.  One of the main frustrations during meditation is not feeling like you’re making progress. The Muse 2 fixes that.

Now, another way that the Muse headband can improve your mediation sessions is that when you practice maintaining certain mind states throughout your day, it gets easier to access them later when you’re meditating.

This means that you can achieve those relaxed and more focused brain states or flow state during your meditation and with more regularity!

So, this can a great way to take your meditation sessions to the next level.  You will achieve a meditative mind state faster and with much less effort.

Not to mention, also enjoying the main benefits that meditation offers for far longer into the course of your day, since you’re consciously aware of your electrical brain activity.

meditative state - yoga

The Million Dollar Question: Does Muse 2 Headband Really Work?

The main objection that people have before purchasing any new device (especially with new technology), is if it actually works or not.

In the case of the Muse headband, although the accuracy isn’t 100%, it does have the ability to get you actual results and real benefits.

The EEG sensors aren’t going to detect every change in your electrical activity every time, but definitely most of the time.

This allows you to have quite accurate data to help you evaluate your brain activity, and what you want to achieve with it.

Another main thing is that you can notice these changes even without looking in the smartphone app.

So, if you’re looking for a device that can detect your brain’s electrical activity, (which allows you to maintain a more focused and relaxed brain state), this is the perfect device for you. 

Muse 2 Headband Review – Final Thoughts…

Well, that about sums up our Muse 2 headband review.  This is a great device to not only take your meditation to the next level, but also to improve your productivity as a whole.

The price itself (Around $249 USD for the Muse 2 Model) is actually not too bad if you take into account the improvements of your daily life that are acheivable with regular use.  (Click here to Compare Models)

However, if you’re one of those people who try something out for a couple days, and put it in a drawer to collect dust, you may want to decide if you’re ready to make a daily commitment to actually using it!

But, if you’re already someone who meditates daily, this should be a breeze, and totally worth the investment.

In the end, it boils down to how bad you want results, and if you’re willing to take action to get them.  The results could very well be life changing! 

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