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Article by: David Gracey
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What Are the Best Nootropics Supplements?

(And Why They Might Not Work The Same Way For Each Person…)

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When it comes to cognitive brain enhancement, nootropics have become the “go-to” tool for many brain hackers and hard working individuals and entrepreneurs looking for that extra “edge” cognitively.

As far as achieving maximum brain power, and becoming as truly limitless as possible, few things can make as notable a difference as nootropic brain supplements can.

The one big thing that is important to understand when figuring out what the best nootropics are is concerned, is this:

“Not every nootropic substance or supplement works the same for each individual person.” – David Gracey 

That’s because we are all wired differently!

We all have different body chemistries. For example, some people are more resistant to disease, while others recover more quickly from injury.

We also have different physiologies.  For example, some people can hold their breath for longer, while others can run faster.

And, of course, we have different brains! Some people are naturally more creative, while others are better at critical thinking.

That’s why, unlike other “best nootropics review” type websites who simply rank nootropic supplements and other smart drugs as the absolute best and/or worst product out there to buy…

We stand by the idea that not every solution out there works the same for each person.

Instead, we give you as much information on each product as possible, including the good, bad, and the ugly, so that you can make an informed decision before deciding on which nootropic supplement is a great fit for your personal needs.

The ONLY true way to know what the best nootropic supplements are, is to find out which ones work best for YOU by giving them a try for yourself, and monitoring and tracking your own personal results.


This is the reason that my personal nootropic stack is always changing and evolving!

I often change up my nootropic stacks, by incorporating various supplements or stand alone ingredients that target different functions in the brain and body.

I find that this helps me keep my mind sharp and allows me to experiment with what works best for me.

I’m always looking for new ways to improve my cognitive function, and trying out different nootropic combinations is one way that I do that.

That also includes supplements for having vivid dreams!  Lucid dreaming I believe is something a lot of people ignore, but has a lot of value in optimizing brain function.

If you stick around, you’ll notice that I am nearly obsessed with getting better sleep as part of my cognitive enhancement journey.

The key is to do thorough research as to which ingredients jive with one another, and which ones to avoid combining.

The great thing about my top recommended nootropics on this page, is that the substances in each of the ingredients lists are already pre-formulated with proper amounts of each specific ingredient.

Therefore, most of the heavy lifting / leg work has been done already for you.

Notice, I did say “most”.  

You still should carefully read the ingredients list of each of these nootropic supplements and be aware of what each pre-formulated substances are in each one.

Each cognitive enhancement supplement listed of this recommendations page does have a link to my individual review posts, where I do cover these formulas in greater detail.

Just click on the “read review” button next to each one.

Now, are there some nootropics that are better than others?

YES! Of course! 

Some nootropic supplements work amazing, and are considered to be among the very best while others are not so great, and are sometimes a form of modern snake oil (AKA Worthless).  And, on the far end of the spectrum, some can even be dangerous.

Below, I listed what I currently consider to be the best nootropics available right now.   These are simply “MY” personal favorite nootropics and supplement recommendations along with links to my full review posts for each one.

I still expect each person to do their own research for the same exact reasons I highlighted in the paragraphs above.  Just use these as a starting point for your own brain enhancement journey!

So, let’s dive in to my top picks for cognitive enhancement supplements (Also known as Nootropics).

The Recommended Nootropics / Supplement Reviews Listed Below Are in Order of – My Personal Favorites / Top Picks!

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Nitrovit is a nootropic supplement made by Project Nooyou that supports superior focusing abilities and eliminates brain fog. 

This would prove to be an amazing supplement for those struggling with attention deficit disorders (ADD / ADHD) or related issues. 

Nitrovit has an amazing formula similar to the other ones listed below, but with “noopept’!  Noopept is a ridiculous nootropic ingredient, and really pushes this supplement over the top!

If you are somebody who has reached the epitome of procrastination or you just can’t seem to concentrate during classes or work – this might just be your savior!

Buy NITROvit

Alpha Brain is a nootropic supplement made by Onnit.   This caffeine free nootropic formula is great for added mental clarity / processing power.  It helps you think clearer, sharper, and quicker, leading to overall better memory and focus. 

In other words, it’s a brain fog killer!  It has become super popular among athletes, CEO’s, and even professional gamers. 

They have sold over 1 millon bottles and counting.  If you’re seeking more “mental clarity”, Alpha Brain is worth a shot.  They even have a Free 2 Week Trial (just pay shipping), if you want to give it a try – Click Here.

Click on the links below to read our full Alpha Brain Review, or visit their website to learn more.

alpha brain review

Qualia Mind is perhaps one of the most hyped-up / most-discussed nootropic supplements in the market!

This jam-packed Nootropic supplement is a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, and special ingredients.  

The motto “You get what you pay for” applies here because Qualia Mind is a bit more pricey than other nootropic supplements, but it really is an amazing brain enhancement supplement. 

Read my Qualia Mind Review to get the full scoop!

Qualia Mind Review Image

Mind Lab Pro is a VERY popular nootropic supplement that has been raved by many of its users. (Read the official reviews here)

This dietary supplement has a somewhat limited (yet potent) ingredient list which helps you to boost memory power, lift up your mood, have better cognition, and stay more laser focused while learning / studing.  

Mind Lab Pro acheives this by targeting 6 bio-pathways!  Read our full review to learn more about how it works.

Performance Lab Mind is an affordable nootropic that claims to boost cognition and brain energy. 

I helps to alleviate stress from your mind to help you focus better and stay motivated. 

You can think of it as more of a simplified version of Mind Lab Pro, and perfect for first time nootropics users.

In a nutshell, Mind by Performance Lab increases blood flow to the brain which means more nutrients and oxygen which in turn strengthens your entire neural network, giving you crash-free energy. 

This nootropic is literally always selling out due to high demand.   I definitely think “Performance Lab Mind” is worth a shot! 

performance lab mind

NitroAmp is a nootropic supplement that works to raise your energy levels so that you can perform your best! 

Think of it as a “smart caffeine” supplement!   The goal of this nootropic supplement is to give you “smart energy”.  In other words, focused energy with a relaxed state of mind at the same time! 

Imagine your most focused caffeine moment, but without any jitters or crash at all.

That’s because NitroAmp combines the soothing effects of L-theanine in the perfect ratio to combat the negative side effects associated with caffeine.   

If you want heightened mental energy without overstimulation, you need to try this out.

NitroAmp review

I personally drink decaf coffee along with NitroAmp (because I love my coffee), and it is freaking amazing.  Now, this is not an “all-in-one” nootropic supplement, but for clean focused energy, it is hard to beat!

This is another “Crash free” energy formula nootropic supplement.  Energy is made by the same company as Mind Lab Pro and is nearly just as popular! 

Unlike NitroAmp, this nootropic does not contain any caffeine at all.  Instead, it works directly on the brain’s cells by targeting old and worn-out mitochondria and helps to repair them thus “re-awakening” your brain (just like re-booting a computer!).

The ingredient list also makes perfect sense (which I dig into more detail in my full review).  

In fact, the effects of Performance Lab Energy actually last much longer than caffeine, and with no-crash!  It’s really something that you need to experience for yourself. 

Simply telling you about it doesn’t to do it any justice!

performance lab energy review

Is There a Nootropic Supplement You’d Like for Us to Review?

Super Mind Hacker

As I mentioned at the top of this page, the nootropics listed here are just some of my personal favorites.  I firmly believe that everyone responds differently to each nootropic substance and/or supplement, and what works for one person may or may not work as well for another!

If there are any nootropic supplements you’d like for us to review, please shoot us a message here: Contact Us.

Also, if you have had personal experience with any of the nootropic supplements or substances we discuss here on Super Mind Hacker, (Or even ones we have not covered yet) we’d love to hear about your experiences! 

This helps us to get another outside perspective / viewpoint which helps us to better review various pre-formulated nootropic supplements, and share that information with our community.

I hope this list of recommended nootropics (and the nootropic reviews for each) helps you on your cognitive enhancement journey!

Also, if any of the recommendations or advice has helped you in any way, please also let us know!  We love to hear about success stories!

Thanks, and happy brain enhancing!

-David Gracey –

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