Performance Lab Mind Review – Improved Memory & Motivation in a Pill?

Product Review by David Gracey

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Performance Lab Mind Review
One of the most wanted attributes of any humanbeing is intellect.

What can Performance Lab Mind do to amplify YOURS?

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The Multi-dimensional Series By Performance Lab

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You know how there is a different kind of solution to every problem?

Well, this is exactly what Performance Labs’ series is about.

You’ve got sleep issues? Their ‘sleep’ supplement has you covered.

Suffering from weak eyesight? Go for their ‘vision’ supplement.

Performance Lab offers a core range – which consists of 9 different supplements for 9 different targets.

They also have a multi-vitamin supplement range for men and women, which addresses nutritional needs and a broader range of issues!

Today, we’ll be reviewing their ‘Mind’ nootropic supplement from their core range, called “Performance Lab Mind” – so you have a solution for all your hectic routines and weary productivity levels!

performance lab official website

What Is Performance Lab Mind?

Quick Note: Before I start getting into the details of this popular nootropic supplement, let me just remind you that it runs out of stock quite often due to excessive demand! (I’m not saying that as a fake scarcity tactic either, it’s just a fact)

In other words, don’t get discouraged if it says “out of stock”

They do take back orders and seem to catch up quickly! (You may just have to wait an extra week or so if this is the case…)

*Actual Screenshot from their website:

Mind by Performance Lab - out of stock screenshot
Its affordable pricing and amazing results have been loved by many!

Performance Lab Mind is an exquisite part of Opti Nutra’s core range – it claims to boost cognition and brain energy!

Helping your mind release its stresses and getting it back on its tippy-toes is also one of the attributes of Performance Lab Mind!

Configuring the brain to excel in the levels of Focus, speed, energy, memory, motivation, and more is what this supplement claims.

You can think of Performance Lab Mind as a tailored-down version of the infamous Mind Lab Pro – the supplement which has ignited hype in the nootropic industry.

(Note: To find out more about this much raved about nootropic formula – You can Read our full Mind Lab Pro Review Here)

But of course, Mind Lab Pro’s jam-packed formulation comes with a relatively hefty price tag.

So if you wish to seek the benefits of boosted cognition and brain energy on a budget, then Performance Lab Mind can help you with that!

How Does Performance Lab Mind Act – The Science & Works!

To keep it plain and simple, this supplement works by vigorously increasing blood flow to the brain.

The frequency of nutrient replenishment increases and this directly affects the performance of the brain.

Apart from nutrients, the Oxygen supply is also doubled!

Performance Lab Mind strengthens the neuronal network so that your memory and focus amps up to appreciable levels.

The neurotransmitter involved in the sharpening of the brain is known as Acetylcholine.

Performance Lab Mind boosts the levels of this neurotransmitter which enables the brain to perform more efficiently!

What Are The Benefits / Pros Of Performance Lab Mind?

good benefits

Gives a kick-ass boost of brain energy and motivation

Thanks to the replenishment of Acetylcholine levels in the brain!

Enhances memory power and recall abilities

This too, accounts on the behalf of amped-up Acetylcholine levels!

Helps you tackle stress-inducing situations

Our stress-fighting hero; NALT comes to the rescue!

Replenishes nutrients and enhances blood flow

An enhanced blood flow in the brain is similar to the physical effects of exercise, it literally pumps you up!

Keeps the membrane integrity intact for the smooth functioning of the cells

Actions proceed faster and more accurately!

Thanks to Phosphatidylserine.

Acts as a neuroprotective agent

Protecting our neuronal machinery means we get to look and feel young for longer.

The anti-aging ingredients in Performance Lab Mind help you keep your youthful energy flowing!

Crash-free brain energy!

Energy is derived from the powerhouse of the cell – the mitochondria!

Not by excessively stimulating our central nervous system.

Probiotic infused capsules

The insides matter as much as the outsides!

These plant-based capsules are free from any sort of harmful ingredients that can compromise our long-term health.

Non-GMO, Vegan, GMP certified, and soy-free supplements

Because quality matters!

Performance Lab Mind’s Quality Ingredient List!

performance lab mind ingredients
⦁ 250mg Citicoline (as Cognizin®)

⦁ 100mg Phosphatidylserine (as Sharp-PS® Green)

⦁ 300mg N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine

⦁ 75mg of Maritime pine bark extract

⦁ Citicoline (as Cognizen)

Let’s Dig a Little Bit Deeper into Each Ingredient Found in Performance Lab’s Mind!

Citicoline (as Cognizen)

Cognizen is a patented version for Citicoline and Uridine.

Citicoline is an excellent source of our primary neurotransmitter; Acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine helps promote cognition – which means it will help you with logical thinking and perceive situations more qualitatively!

Everyday tasks and critical thinking skills improve significantly – because your mind is bathed with nature’s sacred neurotransmitter!

Where many people seem to undermine the power of Acetylcholine, Performance Lab Mind has listed it as their first and foremost ingredient.

Coming on to Uridine – it is a neuroprotective agent.

Citicoline once crossing the blood-brain barrier transitions into Uridine.

This can immensely delay the aging process and also promote neuronal regeneration!

Cognizen also enhances Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels and this explains how this supplement claims to enhance brain energy!

250 mg of Cognizen is good enough, however, we do feel like this supplement would have done better with some more of it.

Phosphatidylserine (as Sharp-PS green)

Phosphatidylserine (PS) has amazing health and brain benefits.

This phospholipid is an integral part of our cell membranes and imparts it with fluidity – so that all the reactions and processes going on in our cells proceed smoothly.

PS also increases the levels of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)! (To find out very interesting facts about the NGF, refer to our NGF article here!)

This handy phospholipid plays a crucial role in enhancing the levels of Dopamine and Serotonin – both these neurotransmitters can elevate the mood.

Phosphatidylserine can also conjure mechanisms for boosting motivational and focus levels!

To have a detailed look at this miraculous phospholipid – review our article here!

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT)

Upon making a contralateral comparison with its big daddy, Mind Lab Pro – this one contains more NALT!

To be precise, twice as much!

And this justifies Performance Lab Mind’s claim of combating stressful situations.

NALT helps you cope up with scenarios that may induce anxiety.

But how does it work?

It raises dopamine levels!

Dopamine significantly alleviates stress by promoting good vibes and affirmative feelings.

Apart from raising Dopamine levels, it also balances the levels of Epinephrine and Norepinephrine.

These catecholamines come in handy when one is met by a situation which demands logical thinking to put its work into action.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract (Pinus Pinaster)

So this is the element that solely focuses on nullifying the effects of oxidative stress, which can slow down your mind and its thinking mechanisms!

A great addition to this nootropic stack because there is always a need for a potent antioxidant in our bodies.

The active ingredient in this antioxidant is the proanthocyanidins – they act as scavengers and hunt down free radicals effectively.

Oxidative stress can cause immense damage that is often left unaccounted for.

DNA damage or deficits in the neuronal networks are some of its nasty effects – both of which deteriorate the integrity of the brain and ultimately, its performance.

Thankfully, this is a VERY strong antioxidant!

Now that you have all your ingredients working together to promote cognition and brain energy, the French Maritime Pine Bark Extract seals the deal by wrapping it up with its fruitful mechanism of action!

When Should I Take Performance Lab Mind And What Is The Dosage Regimen?

Ideally, you should be taking 2 capsules daily for faster results!

However, we always suggest to build your way through the dosage and start off with a single capsule per day.

You may take it with your breakfast early in the morning.

Performance Lab suggests you to ingest these pills with a component rich in fat – this can be in the form of milk or oil.

They also suggest stacking this supplement with their MCT oil at breakfast!

The thing with these nootropic supplements is that they require A-grade compliance!

You need to be extremely regular with these supplements to witness promising results – this also means you need to be very patient with your journey!

Are There Any Side Effects Of Performance Lab Mind?

Even though I have come across little or no adverse effects regarding this supplement, I do feel that it is normal to experience a few gastrointestinal symptoms.

Since this supplement is already so toned down and balanced, nothing too serious is likely to occur.

In case you do experience some aggressive symptoms, make sure to consult your physician!

Is Performance Lab Mind Addictive?


Not a single ingredient listed in this nootropic stack has addictive potential.

So you can sit back and relax!

Enjoy the benefits without any tension!

Is Performance Lab Mind Safe?

This is a very common question when it comes to any nootropic stack or even individual ingredient.

And for good reason, this stuff acts on one of the most important organs in our body – the brain!

Safety comes first and Opti Nutra has their priorities set straight.

They have a GMP certification which testifies their strict quality control measures.

Also, their vegan and GMO-free formula is safe for even long term consumption.

Warnings / Interactions!

Individuals below 18 years of age are advised to avoid any nootropic stack, let alone this one – unless your physician recommends it!

Lactating and pregnant females are supposed to follow the same protocol.

If you are on medications or have an underlying condition that needs to be addressed and/or monitored – it is best to consult your physician before ingesting Performance Lab Mind.

Does Performance Lab Mind Contain Any Caffeine?

Absolutely NOT!

Their claim of providing stim and crash-free energy is totally derived from the fact that they do not use caffeine.

Their ingredients make use of the ATP and the mitochondrial machinery only.

Good News Coffee Lovers!

So if you are a coffee lover, you can totally have your regular cup of coffee with this nootropic stack.

Although, you might experience a crash (which won’t be because of this supplement but your beverage instead).

How Much Does Performance Lab Energy Cost?

NOTE: Recommended Dosage is just one capsule per day, but you can follow an advanced regimine taking 2 capsules per day)

1 month  (30 day) supply:

1 bottle: $49
Price per pill : $1.63
Your cost per day: $1.63 (Or  $3.26 for two capsules

*Shipping charges apply

performance lab - mind 1 month pills

2 month (60 day) supply

2 bottles: $98
Price per pill : $1.63
Your cost per day: $1.63 (Or  $3.26 for two capsules

*Shipping charges apply

Mind by performance lab - 2 months supply

3 month supply – BEST DEAL!
(Free Shipping + Free Extra Bottle!)

4 bottles (3 + 1 free): $147.00

Price Per Bottle: Drops to $36.75 each
Price per pill : $1.23
Your cost per day: $1.23 (Or  $2.46 for two capsules



*Compared to other pre-formulated nootropics, this one is relatively cheaper, and a great choice overall.

Where Can I Buy Performance Lab Mind?

Like all other Opti Nutra’s products, Performance Lab Mind is exclusively sold online on their website.

This means that you will not find this on Amazon, nor in drug stores near you.

If you do, however, spot any of their products being sold on another website or store – it is probably a scam.

Not always, but there’s a chance since scammers like to sell copy-cat versions on sites like eBay and Amazon. 

There have been plenty of horror stories on reddit and other online forums about people getting ripped off, so it’s best to buy directly from the source!

When buying something like nootropic supplements, it is imperative that you know ehat you’re getting before putting it inside your body.  You don’t want to buy a fake product with who knows what insoide it.  It’s much better to know you’re getting an authentic product.

And even though some find this exclusivity as a con to Opti Nutra’s selling policy (Only selling it from their official website) – I think it makes the whole purchase process MUCH safer!

Mind Lab Pro Vs Performance Lab Mind

mind lab pro vs performance lab mind
Both these babies (or nootropics) are birthed by the same parent – hence will carry the same morals and values with regard to quality.

However, Mind Lab Pro is a relatively extensive formula with much finer ingredients.

Its results will obviously be noticed sooner and will also feel more amplified than its counterpart.

Interested in “Mind Lab Pro”, Opti-Nutra’s Premium / More Advanced Nootropic Formula? – Then Click Here to Read Our Full Detailed Mind Lab Pro Review

So why did Opti Nutra even decide to launch an underdog version of Mind Lab Pro?

There can be two reasons for it:

1.) Affordability – Mind Lab Pro is pretty expensive if you compare it to Performance Lab Mind.

So if you are seeking a cheaper alternative that serves the same benefits (in a toned-down version) then this is for you!

2.) Intensity Of Effects – Mind Lab Pro has a very definitive and potent mechanism of action. Faster and stronger results are two things that you can expect from it. It also addresses a broader range of issues to be tackled.

Performance Lab Mind is undoubtedly a focused stack that mostly concentrates on the brain and its effects are relatively subtle.

Are Only 4 Ingredients Enough To Make This Supplement Successful?

If this question crossed your mind too, then you are observant!

After conducting thorough research on Mind by Performance Lab, I realized that many users had the same question popping in their heads.

Sometimes, it is not about the quantity, but the quality.

In this case, the quality is maintained by stacking ingredients for fool-proof synergy.

All 4 of these ingredients pair up with each other very well and work to enhance the effects of one another.

And thus work harmoniously.

So yes, even though this stack contains as little as 4 ingredients – it is super successful.

Thanks to the smart stacking strategy!

Real Performance Lab Mind Reviews From Actual Users! – The Performance Lab Mind Diaries!

Has helped push me to get a triple grading in martial arts last week after a steady month of using Performance Lab Mind, along with stim and flex has helped me push to my limit and then some more! This is the first time my sensei has awarded this.

I was a white belt for 7 months then yellow orange, green. I look forward to what Performance Lab can offer going into my next grading and any new or recommendations to help ongoing! I am currently studying health and nutrition and looking to start my own podcast. Mind is helping great! Thanks.

Rory N.

Podcast Host & Performance Lab Mind Customer, See His Full Review

“Seems to be good quality products for sure. I bought Mind, Energy, Sleep, Stim and the Men’s health capsules as well as the MCT oil that I put in coffee and on my food – I especially think the Energy one is really good and the ingredients of it are massively underrated as far as health and optimisation goes. Stim is also very good with the l-theanine dose in it. My only suggestion (to the company) is that I wish they had a somewhat higher dose of citicoline in the Mind tablets, but even then I will still re-buy since the overall formulation with the other ingredients in it is pretty good.”


Performance Lab Mind - Customer, See His Full review

“Honestly, I was rather desperate. Difficulty focusing like I’ve never had before due to the stress of current Covid crisis I guess. Within a couple of days, of taking just one pill in the morning, I found myself able to complete tasks again. You still must be mindful, and use strategies and tools, but with “Mind”, you’re able to put the pieces together. Clarity without jitters. I’m a believer.”

Jolene H.

Performance Lab Mind - Customer, See Her Full review

“Definitely the best focus enhancing supplement I’ve taken. It’s subtle, calm focus which I was looking for. Most brain enhancing formulas are too intense and give me too much energy. I do have a sensitive system so this was just perfect. I finished my first bottle and after about a month without I noticed I was back to were I started and decided it was time to order the value pack. I took as directed with no negative effects. I noticed a difference in the first few days of taking it.”

Kelly K. - (on Oct. 6, 2020)

Performance Lab Mind - Customer, See Her Full Review

“Man oh, Man! I Love this product! It’s good for memory retention, focus, brain energy and brain function. I use it ever morning for my job and on my off days when I go to the gym and it keeps me performing at a high level all the time.”

Jason K. - (on Jul 31, 2020)

Performance Lab Mind - Customer, See His Full Review

The FAQ Section: Frequently Asked Questions About Mind by Performance Lab!

Who is a good candidate for Performance Lab Mind?

Hard-working academics and individuals who need critical thinking skills intact at all times.

This is a great supplement for exam season – make sure to start taking it 2-3 months earlier than your exams!

Should I consider cycling Performance Lab Mind?

The Performance Lab dudes recommend not to cycle it.

However, I feel like a supplement with such an ingredient list should be cycled after every 3 weeks at least!

You may take a break every 3 weeks for a total of 6-7 days.

Is Performance Lab Mind safe?


Its vegan-friendly non-GMO formula is safe for daily and long-term use!

Does Performance Lab Mind actually work?


But you need to be very patient with not just this but all nootropic supplements in general to see visible results.  Plus, since it doesn’t contain caffeine, you won’t feel an immediate rush or “buzz” as they might say.

The effects are more subtle, and you’ll see the results in your overall performance after a short period of consistent use.

What if it does not work or me, will I get my money back?

Performance Lab has a 30-day return policy if the supplement doesn’t seem to be giving the results you had hoped for!

On their website, it says ‘Put Performance Lab® Mind to the test for a full 30 days and if you don’t see results, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.’

So you need not worry about your money going to waste!  just give it an honest shot, and if it’s not for you, just ask for a full refund.

They don’t want to keep your money if you’re not happy!

Can I stack this with other products from the Performance Lab?


100% Yes!

Performance Lab recommends stacking Mind with Energy, MCT, Stim, Sleep, and Sport!  they are all formulated in such a way that they work perfectly with one another.

>> To see their full line-up of products mentioned, click here to visit thier official website

Performance Lab Mind Review – “Final Thoughts” on this Nootropic Supplement From Opti-Nutra…

Performance Lab Mind is one of those supplements that possesses a great stacking strategy, especially if on a budget!

After all, it comes from the same company that holds an excellent reputation for manufacturing quality supplements in the nootropic industry – Opti Nutra!

Their “Core Series” has an excellent way of addressing each and every problem in an individually focused manner.

If you are someone who wishes to enjoy the premium quality of nootropic stacks, then you should grab this one for starters.

For students and academics about to take their exams – I understand how hard it is to focus.

This stack might just do the trick at helping you ace your next test, quiz, or final!

Overall we definitely recommend this pre-formulated nootropic stack!


*Learn more details about Performance Lab’s “Mind” at their official website!

Performance Lab MIND Review

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