Phosphatidylserine PS Nootropic- Nature’s “Brain Butter” Phospholipid!

Written by David Gracey

Phosphatidylserine (PS) Quick Summary:

Also Known As:
(abbreviated Ptd-L-Ser or PS)
Helps With:
Improving mood, Boosting memory, and counteracts the negative effects of stress and anxiety!
100 mg - 3 times Daily
Approx: ~ 6 to 8 hours

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a natural fatty compound that can benefit our brain in endless ways!  Phosphatidylserine is known to promote mental and cellular health along with putting a halt to age-related decline!

What Is Phosphatidylserine?

PS  is a phospholipid nootropic substance that is naturally incorporated into the structure of our cell membranes.

You can think of it as a type of butter that enhances the fluidity or kind of emulsifies the structure of the cell to keep it smooth and running.

It acts as a mediator between neuronal cells to generate and transmit messages efficiently.

And another one of its roles for which it is greatly appreciated as a nootropic is its involvement in the formation of Mitochondria – the powerhouse of the cell!

Apart from its role as a cellular and regulatory component, it has also shown positive results in improving the mood, aiding the memory, and counteracting the negative effects of people who are dealing with regular stress and anxiety!

On the micro-level, it actively participates in the enhancing neuroplasticity of the neuronal machinery by keeping them in the optimum consistency.

Its structure contains Choline which contributes to the formation of Acetylcholine while also giving rise to Dopamine.


In our previous articles, we mentioned its relation with the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and how it can contribute to the phenomenon of Neurogenesis.

Phosphatidylserine happens to be the second most abundant Phospholipid in the human body, the most abundant one being Phosphatidylcholine.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) – A Snapshot Of History

Phosphatidylserine’s discovery may be a credit to a generic lot of scientists and chemists.

M. Vauquelin was the first one to discover phospholipid as components of cells – and this dates back to 1812!

The rest followed like a cascade when M. Gobley discovered the lipid ‘Lecithin’ in egg yolks.

The next 100 years unveiled a massive amount of literature on lipids and their essential role in our bodies – until finally Phosphatidylserine was discovered by C.G MacArthur in 1914!

It was originally extracted from the cow’s brain – that process was however halted due to the mad cow disease.

It is now derived from Soy Lecithin or Sunflowers.

Today, we know of Phosphatidylserine as an emerging nootropic trend.

Backing Evidence of PS With Science!

A Randomized Control Trial was conducted in two groups of elderly people struggling with memory issues – each member of the group was to ingest either the soy-bean derived Phosphatidylserine or a placebo preparation.

An increase in memory scores was seen in those individuals who ingested phosphatidylserine in just 6 months! (1)(1a)

Apart from improving memory in Alzheimer’s patients, it has also shown mood-elevating effects in the same individuals! (2)

Phosphatidylserine is a miraculous element.

It has shown remarkable results in combatting the nasty after-effects of stress and anxiety. (3)

Another study was conducted amongst students taking a test – which was supposedly causing stress to them.

Those who had taken PS had a better-controlled heart rate along with a relaxed state of mind! (4)

elderyly geriatric patient

The most obvious and promising results of Phosphatidylserine are demonstrated in geriatric patients – this study shows how it helped elderly women struggling with depression or related disorders. (5)

Individuals struggling with chronic depression often develop tolerance to their prescribed anti-depressants.

Phosphatidylserine lowered cortisol levels in such individuals and also improved their depression score on the Hamilton scale. (6)

It does not just help to cope up with mental stress, but physical stress as well! (7)

Physical stress includes any form of high-intensity workout or full-blown athletic pieces of training – making it ideal for athletes.

Its role as a neuroprotective agent is proven by this study which shows how it promoted neurodevelopment in pre-mature pigs. (8)

What Is The Proper Dosage Of Phosphatidylserine (PS)?

You should take 100 mg of Phosphatidylserine – thrice daily.

This means your daily dosage should total up to 300 mg for you to see visible results within 6 months.

Even though 300 mg is considered to be absolutely safe of a dosage, even a little above that may cause gastrointestinal issues and insomnia.

That being said, there are no reports accounted for the overdosage of Phosphatidylserine as of yet.

Taking less than 200 mg would result in either diminished or no visible results.

P.S: it is always best to opt for NON-GMO versions of Phosphatidylserine.

It is best to take PS at bedtime – that’s because your cortisol levels are highest during this time and this baby will help tame those stress levels down.

This also means you get to sleep better!

Its half-life is tallied to be 8 hours – perfect to last you throughout the night.

What is the Difference Between Phosphatidylserine (PS) and Phosphatidylcholine (PC)?

Both substances are fats known as phospholipids. 

Both of them take a role in forming membrane cells that allow molecules to pass through (Both water-soluable as well as fat molecules), making sure the health and flexibility of the membrane is in good shape.

For healthy brain function to exist, phospholipids are crucial (they play an essential role) to healthy brain function overall. 

They enable nerve endings to communicate with eachother more flawlessly, as well as help with producing neurotransmitters. 

While both phosphatidylcholine (PC) and phosphatidylserine (PS) carry out the same purpose, and sometimes are taken together, they each have a different chemical structure, and both help with overall brain function.

The Remarkable Benefits Of Phosphatidylserine!

happy - positive -benefits

Memory Boosting Properties

We’ve topped this up with loads of research in the section below as to how this baby increases Acetylcholine levels to help you remember all those itsy bitsy details!

De-Stresses The Mind & Body

Phosphatidylserine definitely has some really soothing properties.

It downregulates the production of cortisol – which is a stress hormone.

This means that it not only helps you remain calm but also eliminates the residual nasty effects of a stress attack that you might have just experienced!

It can also help you relax physically, once the surplus stress is dampened.

Alleviates Depression

Especially late-life depression!

An Aid For Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients

Thanks to the amped-up levels of Acetylcholine and Dopamine.

Excellent For Athletes

Significantly improves cognitive functioning!

Neuroprotective & Healing Properties

Especially when taken with Omega-3 fatty acids!

Reduces Beta Waves For Better Sleep

Beta waves are associated with aroused and alert mental states – toning down on their levels can help one achieve better sleep!

May Help Reduce Weight

Thanks to the lowered cortisol levels.

Are There Any Known Side Effects Of Phosphatidylserine (PS)?

Phosphatidylserine is fairly safe.

However, like all drugs, it is accompanied by a few side effects like:

  1. Insomnia
  2. GI disturbances

There are a few debates regarding the transmission of Mad Cow Disease – but you can easily bypass that by opting for NON-GMO versions of  this nootropic supplement.

Warnings & Interactions Regarding Phosphatidylserine

As is with most drugs, Phosphatidylserine is to be avoided during pregnancy and lactation.

Children below 4 years of age are included in the same category.

Also, here are a few medications that you should NOT use with Phosphatidylserine:

Avoid taking These Meds with Phosphatidylserine (ps):
Anticholinergics & Anti-histamines
Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors

Anticholinergics & Anti-histamines – because their effects are opposed by Phosphatidylserine.

Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors – because both of them work to increase the levels of Acetylcholine, their conjunctive use might result in an excess of Acetylcholine in the body.

Pilocarpine – since it is used for the treatment of Glaucoma and may aggravate the side effects of the Pilocarpine.

Where Can I Buy Phosphatidylserine?

Phosphatidylserine is easily available as an individual supplement online and in stores.

You can also Find it Here on Amazon – where it is sold by several brands.

(With This brand specifically being the choice I personally recommend, as it comes with Bacopa Monnieri in the formula, and can’t be beat for the price)

>>Click here to see which phosphatidylserine supplement I recommend.

This also means you do not need to obtain a prescription to get your hands on some.

However, it is best to use it as part of a nootropic stack! (More on this below)

The Art Of Stacking Phosphatidylserine

Here are a few substances that pair really well with Phosphatidylserine.

The mechanism of synergy is put into action by amping up levels of Acetylcholine!


  • Fish Oil – rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which helps repair neurons by restoring the integrity of the fatty myelin sheath
  • Uridine Monophosphate
  • CDP Choline
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  • Alpha-GPC
  • Racetams
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Bacopa Monnieri (Remember, my recommended brand of PS has this already included as you can see here)

You can find more about each of these nootropics in our Ultimate List of Nootropics.

Some Pre-Formulated Nootropic Kickstarter Supplements That Are Rich In Phosphatidylserine!

Performance Lab “Mind”

I like how this stack (Performance Lab’s Mind) contains a certified NON-GMO source of Phosphatidylserine – this gives the impression that Performance Labs had done their homework before formulating this supplement!

This stack is very concise yet executed VERY smartly.

It consists of only 4 ingredients and each of them forms a synergistic pair with one another.

Phosphatidylserine is synergistic with Cognizen to elevate the levels of Acetylcholine significantly.

This stack mainly targets memory and energy!

Yes, it is THAT supplement that the whole internet has been raving about, Mind Lab Pro!

Note: We have a Full Detailed Review All About Mind Lab Pro Here:  Mind Lab Pro Review

And for good reason.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom is one of my favorite nootropics – combining it with phosphatidylserine is indeed a very sensible approach towards stacking.

This supplement is definitely more copious than the former since it contains a lot of other nootropics that synergize very well with one another.

If you’re seeking to target multiple brain pathways to achieve numerous goals – you can try Mind Lab Pro!

Smart PS” is a blend focused on ALL of the amazing benefits of phospholipids!

This highly recommended stack contains three variants of Phospholipid compounds that not only contribute to raised Acetylcholine levels but efficient neuronal repair mechanisms as well!

This is great for older aged individuals so that memory, cognition, and rejuvenation are addressed simultaneously. (As well as for anyone trying to juggle demanding or complex tasks!)

And since this is a very simple and toned-down blend, side effects are bound to be rare or minimum.

Plus, it’s surprisingly affordable for what it can do!   You can buy Smart PS directly from the manufacturer here.

Naturebell’s Phosphatidylserine

If you’re somebody who likes to do the extra work yourself of creating their own blend or stack, then this high-quality individual supplement might be a better choice.

It’s a 6 month supply, and at a throw-away price of around 13 cents per serving!

This means this will last you your entire tenure before you have to cycle it again!

However, the capsules are 400 mg per serving – relatively safe but the potency is higher than its counterpart supplements.

You Can Buy it Here

Now Brand Phosphatidylserine

A very popular choice for all sorts of supplements and not just nootropics.

This one contains the perfect amount of Phosphatidylserine – 300 mg!

One bottle will last you for a month and a half – which is pretty reasonable for the price tag.

It is OF COURSE Non-GMO – I would never recommend any GMO products!

Another advantage is its high availability and trustworthy reputation as a nationwide brand!

Absorb Health’s Phosphatidylserine

The first thing that for me is viewed as an advantage, is the per serving size.

Even though 300 mg is the perfect dosage  – I feel like it is always best to ‘build’ your familiarity with a product by sensitizing your body with lighter doses.

Absorb Health also has a very good reputation for selling high-quality supplements.

Words Of Wisdom Regarding Phosphatidylserine 

(PS) Phosphatidylserine is an excellent nootropic that can greatly improve your memory skills and brain energy metabolisms.

Its consistency is what holds the magic and it serves as a beautiful agent to impart your cells just the right amount of fluidity – the one that will keep all necessary functions afloat in full action.  (Think of it as brain butter!)

Its ability to repair neurons often goes unaccounted for and this is why this is an excellent way to give your mind a chance to heal and rejuvenate!

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About David Gracey

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Hey! My name is David Gracey.  I am the brain child of and a Cognitive Brain Function Researcher, Avid Biohacker, Lucid Dreamer, Morning Ritual Master, and Self-Proclaimed Nootropic Junkie of Sorts! 

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