9 Most Common Reasons – Why Don’t Nootropics Work for Me?

Article by: David Gracey
Why Don’t Nootropics Work for Me?

You’ve read all the rave about nootropics, and now that you’ve tried them yourself, they’re just not working for you like they are for others.

Are nootropics a scam?

Are nootropics just overrated?

Guess we’ll just have to find out….

If you have ever asked yourself “Why don’t nootropics work for me?” just know that you’re not alone!

This question pops up all the time, and there is a good explaination as to why!

The fact if the matter is… We’re all different; we have different genetic makeups and completely different lifestyles.

These plus dozens of other factors play a huge role in the efficacy of nootropics in general.

This also explains why they might be more effective in some people than others.

Plus, with literally hundreds (or even thousands) of different cognitive enhancement supplements to choose from (including but not limited to standalone substances like vitamins, minerals, or other beneficial ingredients, along with a plethora of pre-formulated nootropic stacks), it can get pretty overwhelming at times when trying to find out what will work best for you.

And that’s putting it lightly!

We’re going to dive deep into the possible reasons why nootropics just aren’t working for you and try to mend your shattered expectations of nootropics.

In fact, there are several possible reasons nootropics aren’t working for you.

9 Common Reasons Why Nootropics Aren’t Working For You

Now let’s dive in deeper to help answer the common question “Why Don’t Nootropics Work for Me?”

1) Possible interactions

Nootropics don’t work for some people. This is usually because they haven’t researched enough before taking certain nootropics.

You need to know precisely how each specific nootropic works.

This is important because some nootropics work in ways that negate or cancel out each other’s affect leaveing the consumer with no noticeable effect.

For instance, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is known to increase GABA, whereas Modafinil works by decreasing GABA – therefore, these two might not mesh well together, and the consumer might be left feeling like the nootropic isn’t practical.

Before consumption, it is imperative to properly research nootropics and supplements to become wary of possible interactions.

We have the ingredient profiles and mechanism of action of all the nootropics you need on our website.

Be sure to check them out and gain information of the possible interactions you might experience while taking nootropics.

2) Give it Time! (Impatience)

We, as humans, are incredibly impatient. We see a product review, try the product, and want instantaneous results like some magical spell.

Some people might experience quick results, but this does not guarantee the same results for each consumer.

We’re all different on personal, biological, and spiritual levels.

It takes our body time to perceive and react to new things. Two people taking the same nootropic might not feel the same results, and that’s completely normal.

We need to put our impatience aside and not give up right from the start.

Sometimes it can take up to weeks for some nootropics to reach the desired efficacy.

Instead of just giving up straight away and throwing your nootropics in the bin, have patience!

A study reported that piracetam worked better after 14 days of use, whereas it showed no significant cognitive change on the 7-day mark.

3) Unrealistic Expectations

With all the hype and razzmatazz surrounding nootropics, it’s very easy for expectations to go through the roof.

People start to think of nootropics as some ‘magic pills’ that’ll equip them with extra-human capabilities.

Everyone expects limitless cognition and focus after consuming nootropics. But, the truth is they’re only an aid and not a magic potion.

False expectations lead to disappointment when the nootropics don’t work like the consumer thought.

Everyone wants to be a genius and have peak efficiency throughout the day. Consumers have to understand that expectations need to be grounded and realistic to gain maximum output from nootropics. 

4) Sham (Or Fake) Products

Although rare, it is quite possible that the product we’re using isn’t up to par or completely fake.

It is essential when buying nootropics that we buy from a trusted and reputable vendor.  

If you are seeing a well-known nootropic formula or supplement being sold on websites like eBay or Craigslist,  you need to be very careful, because there have been reports of fake supplements being sold on secondary marketplaces.

If you’re unsure, contact the actual company and ask them if they allow third party re-sellers!

Also, many legitimate nootropics supplements have a QR Code or hologram label which includes a batch or lot number which you can check against thier official website.

You should only consider purchases from a trusted vendor to ensure that the product you’re buying is genuine.

Only when the product is genuine will it truly work to its potential.

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5) Health Issues

If nootropics haven’t been working for you like they’re supposed to, you must probe into your general health.

Certain health conditions can substantially reduce the efficacy of nootropics. Some health issues can inhibit the effects of nootropics.

GIT or digestive tract issues for one, are a significant factor in reducing nootropic efficacy.

Many users on Reddit reported that due to their GIT issues, their gut couldn’t absorb the nootropic sufficiently into their system. This led to the nootropic being ineffective for them.

If you also suffer from GIT issues and wonder why nootropics aren’t working for you, maybe the answer lies in your gut.

Regular consumption of probiotics can help improve your gut health and therefore enhance the efficacy of nootropics.

A user from Reddit reported, “This is purely anecdotal… but when I take probiotics consistently, I respond to any kind of cognitive enhancer better”.

6) A Balanced Diet

A lot of supplements and performance enhancers, be it physical or mental, depend upon the food we consume and whether our diets are balanced or not.

If you’re not taking care of your diet, and consume high carb, high-fat food regularly – chances are nootropics won’t be as effective for you.

Junkfood makes you groggy and lethargic.

Your brain slows down, and the effects of the nootropic get canceled out – what a bummer!

You must have a healthy balanced diet full of greens and veggies to keep your mind fresh. Only then will your mind truly be able to perform at its peak when you take nootropics.

7) Subtle Results – (Not All Nootropics Give You a “Buzz”)

You might have come in expecting that you’ll achieve superhuman cognition after consuming a few pills.

But the truth is, the results might be too subtle for you to notice them.

You’ll have to give the nootropics time to really start noticing day-to-day differences in your cognition and overall abilities. If you’re consistently experiencing unsatisfactory results, maybe your dosage needs to be adjusted.

8) Dosage

Getting the dosage right without experiencing any side effects is essential.

Chances are you’re taking too low of a dosage if your nootropics aren’t working for you as they should.

If you’re going to experiment with your dosage, make sure you’ve done your research and be careful of any side effects.

9) Nootropics Might Not Be for You

You’ve tried just about everything you could get your hands on…

You’ve experimented with different products, you’ve been consistent and didn’t give up, you fixed your diet – You did all you could for the nootropics to work.

But they still won’t do anything for you.

If you have literally tried each of these nootropic substances (and followed guidelines and recommendations very closely), yet still have had zero results, it’s probable that nootropics just don’t work for you.

Because of some unknown reason, they have no effect on you.

This is rare but not entirely impossible.

If this is the case, maybe you have to accept reality and move on.  Going towards prescription drugs is dangerous and they should never be taken without consultation from a physician.

I know it’s a bummer, but you’ll have to make do with coffee and carry on with the rest of your day.

You can increase your productivity through lifestyle changes.

So, to Answer Your Question: “Why Don’t Nootropics Work for Me?”…

Among the many reasons nootropics might not be working for you, there could be a mix of things going wrong or just one.

Everyone has different biologies. It’s up to us to figure out exactly what our body needs.

Navigate through the different reasons and try to diagnose your problem. Once you have a diagnosis, you can work towards the resolution.

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